done for real this time

>>> @inusecretsanta 2016

 Here’s your real gift @scribefigaro! I figured Miroku and Sango would probably settle down in a home all their own pretty quickly after the final battle (this is move in day). 

 I hope the shading is to your liking.

today’s weather resembles you a lot
the way to you becomes flowery
what is this sensation, what do i do?

bc i’m still not over aju nice & woozi’s plant aesthetics

i’m thinking of making this into an acrylic stand/keychain maybe, who would be up for that tho

hopelessly in love with fahc freewood, send help


done with Suujimatsu Bookmark, will sell at CF2016
im so tired. OTL

and of course i’ll do the rest too later slowly bz this took me the whole day and im crying… O)—(


This was a real pain in my ass. I hope it turned out alright in the long run though. I’m starting to really hate graphite, so messy :(

I wanted some S1 “just got together” goodness so here it is! I purposely made the image a bit darker to really show the different tones. Can’t wait until I can start drawing digitally and produce better quality stuff!