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“I was miserable in New York. I was so depressed. And all I did was work. I had no life. The world was just, like, gray. And then I ran into you, Josh. And you told me about West Covina, and you kept using the word ‘happy’. And I hadn’t, like, thought about that word in so long and it just, like, reverberated within me. And so that day, I made the decision that I had to be where the happiness was.” – s01.e09 | I’m Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends

Since I moved to a new account, I figured I would post this old edit here! I think my OP has like almost 40k notes thanks to therealjacksepticeye, but I can’t find the post. So I’m gonna put it here. Fun fact, the image is in the top of the first page when you Google Image search “Jacksepticeye Until Dawn”. And honestly it fucking baffles me.

I’m not the best editor ever, everything I make is done on a 3-4 inch smartphone screen… And I have made better edits since then, but everyone loved it? And it makes me cry just thinking about. Because I’m not that good. I have seen so much better than this… So thank you, everyone. This photo. The fact Sean reblogged it… This is the reason I still do stuff like this. To this day, despite not being my BEST work, this is still my favourite.

And thank you, Sean, for reblogging the original post. I wouldn’t be nearly as good as I am today. I wouldn’t have kept pushing forward… Had it not been for you. ^^

Lots of love from a long-time fan, and a late congratulations on the new sub milestone. I remember when the channel was at 300-something K. I’m so proud to have been a part of it, even in such a little way.

Some personal thoughts

Seen people complain about the lack of Finn in the trailer and the poster and while I understand the disappointment, all I have to say to that is; I wouldn’t be worried. At least to me, it has become pretty clear that Finn, Poe and Rose’s narratives are separate from Luke, Rey and Kylo’s narrative in this movie and it was obvious to me that this first trailer and poster focuses more on the latter. We’re more than likely going to get more trailers in the future and I’m positive they will give us a bigger focus on the first groups’ narrative, or did you guys miss all the talk from John and Kelly about big new adventures and no longer playing, implying there are huge things in store for both their characters, including Poe and I for one can’t wait to see it.

On a more negative note sadly, I haven’t seen it myself yet but I’ve heard that Finn’s face has been photoshopped over Kylo’s face in the poster… does the person who did that and whoever supports it not realize what huge hypocrites they are? Cause I’m just assuming that these are probably the same people that raged or would rage over that Reylo edit where Kylo’s face was photoshopped over Finn’s in that hug with Rey. (When it comes to the Reylo edit, if you’ve been in fandoms long enough you’d know that it happens to any character in any media, not just poc characters. I’ve seen it many times before with my OTP’s and my NOTP’s (for example putting Draco’s face over Harry’s when the fake make out session with Hermione happens in the first part of the Deathly Hallows). However, my point is that the people who raged about that edit and are now supporting this new edit are clearly huge hypocrites cause either you’re ok with people doing this to whatever ship there is (doesn’t mean you have to like the edit in question) or you’re against it in whatever way it’s done.

(Edit: cause apparently what I said has been taken out of context and I’ve had baseless false accusations made about me concerning the last part of this post so just to clarify so there is no confusion; if the reylo edit was made to erase Finn because he’s black and not good enough for Rey then it is disgusting and nothing in my post implies that I think otherwise. Neither does anything in my post imply that I deny that racist erasure of Finn happens in fandom and marketing, I’ve seen it myself. My interpretation of that specific reylo edit is based on the fact that I’ve seen those kinds of ship edits happen in any fandom with characters of all races (still doesnt mean I support the edit, just that that was my interpretation of why it was made) but if my interpretation is wrong and it had racist intentions, of course I dont fucking support or defend it which people who know me or follow my blog already knows I’d never do. I’ve demonstrated against racism and spoken up against it my whole life, so that someone would think that I think racist erasure of Finn, one of the most important characters in Star Wars, is ok is just absurd and really insulting. The fact that I think someone being ok with replacing one character’s face with another’s but not the reverse is hypocritical, does in no way whatsoever mean or imply that I think racist erasure of Finn is acceptable. If you think it’s ok to put Finn’s face over Kylo’s but not the reverse then I think that’s hypocritical. If you think it’s ok to put Kylo’s face over Finn’s but not the reverse then I think that’s hypocritical. Glad that’s cleared up now and that the majority still seems to have understood already from the original post what I just wrote in this edit)

putting this under read more buT SPOILERS FOR EVERYONE ON MOBILE: [Edit: now without the read more since the episode aired]

I’ve seen quite a few opinions on the ‘bending the knee’ scene, and while I do understand the that is made to defend the idea that Jon shouldn’t have done it, I think you’re missing the point of why he did do it in the end. The argument I’ve seen the most being given to defend that he shouldn’t have bent the knee is one that also includes something like “Jon shouldn’t be the one to bend over his will and do something for her just because she wants it” or “why doesn’t she bend over her will as well instead of just asking him to pledge to her”.

To the argument that states that Dany hasn’t done anything… That’s not true.

The mission beyond the wall is basically a suicide mission. Everyone and their mother agreed that it was so ever since the last episode when their plan was revealed. It’s a shit plan… Let’s face it. But no one can tell me that what Dany did, going beyond the Wall to save their asses, was anything less than heroic. Despite Tyrion’s insistence that she should not go and stay safe, she risked her life and the life of her children (that are not invulnerable and she KNOWS so from the battle with the Lannisters) to save them.. Not because of Jon, not because of Jorah, but because she realizes she needs to take part in whatever this threat is.

She loses one of her children in the process. She loses one of the things she holds dearest to her, a child  she named after her brother, the only true family she has (that she knows of) and she STILL goes to tell Jon that she will again take part in fighting the Long Night beside him and that she did not regret losing one of her children because she needed to see it for herself

Here, she’s no longer asking him to bend the knee. She’s putting the war before her will and the cause that brought her all the way across the sea even if she had just suffered a TREMENDOUS loss. (no matter what you think of those dragons, you need to understand that they are her children and as she put it ‘the only children she’ll ever have’). And instead of noping out of it after what she’s suffered, she’s willing to put it all at risk again to fight for this cause. She just told him it’s the only children she can have but she will GO AGAIN even so, risking it all once more.

Can you imagine the sort of respect Jon felt in that moment? Added with the guilt of seeing someone lose something so dear to them to go save them from a basically suicide mission? A mission he knew very well could go so wrong?

That is why Jon bent the knee. He did it because he saw through her actions (not her name and not her claims and not her titles) the type of person she is. Because he saw that she is willing to make sacrifices that are so dear and hurtful to her. Because he’s seen her vulnerability in that battle, he’s seen her heart and he believes in her.

And what does she do in return? She asked about the people of the North and said she hoped she deserved it. It’s vulnerable. it’s the most vulnerable we’ve see her admittedly be in quite some time. She’s not being a queen in his presence, she’s not putting on the mask of the tough conqueror. She’s again a girl that is fighting for what she believes and she’s a girl that is looking at someone she probably looks up to right now because she’s just seen his scars and she knows what they mean — that he is one of the most self-sacrificing leaders she has ever known. 

Jon is bending to her will of becoming the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and Dany is bending to sacrifice herself and her children’s lives again to fight for the North and all of Westeros.

Yes, they’re also falling in love and YES it’s predictable as hell (let’s face it, it’s been predictable for +20 years now), but this scene was not just a mere fan service and it was not just about some sort of romance that might erupt. This was the scene that sealed their mutual respect and the pivoting point to an alliance that will likely save Westeros.

(again, not hating on anyone that doesn’t agree to Jon bending the knee, just chiming in to give a bit of an opinion to those that say Dany did nothing in return.)

[Interview] Yezi “Unpretty Rapstar?” I’ll Play Well

Mnet’s “Unpretty Rapstar” created“Crazy Dog” Yezi (22). Offstage the overpowering gaze and attitude are completely dropped. She even dressed nicely and gave a 90 degree bow. Underneath the monster “God Yezi” is just a 22 year old girl. There were no awkard moments in the conversation and she left you hanging on to each word much like her rap. It seemed like we hit it off. But this girl is far from ordinary. She’s the real deal.

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Holy hairy dog balls.  I just got done with Jack’s last video of Undertale (no spoilers here if you haven’t seen it yet) but oh my ggggoooood.  Not only the voice acting but he acted through the scenes too.  It made the game 100% better.  I don’t think playing this on my own would have been a ¼ as enjoyable.  Thoroughly, thoroughly have enjoyed this game. Spot on.

Can’t wait for the next.

Oh, PAX Prime, autograph session with mark, bob, wade and jack

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If you're done go to youtube and look up mission 51 Kingdom of the Flies (a cut mission which they showed in the collector's edition blu-ray) and look up nuclear disarmament cutscene (a hidden scene, suggested that the only way to unlock it is to play FOBs online and disarm EVERYONE'S nukes, so of course no one has naturally gotten it and it's only been seen through data-mining the PC version).

Just saw that. My tears are real.
Seriously they must’ve run out of time or budget, or something. I don’t think cutting that was a decision made by the development team

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Alright, I'm trying not to complain or anything but I'm a huge fan of Wreck-It Ralph. I haven't gotten anything new related to this movie in years. Yet Frozen fans are complaining? They have FOUR limited edition dolls! WIR only has one!

Oh man, I know. Say this stuff all you want. Literally, so many stans, not fans, stans, are complaining because they don’t have a billion more merch and dolls. I can barely find any for my favorites! Hunchback? NOPE. Big Hero 6? Depending on the store, NOPE. Treasure Planet? FUCK NO.

It’s ridiculous. They are spoon fed merch and yet they complain when they supposed don’t get enough? I would love to see how they react to having a situation like Hunchback, Wreck-It Ralph, of Treasure Planet. They wouldn’t make it without their millionth edition of a fucking book with all of the screenshots of the film. I have seen so many damn Frozen dolls everywhere. There’s a section at my local Kohl’s that’s just Frozen because no one gives a shit about that merch anymore, but Disney still makes it or else the Frozen stans will make a fuss, and when they make a fuss it is a big fuss.

I’m so done with them acting as if they are entitled to have even more merch just because they think that a movie earning a lot of money = it being good. You know what else made money? The Last Airbender, Battlefield Earth, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and so many more. Guess what? Content equals quality, not quantity. And if Disney wants to start making more money, and not having a surplus of leftover merch, maybe they should start paying attention to the films that are becoming cult classics.

I have something to say. I don’t care if people send me hate or disagree or whatever you have to say. I’m going to say how I feel. It has becoming increasingly hard to stand out in this fandom or be unique. Stuff is copied, stuff is reposted, people are rude. Hate is sent. This is the Disney fandom. It should be the happiest and friendliest fandom. Instead of sending people rude messsages or hate, send a random person a nice message for no reason. It isn’t that hard to come up with ideas and do your own thing. If you’re really inspired by an idea, ask the original creator first. I always do. Then credit them for the idea. Don’t repost. It’s rude. It takes away the hard time and effort that person who created it made. You can say “Well, Disney, etc fandom owns it” etc and whatever else you may feel justifies it, but it doesn’t. Someone spent hours thinking of the idea, did the coloring, did the gifs, edits, etc. So therefore, they deserve the credit for that and don’t deserve to have their hours work reposted. I’ve seen this done far too much lately and I know I probably sound like a broken record because this has been said before, but I haven’t said it, so I am. Just be respectful to the people in the fandom around you.