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Do you ever read things in reaper76 fanfics that makes you so …!!!!! and then you close the fic bc you had enough?

The amount of fics that always portray Gabriel only as “sexy latino god”, “hot latino”, “spicy latino" who speak a sinful language is huge.

Don’t get me started on how some folks portray him as a sexual predator who is after Jack “golden angel, too good too pure for this world, did nothing wrong” Morrison.

That’s fucking racism right there. I’m honestly to god tired of whites portraying latinx people as dirty little things that they can fetishize and then turn around and write their white faves as “helpless, innocent, pure people”, like we are corrupting them.

And then there’s the blind!Jack trope that is also so disrespectful. Not only to  visually impaired people but also to us latinx? Fics where Jack “educate” Gabriel?

Oh yes Jack please educate this poor ignorant latino who don’t know what blindness is. The way ppl portray blindness is so inaccurate and cringeworthy too

Edit: I didn’t want to edit this post, but people are really twisting my words here and trying to deflect  what i said and make it about the blind trope. Stop please.

This is about the racism.

International day against homophobia, biphobia + transphobia

happy IDAHOT guys.

I have something so say, I guess. Im 18. Im estranged from my family because I dated a girl and I know the feeling all too well of blows, physical and verbal and everything in between, aimed to cause agony. Aimed to tell somebody that it’s a crime that they’ve dared to exist. This is called homophobia (or discrimination, if you’re being more general). And I’ve been fighting it for years and years. I’m a part of the queer youth, the ‘politically correct’ generation, swathed in rainbow coloured flags that hide a yearning to be accepted, a burning desire to fix the world. We’re one unit, and I hope that our community has been kind to you like it has to me

And you know what? im tired of fighting. I’ve fought for so long, so long that im cynical and world-weary and filled with a bone deep tiredness. I’ve fought and worked and cared for so long that I’ve forgotten what it feels like NOT to care, and I’m sure that many of you feel the same. I’m so tired. Sometimes it feels hopeless, like I’m sitting back as my brothers and sisters continue to be put down by society and I can do nothing. Some of you might have felt this way too. My girlfriend is full of fire and ice and anger and I know that she’s never going to give up. She’s so passionate, and I fell in love with her for it. But we can’t all have that boundless fire inside us. We march on and we care more and more each day but its hard not to feel alone. She feels alone too, sometimes, and it hurts me that the world could do this to the girl im in love with

but we can’t give up. let’s continue to try to pave the way into a world where future generations dont have to live like our LGBT mothers, fathers and grandparents had to. like we have to. Lets work and fight harder to create a world without the prejudices of the one we live in today, for all minorities, LGBT or otherwise

I love you. Keep fighting, yes, but dont forget to keep loving, too. The whole community is behind you, and we’re yearning and searching for something real. Let’s stay united for another year.