done by my mom :d

A hug is more than a simple gesture for me.
I admit, I’d never gave her roses. I’d never made her cookies. I’d never cooked her favorite food. I’d never kissed her goodbye everytime I go to school. I’d never watched a movie with her since I was 10. I’d never brought her to places she’s been dying to see. I’d never got a perfect present for her birthday. I’d never said how much I love her. I’d never told her that if ever I’ve been given a chance to change my mom, I’ll be more than happy to waste that chance..

Yes, there are countless of things that I’d never done for my mom. But if you’ll ask me if there’s one thing I’d never forgot to do.. that is to thank the Man Above for giving her as my mom. She’s more than a favorite person to me, she’s the only person I would be willing to hug the whole day. Because that’s the only thing I can do for her, to be her teddy bear. And I hope she feels delighted to be wrapped around with my fats..I mean love. :)
Eomma, saranghae 💕

i feel so claustrophobic sitting in this fucking house. i’m gonna go get my nails done and my mom said she’d pay since it’s my birthday, and hopefully that will make me feel a little better. it’s been a pretty miserable day so far and i just want out of the house. i had to run errands earlier and i didn’t want to come home but there was nothing to do. i just want to get out of here and get some fresh air and not be here right now.

April Study Challenge: 14,15

14. Who’s the best teacher you’ve ever had, and why were they the best? My current IB English Lit teacher (who I’ve had since last year). She’s not only incredible at teaching—she made me fall in love with poetry analysis and writing literary criticism—but she’s also one of the kindest, warmest people I’ve ever met. I’ve witnessed her going out of her way to help students with coursework and with personal issues so many times—and she’s done it for me, too. She’s kind of become my school mom. I’d trust her with pretty much anything and she’s honestly just the amazingest. Also, she’s hilarious and does a gr9 job of reading Shakespeare when we study it.

15. Who’s the worst teacher you’ve ever had, and why were they the worst? My current biology teacher. She’s just out of college and I have no idea how she got hired to teach AP/IB Biology,, she barely knows more than the students in the class and yet is so condescending to us while simultaneously being all chirpy and superficial and vapid and “is it cuz it’s Monday???” if we’re unresponsive (which is always since everyone hates her class) and uGGHGHGH I honestly love biology but she’s made me dread it every day >.<