done by my mom :d

anonymous asked:

How do you make the stickers? Does the store do it for you?

If you purchase from my redbubble, then yes the store makes it.
But everything in my storenvy is made by me.
From discussing with manufacturers, doing quality checks, packing and shipping is all done by me (and with the help of my mom :D)
Thats why I advice you guys to purchase from my storenvy whenever its reopen, instead from my redbubble cause I also handcraft each order and send them out with love and care :D

Also each sticker you purchase from storenvy is personally hand cut (my sincere apologies if its inconsistent :X)
Here is a photo of me flipping my stickers off after spending 5 hours cutting 200 pieces HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh man :’D


what’s more magical than a rainbow unicorn?

the answer, of course, is nothing.

(the result of a collaboration between my lovely mom r.doodles and myself; print-quality digital download is for sale in my etsy store!)

My Mom (Walking back into the house): Forgot I needed money.
Me (Singing): I needed money ‘cause I had none
Goin’ to Meijer to get shopping done
Goin’ to Meijer to get shopping done
My Mom: Stop.

I feel like if she could, she’d divorce me.