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New Beginnings Ft Taehyung

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Yo, could i request a scenario with V where he bullied you in school, but in later life, goes to one of your concerns with bts {you’re an idol} and he recognises you? angsty please, thank you, fighting 💜

Taehyung x Y/N

A/N: I’m literally so sorry this took me so long; coursework deadlines have been a mess; but I hope this lives up to your standards. (apologies for any spelling errors) Much love, Ally.


“Yah! Y/N I asked you a question” Taehyung shouted at me as he had me pinned up against the wall with his friends standing behind him sniggering.

“I-I don’t know” I muttered

“What did I say about not doing my homework on time?” he sighed

“T-that, you would p-publicly embarrass me” I stuttered

“Urgh, it really hurts me to do this Y/N-ah, but you said it yourself.. be at the school gates tomorrow 8am sharp and await your punishment”
he hissed, releasing my bruised wrists from his grasp.

Taehyung, the schools angel.. or so everyone thought.. he was a bully, my bully.. each year a person would be targeted.. just for the sake of his own entertainment and homework slave, someone who was in atleast two of his classes, quiet, loner, someone who blended in so well with the crowd that no one knew who they was even though they’ve been attending the school since nursery, me.

I regretted my decision to stand up to him as my time with ticking away, second by second, minute by minute, my time was running out and was nearing the time of my public appearance. Taehyung hated me for knowing him so well, we were friends .. believe it or not, before all of this, the bullying happened, the fact that I knew him better then anyone else made his blood boil.. the fact that I didn’t tell his deepest darkest secrets to anyone irritated him even more.

As my time ticked away, I wiped away the tears I shed for someone I used to know, if I was going to be embarrassed publicly I was planning to take it with pride.


I met the dusk of dawn from the view of my window, looking upon the settled fog and the blazing rays of the sun, aware of my surroundings and the fact that I didn’t have any sleep last night.

“Let’s get this over with” I mumbled to myself, I had my spare clothes in my bag just incase Taehyung decided to get his boys to cover me in food, my hair in a bun and no makeup, I was practically bulletproof(that irony I was yet to understand), as I could wipe away the mess within a matter of moments.

Standing in front of the gates, awaiting for his army of minions to attack me, I stood there pondering how we got to this exact moment, how he was once in love with me, how that love was now hate and how it was so evident within his eyes, he looked at me in disgust, in rage, in wrath .. how did we end up here Taehyung?

he approached me , cupping my cheek and stroking his cold thumb across my sensitive skin, for a moment I thought I saw a glimpse of regret.

“I’m not sorry it came down to this, this is what happens when you don’t do what I ask Y/N” he smirked, nudging past me as he walked away into the school.

At the very moment a bunch of boys, I’m guessing from outside of school came zooming by on the motorcycles throwing tomatoes and eggs at me, some even throwing balloons filled with flour, students crowded round with their phones recording everything as I was targeted.

Although, I expected this, I didn’t think he’d actually go through with it.
Unbeknown to him, I made myself a promise that night depending on whether he’d actually go through with it or not. He was unaware that, that very day.. was the last he’d ever see of me.

~present day~

I wiped away the excess oil from my skin and awaited the makeup artist to begin painting me as her finest portrait. Reminiscing on the day I ran away, while the artist powdered my face evenly. A year and a half of being a trainee was worth it, although I was shy and insular I was hard working and consistent regardless of my hardships, 2years after my debut, my group “Primrose” we’re doing so well, we had fans globally and our fan base were increasing by the day. They called themselves “primrosettes”, touring globally didn’t leave time for me to be aware of other groups, I was either rehearsing, eating, sleeping or pooping. Although, the other 4 girls in my group were adamant in making sure I network with other idols, I refrained as much as possible.

“30minutes” one of the staff shouted

“30 minutes till go time” I thought.

“Y/N, you’re done, just go get your hair straightened up” the artist spoke

“Okay, Gamsamida Unnie” I hummed
She nodded; continuing to a free chair I waited for my stylist to add the finishing touches.

“Yah! apparently BTS are going to be at our performance” Jae Hee nudged me, stopping me from getting a few minutes shut eye.

“Okay” I replied

“Unnieeeee, come on! Don’t you know who BTS are?” she nudged again, jumping up and down while using her whiney voice.

“Annniiii, can you stop jumping on me” I hissed

“They are the hottest boy group right no-”

“Okay, go away and tell someone else”

“Ani, so there’s Jin Oppa; Suga Oppa; JHope Oppa; Rap Monster Oppa; Jimin Oppa; V Oppa and Jungkook Oppa”

“Yah! are they your friends to be calling them Oppa?”

“Aish, sunbae’s then sunbaenim”

“Arrasso, what kinda of name is V anyway” I laughed

“It’s his stage name, his real name is Ta-”

“5minutes, come on girls” She was cut by the sound of the staff member

“Performing “Tink” by Primrose, Y/N, Jae Hee, Ji Hye, Dalnim and Yoonah”

Our names were called and we took the stage ready to wow our audience.

Taehyung’s POV


“huh?” Jimin asked

“Uh, nothing.. I thought I heard one of the girls names to be Y/N” I chuckled while rubbing the nape of my neck

“Mm, you heard correct, she’s the one in the middle, she’s similar to Jungkook actually, she’s the best at singing, rapping and dancing in her group”

“Ohh” I mumbled

scratching my head as I tried to recall the person who I missed so much since that day, 3 and half years since I’ve last seen her, her cheeks had the beautifulest shade of peach, her hair would always cascade down her face so prettily, her soul was nothing but warmth, Y/N..

The girl that was reported missing by her parents, 2years ago, but was withdrawn through some form of contact.

I remembered that day so vividly, how she effortlessly came into school that day, outside the gates, hair tied, no makeup, it seemed as though she was in a hurry from over sleeping, yet she looked so beautiful.

Smearing her tear across her cheek with the pad of my thumb, I admired her natural beauty, if only she knew, it wasn’t out of hate that I bullied her, but out of love, the boys were going to bully her anyway.. physically, I prevented it through only public embarrassment. Oh, the hatred she must’ve held for me, the disgust she must have towards me.. it must still remain.

“Oh, I thought it was Y/N L/N who was performing” I chuckled, hoping that it was secretly so I once can be reassured that she’s alive.

“Mmm it is hyung, you know her?” Jungkook asked

“ermm, something like that” I explained

I wonder if she would ever look at me again, should I show her my face? I must.. mustn’t I?

I deserve a slap and a kick and a punch, I deserve everything that’s coming my way.

I admired the way she swayed her hips, the way her voice soothed my soul, her face was something sculpted by the Greek gods. Oh, how I missed her, her presence, her being, I missed Y/N so much, hoping that I’d find her one day.


Her performance was over, and the band and I needed to greet the girls, as a part of our network.

“Yah! I can’t wait to meet Y/N, she’s so pretty!” Jungkook whispered to Jimin.

Backstage we entered their dressing room, there she was seated, tapping her foot to the rhythm of the song given by her ear phones, she looked undeniably breath taking, even with the sweat beads resting on her skin as though she was glistening.

the other girls stood up, bowing to us, while she stayed seated, unaware of our presence.

“Yah! Unnie, come say hello” one of the girls nudged at her.

“Ani, I’m busy!” she hissed

“Sorry about that, Y/N can be quite insular and antisocial” one of the girls giggled

“Ani, I AM insular and antisocial” she corrected

Still the same Y/N, just a tougher backbone.

“Y/N?” I spoke , while approaching her.

“What? can you not see I’m-”
she shouted turning around, stopping as she noticed who I was.

“doing something..” she continued returning her focus back to her phone

“Y/N? do you remember me?”

“No, who are you?” she hissed, stabbing a knife into my heart purposely, I already saw the fear cloud her eyes when she noticed it was me, pretending to not know me.. to hurt me, she knew what she was doing.

“Kim Taehyung.. we grew up together, I lo-”

“I recall, the one who bullied me, causing me to run away? how could I forget you” she chuckled, after cutting me.

“I can explain Y/N-ah!, Just give me a-”

“chance?” she cut

“3years too late, anyway I have to go, I have an appointment” she hurried

“Nice to meet you, Namjoon sunbae, Jin sunbae, Yoongi sunbae, Hoesok sunbae..” she bowed to the others, apologising for her rudeness

leaving me to fade out in the abyss I call my memory.
Standing there, frozen, clueless as to what to do as I watched the love of my life run out of the door. It’s amazing how someone’s presence can flood you with all the emotions and feelings you’ve ever felt for that person simultaneously at once.

“Oppa? Can I call you Oppa?” I heard

“Mm” I nodded as I sat there in the once occupied seat of my love, zoned out of reality.

“here,” she handed my a piece of paper with a number on it.

“it’s her number, I didn’t realise you were the taehyung she was talking about in her diary, or the one she sometimes screams when she has nightmares” the mature girl spoke .

“I’m Dalnim ” she said sticking out her hand to shake mine

“Thank you,” I smiled

“She says that, a lot of the time you think you know someone but you don’t know them at all, I guess she’s referencing you?” she asked

“Mm” I nodded

“Well-” she stopped herself

“Give her a call sometime, try work things out, if anything you can have my number and I can set her up so she meets up with you” she suggested

“I think that’s the only way she will meet me if I’m honest” I chucked.

“Well, we have a break in two weeks, she likes afternoon tea, so I’ll tell her meet me at our favourite place, and then you’ll be there instead, I’ll text you the address and everything” she suggested

“Thank you Dalnim” I smiled

“Anytime Oppa”
she sang.


It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen Taehyung at our last concert.

his voice sounded somewhat nostalgic to me, hearing my name leave his lips left my heart thumping in anticipation for when is my next punishment.

“Unnie,” Dalnim called.

“Mm” I answered

“ let’s have afternoon tea at 6,”

“hmm sure, which place?”

“Dina Rose’s?”

“sure, a-”

“okay I’ll meet you in an hour, I have to go buy a couple things and run some errands” she scurried off


she seemed suspicious but I thought nothing of it.

an hour passed and I made my way to dina’s it was my favourite little place, with the cute sandwiches, cupcakes and desserts.

walking in through the shop I greeted Dina Rose herself.

“Here to see Dalnim?” she asked


walking me over to the table I saw a masculine frame, the closer I got, the more I recognised the stature .. Taehyung.

I could either flee or face this head on, before I could make my mind up Dina whispered “this young man has been waiting an hour, talking to himself, I think he has cue cards so he knows what to say, hear him out” she smiled.

“Dalnim set you up to this isn’t it?”

She nodded and actioned me to take a seat.

“Taehyung” I stated

“Y/N!” he stated, standing up from his seat.

“Sit down, stop being so melodramatic” I sighed

“Aren’t you surprised I’m here?”

“Initially, but then I thought something was suspicious”

“Okay, let me explain mys-”

“What for? what’s done is done” I huffed

“But ”

“But nothing Taehyung, there I exchanged some words with you, I’ll be leaving first” I stated while getting up

“Wait!” he stood up

“Wait wha-”

I was cut by the softness of his lips collided with mine, too shaken up by the fact that I thought he was going to assault me I stood there shaking.

Pulling away, he grasped my hips to steady my balance.

“What’s wrong?” he mumbled

“I thought you were going to h-hit m-me” I stuttered

“Why would I hit you?”

“Because after the school day a bunch of boys were waiting for me in the alley near my house saying that Taehyung sent them, they physically abused me, then ran away”

falling to his knees, crying while grasping the floor beneath him.

“Y/N, I know you can never forgive me, but I am so sorry, for everything, I did it to protect you from getting physically hurt, I thought eggs and tomatoes were better then feet and fists, they just wouldn’t leave you alone, so I thought if I bullied you they would but they wouldn’t and I just, I just , I don’t know what I was thinking and I -I ” he waffled on

helping him up I wiped away the tears resting on his cheeks. smiling weakly.

“I forgave you along time ago”