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i always skip preparations because i hate that first bit with pierre and anatole and i think it’s gonna be a bad song and then i realize after the fact what i’ve done

only cowards skip songs because of boring beginnings… u suffer through it for FEDYA DOLOKHOV like a MAN

From what I’ve heard of Jakob so far, I think I really like him hahaha

Since I had a screenshot of him, I could use as ref during work and the result came out WAAAAY better than i would expect

I’m very happy of the result hahaha~

Benedict Cumberbatch smiling at the Apple Sherlock Q&A.

Staedtler graphite pencils (various grades), Graphite Powder, White Conté pastel pencil, Pentel Orenz mecanical pencil with 2B 0,2mm lead on Strathmore Toned Tan paper. 9X12.

Sorry I tinted it a bit in PS, the toned tan paper scanned a bit wonky.

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the one adhd symtom that goes widely unknown is the “all or nothing” thing.

like if i am interested in something, i can devote my entire day for it without getting bored at all and if im not interested in it, paying attention to it even for short time is like torture

like i struggle with watching 5 minutes long video because im not that interested in it but i can watch all extended lotr movies on one sitting without getting even slightly bored (been there, done that) just because i love the lotr lore

(fanmade!) Gwent card: Auberon Muircetach, King of the Alders

‘So you are in a hurry to return to your world,’ said King Auberon Muircetach. ‘Your world! You people really do not suffer from excessive modesty (…)’

I was bored so… please don’t take it seriously. The art is unfinished and there is still a lot of work ahead of me. Honestly speaking, I’d like to change everything (mainly his face and hair). If I finish painting it, I will post it without this frame.

heyyy so I came up with a really beautiful sad melody but i have no words for it yet and i’m strapped for inspiration so I’m accepting prompts for sad fansongs

what angsty fansong would you like to hear? can be abt any fandom but you can just check my blog if you wanna know the sorts of fandoms i’m in


She lost everything yet…she’s still confident in every way.
I have everything now yet…I don’t feel confident at all.
Why is that? What do I have to do to be like her?
Why can’t I smile and laugh like she does? Why?

Life at the Garrison

Lance: I wonder how many pens i can stick in my mouth

Hunk: Lance please don’t do this

Pidge: Hold on just a minute Hunk, I wanna see what happens

Lance: *choking sounds* I GOT 19!


So I went into the library to do my homework since I have a 5 page essay due in two days and instead of getting anything done I just went to the bathroom and took some selfies because I was bored. I need to learn how to college

Well, the cat came back from the farm so we’re still here (he needs special treatment) and I’m still hanging out on tumblr.

Which means I can add this thing I forgot to add when I watched the new promo yesterday: It sounded like Lucifer will possess Mary judged by what was being said. Which I find kind of boring because I’m done with the Lucifer story line but I also find it sadly amusing because if Mary does get possessed, Lucifer’s been inside all of Dean’s current family. 

And Dean still is the only one who never got possessed by an angel. Or a demon.

I Was Happier (Part 8 - Final)

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Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 1,883 (I gave up trying to keep them small - I have no self control apparently)

Warnings: ANGST, sad!Loki, angry!Loki?, basically just a lot of angst…sorrynotsorry

Summary: You had been in love with the God of Lies and Mischief since you could remember, standing by him through everything. When he was brought back by Thor to answer for his attempts to take over Midgard, you couldn’t take anymore. You left both him and Asgard, behind for a life on Midgard to heal your broken heart. Now you’re gone, he realizes he’s missing more than his best friend, and he needs to fix what he broke, starting with finding you.

A/N: You guys, this is it. The final chapter is here (@sanjariti​). I cannot thank you enough for your patience and I am sorry for how long this took to arrive. I finally caught a break with uni - even if it’s momentary! Thanks to @isaxhorror​ for her gif addition in the previous chapter that led to the start of this one! I also decided this can be one big giant chapter because I feel like you all deserve it after waiting for so long. Thank you for coming on this journey with me, I love you all xx

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Previously: The smell of you intoxicated him more than any Asgardian alcohol could, the feeling of you wrapped safely in his arms brought a comfort he didn’t realize he had been longing for. He felt your arms slip around him, resting against the small of his back just as they used to.

As quickly as his comfort came, you snatched it away when you pulled back, pushing against his chest.

“You asshole! How dare you come here, crash into my life and then run away! Especially after what you did to me! What’s your problem!?”

But I guess you look happier, you do

My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too

I could try to smile to hide the truth

But I know I was happier with you

Baby you look happier, you do

I knew one day you’d fall for someone new

But if he breaks your heart like lovers do

Just know that I’ll be waiting here for you

Loki’s mouth fell open, his hands raising to grab your arms. “Surprise…” His voice trailed off, lips forming a hard line in preparation for another verbal onslaught. Your hand appeared in front of his face, your head furiously shaking back and forth.

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The antis in your post are proof on how stupid it is to go after someone for an interest they have. I've seen people going after blogs that never romanticized any of the killers, they just simply make informative posts (like yourself). Why would someone take the their time to run a blog to try and stop people from being interested in things? Jesus, these people are disgusting.

I can actually understand a lot of the issues antis have with the tcc, namely the fact A LOT of tcc blogs can go overboard with their attraction to serial killers. I’m not saying the attraction itself is bad, just how people express it. 

I’ve seen blogs call Jeffrey Dahmer a “smol bean” and Richard Ramirez their “baby”. I’ve seen blogs publish rape imagines about Ted Bundy. I’ve seen people post photos of them dressed up as Eric Harris at the Columbine memorial. I’ve seen blogs post drawings featuring the rape of an innocent victim. When there are things like this associated with the TCC, is it any wonder anti-tcc blogs pop up? 

Yes, I know it’s not the entire true crime community. But it’s enough for it to be a serious issue, one that the tcc can’t just ignore whenever an anti points it out. I’m proud to be an informational blog, and I’m happy to ignore the antis or poke fun at them because I know I haven’t done anything wrong. 

Most antis are dipshits - bored and angry people who have nothing better to do all day than reblog tcc posts with “pee your pants!”. Out of all the antis I have interacted with, only one or two at most argued from reason and not stupidity. The rest aren’t worth the oxygen they are breathing. 


His light shines as bright and brief as the setting sun.

I have absolutely no clue how anyone pays such close attention to their follower counts that they can say “I lost two followers after that post lol” and shit like that.

I check mine completely at random, like once every two months or so. It’s honestly to the point that a mutual could unfollow me and I probably wouldn’t realize it for a month. 😂