done ... thank you sweet baby jesus!!

Thoughts on 6.04 bc I’ve finally emotionally recovered from the last two eps

Can someone PLEASE make a gifset of Patrick’s first examination of Shelagh (Sister B) with a stethoscope and his second one? The parallels are just too. perfect. They (and Tim) were truly lovely and strong, and Laura Main’s acting was on. point. (as usual). 

Also Delia my love you are FIERCE, daahling - in all aspects. Agree with the doctor’s quote, but not the massively condescending way in which he said it. My girl doesn’t need your patriarchy-induced superiority complex to make her feel validated, Dr. Douchebag.

Phyllis once again reflecting my total discomfort/done-ness with all humans and yet being the most compassionate chick out ther.

Patsy come back to meeeeeee (and your girlfriend).

Sister MC please be getting the care you need and deserve - you are allowed to feel EVERYTHING and should be helped until you feel deserving again.

Sister J back in charge and thank sweet baby Jesus LAWD.

Trixie, what is goin on with you, girl? Serious lack of proper time with this lady since she got back - plenty of screen time, but not much insight into her character development/apparent health issues. I know people have thrown out her smoking as a possible source of her being “unfit,” which was my first thought as well, but I don’t know what to think about the idea that she might be pregnant. I’m not gonna speculate further, I think.

Sister W slowly still growing on me now that she’s not so saccharine and judgy and is actually a pretty damn strong lady.

Valerie Dyer is sapphic competition w Pats and I will not be told otherwise (but I think she’ll make a fantastic asset to Nonnatus notwithstanding).

The adoption plot felt very unresolved to me, as did Gloria’s miscarriage, but I think that’s how they’re meant to feel - like there are people that will never feel whole again, and we’re meant to feel a piece of that anguish.

Overall, major snaps, but we need all of Nonnatus back together again, okur?

Please, Heidi? Pretty please with a cherry on?