Hi I just want to say in SL part 2 part of Lucas’ little “I choose you” speech with Riley was “We can go to dances together without having to ask each other” and I just want to say that boy is so damn lazy like hello??? You don’t want to have to ask your girlfriend to dances?? YOU PUT ON A COWBOY HAT AND HID A ROSE IN IT SO YOU COULD GIVE IT TO A GIRL YOU WEREN’T EVEN SUPPOSED TO LIKE YET YOU CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO EVER ASK YOUR NOW OFFICIAL GIRLFRIEND TO ANY DANCES?? OPEN YOUR EYES YOU FOOL

People need to get over the Leafy Audio Smut. Before you kinkshame or judge me, please keep a few things in mind:

1. None of those moans, breathes, screams are faked. Those are all actual things he’s said or…moaned. I just put them together, with sound affects.

2. It’s a fucking JOKE. I can’t help it if people were actually “hot and bothered” by some stupid audio edit I made. People also think feet are sexy, so…just saying.

3. How is this any worse than the ACTUAL PORNOS people make attempting to dress as and/or look like the people they stan, in attempt to turn fans on? No one gets offended by that???

4. How is this any worse than the Twitter stans who tweet him shit like, “FUCK ME UP THE ANUSHOLE, DADDY!”, or send him videos of them fucking MASTURBATING to him, or write @LeafyIsHere on their boobies and booties?

5. There are no explicit images in it. It’s literally just sounds. It’s not actual fucking porn.

6. Leafy actually talked about it in a video and said, “Even if it was real…what’s the problem?”HE DOESN’T CARE, and in fact, he took the TIME to feature it in a video.

7. How is this any worse than Katie making a Leafy fucking BODY PILLOW or Twigs taking a bath in leaves? Calvin has even communicated and followed them??? And they were PUBLIC about it?!

8. It’s gotten over 1.7k notes, so if you have a problem w/ me, you have a problem w/ the literal hundreds of people that liked and/or REBLOGGED it.

So…get over it?

Okay, so… Mark Pellegrino expresses that he’s a libertarian on social media and now all these SPN fan are boycotting and hating on him?? Really??? Because he wants a stable, American based economy and a society where people get treated equally and there are social justice protocals we are going to hate him?? Fuck all of you immature brats and do something productive like go out and vote if you care so much, honestly.  I bet half the people hating on him right now aren’t even American

I made a thing! A Star shimeji to be exact! What does it? Well, it runs around your desktop! I have currently four Stars on my screen and they are… doing stuff… I don’t know exactly… But I know exactly what they could do! 
More to this really cool thing I made + the download under the cut!

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