okay I got tagged by @lionbaekkie  a really long time ago to do the bias selca challenge (and just im sorry this is so late but I hesitated alot cuz posting my ugly face next to his, kinda felt like blasphemy lol bye)

anyways so this is it and i tag (if they want to do it that is) @dschanajnaj  @lovetoself   @baebaekhyunn  @mskahve   @dimplydatou   @17mingyus  @alwayswithsuperjunior  @http-sehun   @tinylittlesnowflake  @mwrcoreus  @shin-taeho  and @alittleballoffire  <3 love u guys ^^


This time i draw the young ver…..yup…ahahaha! ;D i love that i draw mccree again omg 

(sorry to make you guys laugh…???) XDD and yeh~ Mercy,Fareeha,Jesse,and Jack…i dunno why, it just fits XD i gues more haunted house meme soon again? ;D