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First Borns pt. 2

pt. 1

Would you look at that! I actually managed to finished the second part today after all. :>

Warning for: some disturbing stuff (just to be on the safe side really)


They’d waited for him to leave, watching his home from the safety of the shadows. Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes stretched into hours. The fact that he’d had them down there for so long doing Plaguebringer knows what made her stomach hurt.

But they had to wait.

When he did finally emerge, clothes stained with little patches of red here and there, her heart lurched. What had he done to them? Were they even alive? He wiped his hands down the front of his furs and took a deep breath before striding away in the opposite direction with, much to her surprise, his “dogs” in tow.

“He didn’t see us,” she said, breathing a sigh a relief. 

“Thank the Plaguebringer he didn’t,” Othello replied, “Just send out a prayer that we can even make it inside.”

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This time i draw the young ver…..yup…ahahaha! ;D i love that i draw mccree again omg 

(sorry to make you guys laugh…???) XDD and yeh~ Mercy,Fareeha,Jesse,and Jack…i dunno why, it just fits XD i gues more haunted house meme soon again? ;D