Today I was at Royal Oak High School and it got me thinking about how much I miss Dondero.  The day this placed closed was a seriously awful day.  I ended up leaving the district and going to a private school because I knew Royal Oak High School would suck.  Royal Oak destroyed this awesome school……Dondero will forever hold a special place in my heart.

The real Freaks and Geeks?


I’m guessing Freaks and Geeks creator Paul Feig has this entire collection stored away in his 80’s treasure box. I’ve been merely listening to these incredible productions until I just stumbled upon actual video today! You can’t write this stuff folks. 

Paul Allen, the guidance counselor in F&G, may have been based off this treasured drama director arranging a Beach Boys medley!

Ever wonder what inspired the “I’m with the band” episode?

anonymous asked:

What the fuck do you guys listen too???

bedhead, rozwell kid, earth crisis, aereogramme, joan of arc, sundials, nile, faith no more, tooth ache, modest mouse, lungfish, saintseneca, thee silver mt. zion, do make say think, built to spill, pavement, zao, indecision, weatherbox, the smiths, foot village, xiu xiu, galaxie 500, russian circles, neurosis, the hotelier, brightside, for everest, yaphet kotto, arab on radar, can, the monks, the kinks, young widows, the cure, make believe, hatebreed, scott walker, dismemberment plan, snapcase, the act of estimating as worthless, meneguar, the housemartins, the specials, madness, delay, ringers, samiam, turing machine, gil scott heron, far, banned books, the sidekicks, little lungs, godstopper, mount eerie, ink and dagger, beyonce, fucking invincible, thank god, antischism, tim hecker, mirah, shellac, bread and circuits, dawn of midi, kurt vile, these arms are snakes, swans, boys II men, caspian, big ass manatee, hop along, the icarus line, the party of helicopters, faraquet, fleetwood mac, liars, elliott, yndi halda, prefuse 73, owltian mia, krieg, girls, between the devil and the deep blue sea, mewithoutYou, frogball, pianos become the teeth, posture & the grizzly, red animal war, jchurch,  sleepwalker, brother beast, animal logic, gumbi, quicksand, karma to burn, gordon gano’s army, guided by voices, new end original, tenement,  q and not u, soda bomb, fugazi, sicko, apart from the projector, redwing blackbird, engine down, the white octave, for science, small brown bike, the catalyst, david dondero, cursive, oingo boingo

- derrick and dave