Bouncin' Round the Room
  • Bouncin' Round the Room
  • Dondero High School
  • Pop Concert 1996 - Disc 2

Someone brought up Phish tonight at happy hour, and it was just another excuse for me to talk about my high school choir program’s “Pop Concert”. This is me and about 30 other high schoolers singing and playing Phish’s “Bouncing Around the Room in 1996.

If you ever meet a former member of Royal Oak, Michigan’s Dondero High School A Cappella Choir, it won’t take much to get him or her to talk about Pop Concert. I think most of us will now admit that the things we thought were impressive in high school are actually just embarrassingly adorable, “nice tries” now that we look at them through our hardened, adult eyes, but the pride is still there. So I won’t make you listen to it, but I will post it on my blog in case you want to laugh at me or at the probability that you were also into Phish 15 years ago.

(If you follow that link, please do not click on the link that says, “I Hate My Generation” once you get there.)


Reggae enthusiast and notorious printmaker Alex Dondero put together a mix for us! This is the first of a series of monthy mixtapes. 




1. John Holt - Police in Helicopter
2. Barrington Levy - My Bibile
3. Eek a Mouse - Bitty Bong
4. Buju Banton - Boom Bye Bye
5. Bounty Killer - Gun Down
6. Sean Paul - Infiltrate
7. Buju Banton & Nadine Sutherland - Dickie
8. Mr. Vegas - Heads High
9. VybzKartel - Clarks
10. Lumidee - Never Leave You
11. Aidonia - Sexy Body
12. Future Fambo & Beenie Man - Drinking Rum

The real Freaks and Geeks?


I’m guessing Freaks and Geeks creator Paul Feig has this entire collection stored away in his 80’s treasure box. I’ve been merely listening to these incredible productions until I just stumbled upon actual video today! You can’t write this stuff folks. 

Paul Allen, the guidance counselor in F&G, may have been based off this treasured drama director arranging a Beach Boys medley!

Ever wonder what inspired the “I’m with the band” episode?

Today I was at Royal Oak High School and it got me thinking about how much I miss Dondero.  The day this placed closed was a seriously awful day.  I ended up leaving the district and going to a private school because I knew Royal Oak High School would suck.  Royal Oak destroyed this awesome school……Dondero will forever hold a special place in my heart.


there’s no one in this world that can lift my mood up like gramatik and his crew. Ales, his guitarist fellow has the most amazing blues. add it to some funky bass music and it becomes perfect. if you don’t know who gramatik is i think you’re loosing one of the best thing out there. check him out, he also has a new thing going on, he joined four other brooklyn-based producers (Eric Mendelson, Tyler Dondero, Mike Iannatto and Illumntr) in the project called EXMAG. pretty amazing