2doc Post Break-up Headcanons

  • 2D didn’t plan to leave Murdoc after phase 2, but things happened
  • 2D went to law school and met someone, he told them about his past and they explained why it was wrong.
  • 2D wrote about how he was falling in love with them, Murdoc saw this when he read 2Ds diary to find his fear of whales.
  • This lead to the lyrics in Doncomatic :‘Before somebody steals your place’, meaning someone was going to gain the unconditional love 2D had for Murdoc and that made Murdoc furious.
  • 2D went back to them after Plastic Beach, knowing now he could never forgive Murdoc, but they had already found someone.
  • After days of depression 2D realized he still loved Murdoc, not the same way as in phase 1 and 2, but he still wanted to be with him.
  • This made him break down, he thought Murdoc was dead and that he could never be happy without him again.
  • Back in Phase 2, Murdoc told 2D he couldn’t leave Kong after Russel had went insane and left when Noodle died.
  • 2D made his first bold move against him and left the next day.
  • He only took his clothes and the first keyboard Murdoc got (stole) for him.
  • 2D was working to make himself better while Murdoc was drowning himself in alcohol
  • They wrote letters to one another from time to time, but later 2D would grow to replying less frequently.
  • In phase 4, 2D tried to spend some time with Murdoc by letting him put a tattoo on him.
  • Murdoc put a heart on his shoulder.