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Hey love :) can you rec me some really good CEO Louis fic? Longer ones, if you can :) thank you so much ❤️

Sadly, not that much (and not that long). also I was supposed to do a CEO AU fic rec, so I’m gonna add CEO Harry in this :)

CEO Louis

- Loving You Is Free : Louis is a workaholic record label CEO who hasn’t been on a date in nearly a year. Niall and Liam make an account for him on a sugar dating website as a joke. And then Louis meets Harry. (67k, E)

- The Shirt You Hate :  “Soph,” Louis says to his female executive assistant. “I’m making more money than ever, and I have just realised that I have no one to spend it on.” At thirty years old, Louis is past halfway to becoming a billionaire, and he needs to find the one. He literally stumbles upon his university sweetheart. (15k, M)

- You Could Be Happy: “Fuck you,” Louis gritted through smiling teeth as he watched Harry gingerly buckle up his son in the back of the car waiting for them outside of the grocery store. “Fuck you and your fucking husband and fucking countryside ranch house and fucking baby. Fuck all of it,” and he lifted a hand to wave politely in their direction before the car sped off and he was left wondering how many times Harry Styles was going to walk out of his life before it stopped hurting.orSix years after the breakup, Louis is the CEO of the family corporation and Harry is married with a kid. (13k, NR)

- Stuck In Time : Harry Styles works at the local bakery every day from seven in the morning till six. When he obeys his obnoxious boss and goes to the mall to buy supplies, he doesn’t know what awaits. Louis Tomlinson is a successful CEO, found gold buying the Doncaster Rovers football team. When he goes to the mall to meet with his business partner, he finds himself trapped, in more ways than one. (24k, M)

- Mr. Tomlinson  : Louis is a billionaire CEO who makes grown men cry and rival companies crumble. He’s also an omega. Harry is the quiet cupcake of a man he calls his alpha and the only one who gets to see Louis as anything less than fearsome. (4k, E)

- nothing but a little bit of love : Basically, Louis sees Harry in a bar and falls in love. (8k, !NR)


- Reduce Me To A Pleading Cry (Break The Skin and Tantalize) : As the CEO of Styles & Styles, Harry Styles cuts a brooding and handsome figure at the helm of a very successful business. His reputation for intensity is well known, but you would be intense, too, if you had to work numbers all day, give countless orders, and conduct endless meetings. When all you really want to do at night–ache to do–is give away the reins, let someone else make the decisions, be ordered around for once, just–let go. Harry has reached his breaking point when one touch from a man whose very stance commands attention leads him back to a place he thought he’d never return. Or Harry is a broody submissive boss, Louis is a natural dom who works in the mail room at Styles & Styles, Niall is a matchmaking oracle, and a slender, dark haired man stands mute at the coffee stand encouraging others to spill their secrets.    (37k, E)

- Manhattan From The Sky : Harry’s been raised to know that successful men do not fall in love. Louis believes that love is all you need to be successful in life. They meet. (47k, E)

- take me all the way down : Harry Styles is young, successful, and positively dangerous.Mark Tomlinson decides he has to go. Louis Tomlinson is just the man for the job.- or -The CEO AU where success is all Louis Tomlinson has known–until Harry Styles comes into his life, of course. (69k)

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You know what makes me happy? Louis had his friends, Lottie and her boyfriend in the Back to You mv, but not his lovely girlfriend. The girlfriend that inspired songs on his album!!!!!????? Everything he loves is in this mv. Doncaster, Doncaster Rovers Football Club, his friends and family, singing a song he wrote. Like she was at the shoot, but NOT in the mv!! It says a lot if you ask me.

it makes me even more satisfied because there were rumours she was gonna be in it and people were getting all cocky about it only for louis to snatch them out of their hands with his own gay ones
Louis Tomlinson pictured smiling and laughing with girlfriend Eleanor Calder on break from filming his new music video in Doncaster

Louis Tomlinson grinned as she spent time in Doncaster to film his next music video.

Louis was in good spirits as she enjoyed some downtime between takes.

At one point he even stopped to take pictures with some of his devoted fans who’d been following around the city.

Insiders tell The Sun Online Louis’ new video will follow him around the town he grew up in and will include locations that mean a lot to him and his family.

A source said: “Louis wanted to shoot the video in his hometown as it means a lot to him and he has a lot of memories there.

“He went around various locations and regularly changed outfits. The video will show Louis walking through the places he holds dear. It’s going to be a really emotional video.”

Louis was most recently spotted hanging around outside of Doncaster Rovers Football Club.

The video was all the more poignant as the shoot took place almost six months after the sad death of Louis’ mum Johannah Deakin.

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I love your blog! I go to your fic rec masterlist all the time for new reads! I don't mean to bother, but are you familiar with a fic where a young Louis encounters an older Harry at the Doncaster football pitch/stadium/arena and Harry takes him to a cafe then to a hotel room and tells him all about Louis' future and tells him how they end up together? I'm also looking for a fic where a young Harry appears to everyone in the band and Louis sleeps with him? It's very angsty. Thank you so much! <3

Rhhha I’m sorry love, I’m so bad with Time Travel AU !! I’m pretty sure I read the first one though, but I can’t find it in my bookmarks :/

Someone can help ?


the first one is Temporary Tattoos, Hotel Hearts, Horizon Homes , thanks anon !

Larry Stylinson Timeline 2014

(in relation to the great One Direction Timeline made by ashavahishta)


  • January 1st - Harry out to dinner with Larry King in LA.
  • January 2nd - Harry skiing in Mammoth, LA, with Kendall.
  • January 3rd - Harry still in Mammoth, LA.
  • January 4th - Louis’ grandmother passes away. Harry appears to be in LA.
  • January 5th -  Harry may still be in LA/Mammoth.
  • January 7th - Harry in LA.
  • January 8th - Harry in LA.
  • January 9th - Harry still in LA.
  • January 11th - Harry in LA - he has a new tattoo of a large anchor on his left wrist. Louis in Blackburn at a football match.
  • January 13th - Louis may be in LA. Harry in LA.
  • January 16th - Harry in LA, visiting Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof at their hotel.
  • January 17th - Louis in Manchester/Cheshire, Harry in LA at the Eagles concert with Kendall, Alexa and Pixie.
  • January 18th - Louis at a Rovers game in Doncaster. Harry at Sundance in Utah. Harry has two new tattoos - a book on his left arm and ‘silver spoons’, also on his left arm.
  • January 20th - Harry in LA.
  • January 22nd - Louis in Yorkshire visiting a sick fan.
  • January 24th - Harry out to dinner in Malibu.
  • January 26th - Louis may be skiing in France with Eleanor.
  • January 27th - Louis leaves France.
  • January 30th - Harry in Jamaica.


  • February 1st - Harry’s 20th birthday.
  • February 5th - Louis in Cheshire visiting the manager of the Doncaster Rovers. Harry also seems to be in Cheshire.
  • February 6th - Harry in London seeing Gemma.
  • February 7th - Harry shopping in London.
  • February 9th - Harry in London
  • February 10th - Louis’ mother Jay gives birth to twins.
  • February 11th - Harry out to dinner with Anne, Gemma and Lou. Louis and Liam songwriting with producers.
  • February 12th - Harry shopping in London.
  • February 13th - Harry in London.
  • February 15th - Louis in Doncaster at the football, Harry clubbing with Gemma and Sam.
  • February 16th - Harry at an Arsenal game with Ben Winston, then clubbing with Nick in the evening.
  • February 17th - Louis at football training in Doncaster. Harry at the Burberry show in London
  • February 18th - Louis and Liam in London songwriting. Harry in London getting a new tattoo.
  • February 19th - Brits Awards. Boys pick up two awards. Later, Niall, Harry, Liam and Sophia go to an afterparty.
  • February 20th - Harry, Anne and Robin arrive in LA.
  • February 21st - Harry out to dinner in LA.
  • February 22nd - Louis visiting a sick child and announces his new patronage of a charity. He also announce his support of another child doing charity work. Harry out at Miley Cyrus’ concert in LA. Reports begin to emerge that he and Kendall have broken up. Harry’s new tattoo is on his inner left arm.
  • February 23rd - Harry in LA out to dinner with Anne and Robin.
  • February 24th - Harry in LA, Louis in Doncaster at football training. Harry’s new tattoo is of an anatomical heart. Evening - Harry at a Kodaline concert.
  • February 25th - Harry in LA, Louis in Doncaster.
  • February 26th - Louis’ charity football match with the Rovers. Harry in LA.
  • February 27th - Harry in LA at a Kodaline concert again. Anne and Robin leave for the UK.
  • February 28th - Harry in LA. Louis may be in St Bart’s.


  • March 1st - Harry at a pre-Oscars party in LA.
  • March 2nd - Harry in Beverly Hills.
  • March 4th - Harry still in LA.
  • March 5th - Harry in LA with Courteney Cox and friends, then later songwriting with Kodaline.
  • March 6th - Louis and Liam arrive in LA.
  • March 7th - Liam and Louis in studio with the Madden brothers in LA.
  • March 8th - Harry in LA, Louis in LA getting an arrow tattoo in the evening.
  • March 10th - Louis in LA.
  • March 11th - Louis and Liam arrive back in London.  Harry still in LA.
  • March 12th - Harry out in LA.
  • March 13th - Harry in LA.
  • March 14th - Harry on his way home.
  • March 15th - Harry arrives in London.
  • March 16th - Everyone at rehearsals in London. Evening - Harry at Jack Whitehall’s show.
  • March 18th - Harry and Liam at Trekstock charity event.
  • March 19th - Everyone in London writing with Fall Out Boy and Matt Healy.
  • March 20th - Everyone at Harry and Louis’ house in London playing football.
  • March 23rd - Louis in Doncaster.
  • March 24th - Boys filming a video at Clevedon Pier. Harry is sick.
  • March 25th - Everyone at rehearsals in London. Evening - Harry, Liam and Sophia at Lou T’s book launch party.
  • March 26th - Rehearsals.
  • March 27th -  Rehearsals. Boys also have lunch with Matt Cardle. Evening - Harry out to dinner with Gemma,  Lou and Sam T.
  • March 28th - Rehearsals.
  • March 29th - Harry with Ben Winston.
  • March 30th - Louis with Jay for Mothers’ Day. Harry in London with friends.
  • March 31st -  Rehearsals (boys have moved to a larger studio in Bedfordshire.)


  • April 1st - Rehearsals.
  • April 2nd - Rehearsals. Harry also in London buying a new car.
  • April 3rd - Rehearsals. Evening - Harry out with Jack Whitehall and friends.
  • April 4th - Rehearsals.
  • April 5th - Rehearsals.
  • April 7th - Harry at Shoreditch House in London.
  • April 8th - Harry at a Parkinson’s event with family.
  • April 9th - Rehearsals. Evening - Harry out with Jack Whitehall.
  • April 10th - Rehearsals and meetings. Louis doing charity work.
  • April 11th - Rehearsals.
  • April 12th - Rehearsals.
  • April 13th - Rehearsals.
  • April 14th - Last day of rehearsals.
  • April 15th - Boys in London at a photoshoot.
  • April 16th - Harry arrives in LA.
  • April 17th - Harry out in LA on his motorbike.
  • April 18th - Harry golfing in LA.
  • April 19th - Louis at a snooker championship in London. Evening - Harry at Coachella in LA.
  • April 21st - Harry at Soho House in LA. Louis in London.
  • April 22nd - Harry out on his bike in Beverly Hills. Evening - Harry at a hockey game.
  • April 23rd - Everyone arrives in Bogota, Colombia.
  • April 24th - Rehearsals.
  • April 25th - Brief press conference followed by first show of the tour.  Harry has two new leaf tattoos on his hips.
  • April 26th - Everyone arrives in Lima, Peru.
  • April 27th - Show in Lima.
  • April 28th - Harry and Liam at Macchu Piccu. Louis and Zayn may be in Jamaica.
  • April 30th - Everyone arrives in Santiago, Chile and performs in the evening.


  • May 1st - Interviews, then boys perform in Santiago, then fly to Beunos Aires.
  • May 3rd - Boys playing football at the stadium during the day, then have a show in Beunos Aires.
  • May 4th - Show in Beunos Aires.
  • May 5th - Promo and interviews in Beunos Aires. Evening - Harry, Liam and Lou T at a tango show.
  • May 6th - Show in Montevideo, Uraguay, then boys travel to Rio de Janeiro.
  • May 7th - Harry and Niall at the hotel pool with Ben in Rio, then all boys at Christ the Redeemer statue, then everyone at a party at the hotel.
  • May 8th - Harry, Liam and Zayn at hotel pool in the morning. Show in evening,  and Harry appears to have a new tattoo - ‘Brasil’ on his left thigh.
  • May 9th - Harry and Niall at the hotel pool.
  • May 10th - Boys arrive in Sao Paulo and perform in the evening.
  • May 11th - Final South American show in Sao Paulo.
  • May 12th - Zayn and Louis seen back in London.
  • May 14th - Louis home in Doncaster.
  • May 15th - Louis in Barcelona, Spain, with Dan. Harry in LA.
  • May 16th - Louis in Barcelona clubbing, Harry in LA songwriting with Gavin Degraw.
  • May 17th - Harry golfing in LA. Louis in Barcelona.
  • May 18th - Harry in LA.
  • May 19th - Niall and Harry (and presumably Louis and Liam) rehearsing in Sunderland.
  • May 20th - Harry at a studio in London.
  • May 23rd - Everyone (including boys’ friends and family) arrives in Dublin and plays Croke Park in the evening, then fly to Glasgow.
  • May 24th - Boys perform at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Glasgow, then fly to Dublin to perform in Croke Park. Evening - boys out with friends/family.
  • May 25th - Boys in Dublin and perform at Croke Park in the evening.
  • May 26th - Liam, Louis and Harry all play for Niall in a charity football match in Leicester.
  • May 27th - Harry in London. A video of Louis and Zayn smoking weed is leaked to the press.
  • May 28th - Boys perform in Sunderland.
  • May 29th - Harry shopping in London.
  • May 30th - Boys perform in Manchester. Louis’ family, Eleanor, Harry’s parents are all in attendance. Harry is sick.
  • May 31st - Boys perform in Manchester. Louis and Harry’s families are all there. Harry is sick.


  • June 1st - Harry home with family, then final show in Manchester. Harry is sick.
  • June 2nd - Harry is sick.
  • June 3rd - Show in Edinburgh. Harry is sick and can’t sing but attends show anyway.
  • June 4th - Everyone in London.
  • June 6th - Show at Wembley stadium in London. Harry’s and Louis‘family all in attendance.
  • June 7th - Show at Wembley. Harry’s and Louis‘family all in attendance. Louis is sick. Harry is also still sick.
  • June 8th - Harry and Anne at Primrose Hill. Jay and Tommo family at Regent’s Park, then have small backstage event with Rays of Sunshine charity, then final Wembley show in evening.
  • June 11th - Harry in the studio with Carl Falk.
  • June 12th - Harry out and about in London.
  • June 13th - Concert in Stockholm, Sweden, then Harry, Niall and Liam at a party.
  • June 14th - Concert in Stockholm.
  • June 15th - Zayn, Niall and Harry in London. Louis in Amsterdam.
  • June 16th - Show in Copenhagen.
  • June 17th - Harry out to lunch with Lou T, then show in Copenhagen.
  • June 18th - Boys return to London and have meetings/photoshoots. Evening - Harry and Liam at a Modest summer party.
  • June 19th - Louis holds a press conference in London to announce his purchase of the Rovers. Harry out shopping, then watching the football with Ben and friends.
  • June 20th - Show in Paris. Eleanor, Lottie and Louis’ grandfather Keith are visiting.
  • June 21st - Show in Paris, then everyone except Louis return to London where Harry goes clubbing. Jay and Dan are also visiting.
  • June 22nd - Louis in Paris with Eleanor and later at a tattoo shop. Harry in London with the Teasedales, and later at a tattoo shop also.
  • June 23rd - Boys in London having meetings re: makeup and also filming something. Evening - Harry out to dinner with Lou T.
  • June 24th - Show in Amsterdam.
  • June 25th - Show in Amsterdam.
  • June 26th - Harry also seen in London.
  • June 27th - Harry’s stepfather Robin’s birthday.
  • June 28th - Show in Milan, Italy. Harry’s father in attendance. Show is also filmed for a concert DVD.
  • June 29th - Show in Milan.
  • June 30th - Boys (except Harry) return to London. Louis in Doncaster visiting the Rovers.


  • July 1st - Harry at a Rolling Stones concert in Stockholm with Ben etc and later hangs out with Mick Jagger.
  • July 2nd - Harry leaves Stockholm in the morning, then show in Dusseldorf, Germany, and leave for London immediately after.
  • July 3rd - Harry at a pub in Notting Hill with James Corden.
  • July 4th - Show in Berne, Switzerland.
  • July 5th - Everyone home in London.
  • July 6th - Harry in London in the morning, then show in Turin.
  • July 7th - Harry,  Liam (with Sophia) and Niall at the hotel in Barcelona.
  • July 8th - Louis and Niall at the football stadium in Barcelona, then show in Barcelona.
  • July 9th - Harry, Liam and Niall still in Barcelona. Louis in Yorkshire for a photoshoot with the Rovers, then at Eleanor’s graduation in Manchester. Evening - Harry and Niall at the hotel bar in Barcelona.
  • July 10th - Show in Madrid.
  • July 11th - Show in Madrid. Jay and Eleanor are visiting.
  • July 12th - Louis still in Madrid
  • July 13th - Show in Portugal, the final for the European tour.
  • July 14th - Harry in London. Louis still in Portugal as the Rovers are training there.
  • July 15th - Harry in London. Louis in Portugal at a Rovers match and also seen with Eleanor.
  • July 16th - Harry in London. Louis in Portugal. It is Eleanor’s birthday.
  • July 17th - Harry in London, possibly with Gemma. A devastated Louis announces that the Rovers deal has fallen through. Evening - Harry at a Warner party in London.
  • July 18th - Louis in London at Mercedes Benz with Oli and Stan.
  • July 19th - Louis in Doncaster at the dentist.
  • July 20th - Louis’ mother gets married in Manchester with Liam, Harry, Niall, Eleanor, Sophia, Anne and Robin all in attendance.
  • July 21st - Harry arrives in LA.
  • July 22nd - Harry in LA on his bike.
  • July 23rd - Harry in LA.
  • July 25th - Niall in London at the Harry Potter studios. Liam at Sophia’s sister’s birthday party.
  • July 26th - Harry in Idaho at a charity golf tournament.
  • July 27th - Harry still in Idaho. Louis in Doncaster for a Rovers game.
  • July 28th - Harry in LA.
  • July 29th - Harry in LA.
  • July 30th - Harry in LA.


  • August 1st - Show in Toronto.
  • August 2nd - Show in Toronto, then boys fly to NYC.
  • August 3rd - Day off in NYC. Louis out and about, Harry visiting a sick fan and then having dinner with another fan’s family.
  • August 4th - Louis and Zayn playing football at Red Bull Arena. Show in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Lottie and Eleanor are visiting.
  • August 5th - Harry at Soul Cycle, then boys have promo/interviews in NYC for new perfume, then show in New Jersey.
  • August 7th - Boys visit a sick fan in hospital, then show in Boston.
  • August 8th - Show in Boston.
  • August 9th - Show in Boston.
  • August 11th - Show in Washington DC.
  • August 12th - Harry seen in Washington.
  • August 13th - Show in Philadelphia.
  • August 14th - Second show in Philadelphia.
  • August 15th - Day off. Harry seen in New York.
  • August 16th - Show in Detroit. Louis has a new tattoo of a skull on his left wrist.
  • August 17th - Show in Detroit.
  • August 18th - Day off. Harry at a guitar shop and a restaurant in Nashville.
  • August 19th - Show in Nashville.
  • August 20th - Harry and Louis may be in the Bahamas.
  • August 21st - Harry and Louis are probably still in the Bahamas.
  • August 22nd - Show in Houston.
  • August 24th - Show in Dallas.
  • August 25th - Day off. Harry in Nashville.
  • August 27th - Show in St Louis.
  • August 28th - Day off. Louis seen in Chicago, Harry in Wisconsin for a Packers game.
  • August 29th - Show in Chicago. Zayn and Louis clubbing, Harry at hotel bar.
  • August 30th - Show in Chicago.


  • September 1st - Harry is seen in LA at Soul Cycle.
  • September 2nd - Harry seen in LA.
  • September 4th - Harry arrives in London. Louis visiting Jay.
  • September 5th - Harry attends his grandmother’s funeral.
  • September 6th - Harry arrives in LA with Gemma and Anne. Louis visiting young fan Eden for charity. Evening - Niall’s 21st birthday party in London. Louis and Eleanor attend.
  • September 7th - Louis’ charity football match in Scotland.
  • September 10th - Harry shopping in LA with Gemma.
  • September 11th - Show in Los Angeles. Harry and Louis are both sick.
  • September 12th - Show in Los Angeles. Anne, Robin, Gemma, Lottie are all visiting. Harry and Louis are sick.
  • September 13th - Show in Los Angeles. Harry is sick.
  • September 14th - Harry in LA.
  • September 15th - Harry in LA.
  • September 16th - Show in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • September 17th - Harry in LA. Lottie and Gemma horse-riding in Arizona. Evening - Harry at Coldplay concert.
  • September 18th - Harry in LA.
  • September 19th - Show in El Paso, Texas.
  • September 20th - Iheartradio event in Las Vegas. Harry is sick. Eleanor is visiting.
  • September 21st - Show in San Antonio, Texas. Harry is sick.
  • September 22nd -Harry and Niall in Austin.
  • September 23rd - Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • September 25th - Photoshoot, then show in New Orleans, Louisiana. Harry and Louis are sick. Gemma returns to London.
  • September 27th - Show in Charlotte, North Carolina. Harry and Louis are sick. ‘Steal My Girl’ leaks.
  • September 28th - Show in Charlotte. Louis and Harry are still sick.
  • September 30th - Boys in LA filming music video for ‘Steal My Girl’.


  • October 1st - Show in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • October 3rd - Show in Tampa, Florida.
  • October 4th - Day off. Harry and Liam spotted in Miami.
  • October 5th - Final show of WWA tour in Miami.
  • October 6th - Harry in LA. Louis and Zayn arrive in London.
  • October 8th - Harry at a pumpkin patch in LA, then at a hockey game in the evening.
  • October 9th - Harry in Beverly Hills.
  • October 10th - Harry out and about in LA, then at an afterparty for Lilly Allen in the evening. Louis out to dinner in Cheshire.
  • October 13th - Harry in LA.
  • October 15th - Harry hiking with friends in LA.
  • October 16th - Harry in LA.
  • October 17th - Louis at XF studios in London. Harry has also returned to London.
  • October 18th - Harry in Birmingham at Ed’s concert.
  • October 21st- Harry’s mother’s birthday. Louis at a Rovers game.
  • October 22nd - Harry still in Cheshire with family.
  • October 23rd - Harry in Cheshire.
  • October 24th - Louis at XF studios in London. Harry is also home in London, and spotted with James Corden.
  • October 25th - Harry shopping in London, Louis in Madrid with Stan for a Rovers game.
  • October 27th - Harry in London filming for a music video.
  • October 28th - Louis and Liam in London filming for a music video. Harry at a book launch in London
  • October 29th - Boys in London for interviews and a book signing.
  • October 30th - Boys in London for more promo.
  • October 31st -  Louis at XF.


  • November 1st  - Boys in London doing promo.
  • November 2nd - Boys in London pre-recording for XF. Eleanor is also there.
  • November 4th - Boys in rehearsals.
  • November 5th - Harry in Paris with Cal.
  • November 6th - Rehearsals. Harry playing football with friends.
  • November 7th - Niall and Louis at XF. Four leaks.
  • November 8th - Boys in Germany for a TV performance. Band got late on stage, glances between Louis and Harry.
  • November 9th - Livestream.
  • November 10th - Louis out and about in London.
  • November 11th - Harry out with Des and Gemma.
  • November 12th - Harry out in London.
  • November 13th - Boys performing at the Royal Variety show. Harry has two new tattoos on his left arm - a mermaid and some text.
  • November 15th - Boys recording for BandAid charity single.
  • November 16th - Boys, (along with Louis’ family) arrive in Orlando.
  • November 17th - Everyone except Zayn in Orlando for The Today Show album release.
  • November 18th - Everyone (including Zayn) recording for the Christmas special.
  • November 20th - Boys pre-record for Ellen and appear on Jimmy Kimmel. Eleanor is visiting.
  • November 21st - Boys taping for NYE and rehearsing for the AMAs.
  • November 22nd - Harry out with Jeff, Louis with family.
  • November 23rd - Boys appear/perform at the AMAs, then Niall, Liam and Louis leave for Sydney.
  • November 24th - Niall, Liam and Louis arrive in Sydney.
  • November 25th - Harry and Zayn leave for Sydney. Harry is sick with an ear infection.
  • November 26th - Harry and Zayn arrive. Boys perform at the ARIAs. Harry is sick.
  • November 27th - Boys appear on Australian TV. Louis has three new tattoos; a dagger, a smiley face and some text. Harry is sick.
  • November 28th - Louis leaves for London. Harry leaves for LA.
  • November 29th - Harry golfing with the Azoffs then at a Fleetwood Mac concert.
  • November 30th - Harry at Fleetwood Mac again, then at a club.


  • December 1st - Harry returns to London and attends the British Fashion Awards.
  • December 2nd - Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Harry attends the after-party.
  • December 3rd - Louis out with family for his grandmother’s birthday. Evening - Harry out in London for Gemma’s birthday.
  • December 4th - Boys taping for Graham Norton.
  • December 5th - Boys in Stockholm, Sweden for promo and perform on Idol.
  • December 6th - Boys in Amsterdam for promo.
  • December 7th - Boys in Rome for promo.
  • December 8th - Everyone home in London.
  • December 9th - Boys at Rays of Sunshine event in London. Harry also out to lunch with James Cordon’s wife.
  • December 10th - Boys in London for a book signing.
  • December 11th - Everybody attends BBC Awards, then Harry at an afterparty.
  • December 12th - Boys attend Top 40 Awards in Madrid.
  • December 13th - Everyone except Louis, who is sick, attend NRJ Awards in France.
  • December 14th - Harry in Notting Hill, then boys perform at XF UK finale.
  • December 16th - Harry in New York.
  • December 17th - Harry in NY. Other boys arrive, as well as Louis’ family.
  • December 18th - Boys have rehearsals for SNL and tape their Jimmy Fallon appearance.
  • December 19th - Boys perform on SNL, then Harry and Niall at the after-party in the evening.
  • December 20th - Niall, Liam and Louis depart NY.
  • December 21st - Harry in NY.
  • December 23rd - Louis home in Doncaster. Harry in Holmes Chapel.
  • December 24th - Louis’ 23rd birthday. Harry at a pub in Holmes Chapel.
  • December 26th - Harry at a Manchester United game.
  • December 30th - Harry still in Cheshire.