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My story of meeting Louis Tomlinson

Ok so here it is, my story of meeting Louis at his football game on the 19th of April in Doncaster. First a bit of background information:

  • I was with Patsy (@fly_for_freedom)
  • we had bought one of those VIP boxes together with 8 other people
  • this will be loooong and emotional so sorry in advanve =)

So after some very few hours of sleep we took the train to Doncaster. Doncaster !!!! it was so unreal just hearing the announcer on the train saying that name got me nervous….when we arrived we shared a taxi to Keepmoat with Jana (@Leedsparadise) who was sitting right behind us in the train. Funny coincidence. When we arrived, there was some kind of flea market just around the stadium. It was so funny. But they all left just before the players arrived. It was then when they put up the barriers in front of the players entrance for Louis to arrive. Me and Patsy had some time before we were due to get into the box, so we decided to stay at the barriers and have a look. Unfortunately Mr. Tomlinson, as usual, decided to be late to the party so we had to leave before he arrived. Which was probably for the best, then he looked so damn good that I would have fainted right then and there. So instead we met the other girls at the VIP entrance and waited with the other people to get in there. Suddenly no other than Keith Tomlinson made his appearance. Totally by “coincidence”. He was totally not there to show himself off …. no way. And he totally did not ask some fans if they really wanted to have a picture with him. Me and Patsy both put some big distance between him and us.

Then it was time to get into the stadium. A nice lady showed us our Box. It was number 6. There were 16 boxes in total but not all were occupied with fans. There were also the families and friends from other players and the Bluebell Wood people had a box and also Louis family incl. Stan, Oli and Calvin had one. When we got into the box, which had the size of a shoe box with 10 seats and a large table, we were all a bit shocked cause it was so small. We got a few minutes to collect ourselves and get more nervous as we already were before one of the girls suddenly screamed that there is Louis outside coming over. We immediately got out on the balcony and yes there was Louis with James Coppinger, Oli and Alberto and some other guys coming over on the pitch from the opposite side of the stadium. To describe my feelings in that moment is hard. You know exactly it will be not long until you see him but on the other side I couldn´t believe this is Louis coming over.

Then the madness began. There were many people outside on the corridor and we all got instructed that he will come into the box and make a group picture with us and give everyone an autograph. The calmer the people are the longer he stays in the box. So we immediately agreed to sit down and get calm. As if that would be easy. And we made the decision to get selfies instead of that group pic. But we shouldn`t have been so nervous about that then when did Louis ever stood by the rules.

He first visited the Bluebell Wood box with the disabled kids and he spent a long time there. After what felt like an eternity there was finally the signal he will come over now. And then he came into the box and I stopped breathing. I was so in awe. He is so gorgeous and beautiful. All I could think about in that moment was “he is golden” because his skin was so tanned and golden and his hair was so fluffy and wonderful. He greeted us all and started with the autographs. When it was my turn I asked him immediately if he could draw me the smiley face on my wrist cause I wanted to have something permanent which will remind me of the time in this fandom. He was directly up for it and asked me “like mine on my wrist?” while he pulled up his sleeve to show me his tattoo. I was totally in awe and so out of my mind. I would never expected him to be so excited about this. Then he asked me where he should drew it exactly. So I said “next to the heart (which I got for the 3 Wembley shows)” and he was like “oh yeah” and he touched my arm and he drew so carefully and I cannot describe my feelings properly cause I was so overwhelmed. Louis Tomlinson stood next to me I talked to him and he drew a smiley face on me. I still can´t cope that. It´s too much to handle. It was all so fast and my brain was left outside at the barrier so I could hardly understand what was going on. And his tattoos looked so good. His skin was so tanned. Once again he has absolutely golden skin. And his voice. Oh my god. It was darker than I expected it. So raspy and sexy. And he smelled so good though I can´t describe it if my life would depend on it. In the end of course he made a selfie with everyone and he signed everything. He signed my Rovers jumper and even put the number 28 next to his name. And a picture of him for a special person. It was all so overwhelming in that moment. I wanted to tell him so much for example how proud we all are of him having his own company but I lost every memory of all the plans I had. Except of that tattoo but that is a very long dream of me. I have tattoos for special things in my life and I always had the dream if I ever meet Louis I asked him for that tattoo. And now I have it which is so surreal. But anyway back to Louis. His whole demeanor and behaviour was so bouncy and he was fidgeting with his hair the whole time. Louis and his hair is really something else. He is outstandingly beautiful and not as skinny as I had expected. I mean he is skinny but god damn this body is to die for.

Alberto then told us that is was time for the group pic which we took. After that he was on his way out cause he needed a wee haha and I took the opportunity to talk to Alberto. I told him how proud we all are of him and that he has a lot of support in the fandom. You could clearly see he wanted to go with Louis but he also wanted to stay and not be rude. So he looked at me and smiled and then I asked him for a hug and he gave me one. It´s like hugging a big strong bear. I would even have a pic with him if my stupid brain would have finally joined me and I would not have pushed the power button instead of the button to make the pic.But hey I got a hug and he smiled so that is more important than a pic. When they walked out of the box I called Lis (@Happily_7) to get some of the first feelings out of my system and shed some tears. After that I got out on the corridor to have a look. He was two boxes next to us and so I made the decision to talk to Oli who was casually leaning against the wall. After I greeted him I told him that he has his own fanbase on twitter and he was like “really? no way” and then I asked for a pic and he was a bit shy and then we talked. I told him that it is so nice that Louis has his old friends still with him and that they take so good care of him. Oli was so proud of him. You could really see how much respect and love he has for Louis. I asked him if he works for Louis and he told “yes for a longer time now as an assistant”. I then got my pic with him and we talked a bit longer. Normally I wouldn´t tell that story so in detail cause it is a bit indiscret  but there are many people who don´t like him which is ok but if you don´t like him cause he is using Louis or living from his money that´s wrong. Cause you can clearly see how proud he is of Louis and thankful. And he looks really cute in real lif btw.

After that I talked to James Coppinger who is such a handsome guy. Oh my god. But our box unfortunately completely ignored him cause of reasons. So I took the opportunity to appologise for that and he went “don´t worry I´m used to this by now and it is so nice to see how loved Louis is”. Then I hugged him for you Sarah and got a nice pic with him and then he left.

Louis then got out of the box and immediately started talking with Alberto. Very closely. They have such a good relationship. Alberto had his eyes everywhere. He scanned the whole corridor and never left Louis side. Seeing them walk side by side made me a bit emotional. They walked past me and his walk is amazing. Those legs and the way he sways from side ot side. Don´t aks me how I managed it but I then told him good luck for his game and I first thought he didn´t hear me but he then turned his head around and said “thank you love”.

Later I saw that in one of the boxes there was a bit of drama going on. I didn´t get the whole situation but it looked like Louis got yelled at or the girls yelled at each other cause Alberto immediately stopped it and told Louis to leave which he did. I witnessed it cause I was talking to the woman who collected the gifts for Louis. Not long after that he was finished and left for good. 

In conclusion: Louis is the most beautiful person I ever saw. He has this special aura and appearance. When he enters a room he is there and he has everybodies attention. And I don´t exaggerate. He has this special effect on people. And the thing which left the deepest impression on me is his voice. I never heard such a voice before. It is different from when you hear him on video. It´s so raspy and edgy. And his accent. Just wow.

Not long after that the game was about to start. But first the whole Deakin family walked past our box on the way to their box. I saw Dan so he is still alive.

Then there was the part where the players were warming up. Louis in white with his fluffy hair which he deffo not fidgeted with. And I know I tweeted about it and I got a lot of hate for that but if you see him warm up and in action you clearly see that he is gay. I don´t mean it as an insult and I don´t force a sexuality on him cause of stereotypes. It´s just the way it is. The way he carries himself, his movements, his wrist and whole body language. And let me tell you one thing. Opposite to all the “fans” from which I received very nicely written hate tweets. He is totally happy the way he is. He is confident with his sexuality and ready to show it again and let people know. He had to hide it far to long cause of people like that who still think we hurt him when clearly he is the one who wants us to know that he is gay.

When the game finally started all I could see was Louis going on the pitch with a headband. That was the moment my brain decided to stay away a bit longer. He came on the pitch with a kid on each hand and it was the cutest thing. He never lost contact and made sure they were alright and well. He even tickled them and made them laugh. Louis with kids in a headband all in white, that was too much for my heart. Harry probably lost it.

Louis playing football ist another thing which is something else. The way he runs. He waddled his way over the pitch and at the same time he gets like a panther when he thinks he looses a ball.

Best part of Louis playing football: he adjusted himself every 2 min. Those pants or whatever he wore must be damn tight or very flexible. But he deffo had no problem doing it in front of everyone. Oh and the headband. He had so much problems with that damn nike headband which was defffo a lucky charm from the spouse. His hair didn´t want the way he wanted. He took it off and on and was fidgeting with his hair which was clearly also a sign of nerves but well …

When he left the pitch to get on the bench Alberto missed it and didn´t see him sitting there so he immediately ran to the bench and looked out for him. Louis told him everything is alright and just then he left him there. And he had so much fun with the other guys on the bench. It was so heartwharming to see cause during the other games he made he left to go inside and he never sat down on the bench and now there was carefree Louis having fun with the other men.

In the break there were the penalties with Liam who entered the pitch together with Andy (hoy moly) and Paddy. Liam looked like David Beckham out of an ad. He was so happy and smiley and a bit shy. Louis meanwhile entered the pitch with his lads and shared a cup with Stan which was so funny. Stan is a bit clumsy but so cute. They all had a lot of fun with those penalties. Liam was so proud he scored and Louis was totally confident when it was his turn. Louis talked to Paul Dickhov and Lauren his daughter while they were standing there and when he saw Eden who was dancing and jumping he immeditely walked to her and hugged her. You can see how cute their relationship is and how much they adore each other. They made the pic with Liam and after that they left for the second half of the game.

Liam then thought it would be a good idea to go out of an entrance and join Louis family box. Almost every girl in that area got hysterical. That ´s when he made all the fan pics. I took the opportunity a few minutes later to go out on the corridor to see Calvin and Stan approach. A bit before them was Oli who greeted me and asked me how I was (ompf) and then I asked Calvin if I could have a pic with him. He looked at me with those blue eyes and told me “no, that´s akward and a bit weird”. He doesn´t like the attention and doesn´t use Louis fame to get famous himself and that is something I totally respect. Stan is the same way. And I have to add. I was not hysterical or fangirling. I asked nicely and he was also very nice #justsaying. Calvin is very handsome. Holy moly.

When I was watching Louis again Liam decided it was a good time to walk past our box so I didn´t see him. Thank you very much. But I wanted to watch Louis play not stalking Liam. He left then anyway.

When the game was over everyone was on the pitch. They shook hands and hugged Louis who was so happy and smiling from ear to ear. He made a pic with everyone and the players were so nice to him and you could see how accepted he is in the team and from the players. They gave him their kids to make a pic and Louis was just standing there being his happy self and adjusting himself of course.

Then the weirdest part of the day happened. Remember Keith? He jumped over a barrier to get on the pitch and he fell. Immediately some security guys where with him and helped him up. He had his programm in his hands maybe he wanted an autograph. I don´t know but it was so akward. He wasn´t even sitting with Jay and the others in their box. He had a normal seat. Then the security looked at Louis who saw the whole scene and he shook his head so the security brought Keith away from the pitch. After that Louis left with Alberto and they talked and Alberto put a hand on Louis back. Keith is just so weird. I wouldn´t give a single thought of anything he ever tweeted then one thing is for sure, Louis deffo is not interested in dealing with him and that should tell you everything you need to know.

That was the end of the game and when we went inside again and to the Restaurant I walked past Jays dad aka the Harry granddad and I said hi with a big grin and he smiled and greeted back and it was so amazing cause he seems to be such a nice old man.

Not long after that we had to leave. We thought that Louis had left too but he stayed very long. God knows what he did there cause he deffo not joined the players dinner.

When we waited for our taxi to arrive we saw Lewis Jones in his long coat and YSL bag standing there waiting once again. I´m just glad he didn´t bought a box with his gang so other people could get the opportunity to meet Louis.

I got my tattoo done today and I am so happy about that. This will be with me forever and remind me of one of the best days of my life. It was so fast over and I couldn´t do and say everything I had planned but when did that ever work out?

I will be forever thankful for the people who supported me, bear with me and gave me good advise and helped me through that day. You know who you are (to quote Zayn hahahaha)

All I can say is that after that Sunday and having the great opportunity to meet Louis and see him play football nobody will ever convince me otherwise than the fact that he is gay and proud about it. He is beautiful and so so gorgeous and his voice is something I will treasure forever.

I´m sorry that this is so long and I deffo have forgotten something but I think I covered the most important things that happened. And I don´t have written all of this ot show off or get attention. I just wanted to tell my story and what a beautiful person Louis is…inside and outside.