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anonymous asked:

Is there a limit on how many items we can put money on? Like if I want 4 items, can I try and win four items, or is there a limit on how much items you can win? Sorry if it's a stupid question...

Hi anon!

There is no such thing as a stupid unless it’s a stupid question! However, your question is NOT stupid! Rejoice!! xD

You are allowed to donate however much you want on however many items you like!

Just remember that we aren’t accepting donations for the raffle right now. Any donations made for the time being are just donations for the stream we do.

The holiday raffle begins on Friday December 9th!!

Thanks for the question!!

gonna print a new batch of these and i wanna give em away 4 free. $5 shipping if ur too far to meet up and im accepting optional donations to go to the families of #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile. DM me if u want one, thanks 4 ur support.

📷 – @alebarrero (at Miami, Florida)

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Ok, as some of you may know my cat has eyelid agenesis. What’s eyelid agenesis? Well, it’s a birth defect where the animal in question is born with partial or no eyelids which can cause visual complications and painful side effects including (but not limited to) abrasions and ulcers on the cornea.
In Markos’ case he’s missing 2/3rds of his upper eyelids and thankfully this doesn’t cause him much discomfort but still can pose a problem. Because of this, he needs to get treatment so that it doesn’t get worse for him. The treatment in question is something called Cryoepilation which is basically where the vet freezes the hair follicles (in up to 3 sessions) where the eyelid was supposed to be to keep hair from growing there and so getting rid of the possibility of painful complications.
This procedure can cost up to $1050 for the first freeze alone but thankfully the 2nd will cost only half of that.
Right now, I only have a seasonal posistion and what money I will be getting (I just got the job and haven’t started yet) will be going to bills, food, and Healthcare (medicine, doctor/dentist visits etc) and while I will put as much as I can aside for this little goofball I will need help.
This is why I have started a fund raiser to help pay for his treatment.

☆You can see the breakdown of the estimate provided along with the treatment plan the vet and I discussed in the pictures provided.☆

☆Please reblog and donate here ( ) if you can! Any extra will be set aside for other vet costs or general pet care costs for Markos.☆

☆Feel free to follow Markos ( @ittybittymarkos ) on Instagram for day to day updates if you feel like it.☆

Thank you so much! ♡


Even if you can’t donate, just reblog this; everyone needs to reblog this. DON’T SCROLL PAST THIS, it will take you 5 seconds to reblog and no matter what your blog type is, this is so important.

Donate money online:

Emergency shelter:

  • Airbnb has activated its Disaster Response Tool to help provide free shelter until May 21. Residents in nearby areas can list their properties on the website.
  • Those able to provide accommodations can also sign up on website

Displaced pets:

Social media efforts:

  • Facebook group Fort Mac Fire Donations is crowdsourcing donations for items such as toiletries, socks and pillows, as needed.
  • On Twitter, people are offering help through hashtags such as #ymmfire and #ymmhelps
Here Are All The Ways You Can Help Fort McMurray
Many people have lost all their belongings in the massive blaze.

A monstrous wildfire has forced 80,000 residents to flee Fort McMurray, Alta. Several have lost their homes and belongings to the fire, while others even left behind their pets as they escaped under a mandatory evacuation order.

Here are some of the ways to help those affected:

Donate money online:

  • The Red Cross has started an emergency appeal for help. To donate $5 by phone, text REDCROSS to 30333. The Alberta government said Wednesday it will match donations to the Red Cross.
  • The Wood Buffalo Food Bank is accepting donations through PayPal on its website.
  • The Salvation Army is also collecting financial donations online.

Emergency shelter:

  • Airbnb has activated its Disaster Response Tool to help provide free shelter until May 21. Residents in nearby areas can list their properties on the website.
  • Those able to provide accommodations can also sign up on website

Displaced pets:

Social media efforts:

  • Facebook group Fort Mac Fire Donations is crowdsourcing donations for items such as toiletries, socks and pillows, as needed.
  • On Twitter, people are offering help through hashtags such as #ymmfire and #ymmhelp
Trans autistic person needs help getting a place to live pls reblog

Thank you so much to the ppl that did donate already but your funds are gonna be returned to you bc PayPal isn’t letting me accept donations, I gotta do it through a fundraising site. Please reblog, I seriously need my housing situation in order ASAP I love you all & im rly scared

Please, check out my ART tag for more examples.

Hey, so like I’m in some need of money, and the old commission sheet was out-dated. If you can’t buy anything, please reblog this and spread this around. I also accept donations. (im me for email)

I only accept commissions in GBP through paypal.

I’ll pretty much draw anything apart from: 

  • complex characters
  • weapons/vehicles
  • abusive/incestuous/pedophilic ships
  • nsfw (nudity is ok)

I also have the right to decline a commission if It’s something I won’t be able to draw.

Please IM me if you’re interested. 

You’ve read it right! BTS-Trans Projects presents to you our very first raffle! 

All funds raised from the raffle go towards funding for our 2017 WINGS Tour Project. More information on this upcoming project will be announced soon after we finalize the logistics of the project so stay tuned!

To enter the raffle, go to this ➡️ RAFFLE ENTRY FORM

BTS-Trans Projects is also accepting donations! 

If you would like to just donate towards this project then please go to this ➡️ DONATION FORM

Please reblog and spread the word! 

We hope many ARMYs will support and actively participate in the raffle as well as the project itself.

Mary Yeh
Head Administrator

my current living situation

So I’m making this post to explain why I have the donation button up on my blog.

TL;DR in advance - I escaped from an abuser, and I need money to help me pay for things that my abuser used to pay, plus to buy back items that I had to leave behind when I left, and you can help me financially by sending me money through this link.

So as many of you know, I was in an abusive family/household situation that lasted my entire life until I was twenty (the age I am now and the age at which I escaped it). This abuse was especially prevalent from between now and when I was eighteen. The nature of my abuse was this: I lived with a father who had and has always had anger and rage issues, and while he was never physically abusive towards any humans, he would act out his anger on objects and animals. What’s more, since he could get angry at any time over anything, there was a perpetual atmosphere of fear and anxiety that existed in my household. 

My mother was always very good at absorbing and staving off his anger issues, but when she unexpectedly died in early 2013, my sister and I found ourselves becoming the new objects of his emotional outbursts. I in particular made an effort to try to contain his rages (which were stronger now than they’d been before), but it could only last for so long. The fear and anxiety continued and it ended up having a horrific psychological effect on me which might be reversed with therapy but that will affect how I connect to people and form relationships for probably the rest of my life.

When I escaped and moved into the house I live in now, I had to leave behind a lot of things that I either liked or needed, and while I have some people helping me financially with those items, I still need and would appreciate money in replacing clothes, books, and other such items. Also, there were a number of items that my abuser paid for (educational materials, bus fare, etc.) that would be helpful to have some more money to help out with when I need it. 

I have a donation button set up on my blog, and you can click this link to take you to where the donation button would take you. (It says you’re paying for “Death and Hyperbole” because that is, at the time of writing, the title of my blog, so I figured I’d just use that.) Also, arrangements can be made through one-on-one communication if any of you are personally interested in buying objects directly for me and sending them to me through the mail (as some very very kind people have done)

Thank you in advance for reading this, and thank you in advance to those who help me out. 

About 40 people have died from hypothermia in Baltimore as of yesterday. The Fabulous Ladies of F.U.T.U.R.E 💛 are still having a blanket drive to combat the unforgiving coldness those suffering from homelessness face we are accepting donations with sites in the Morgan State area. You can contact me to donate.

Please store this number in your phone in case you see a homeless person & have a little humanity & help them out 💛

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For those who want to support autistic advocacy groups

Please do not donate to Autism Speaks. I know their name shows up in a lot of places, but they do not support autistic people:

  • Autism Speaks will only use 3% of its funding on supports for autistic people

  • They use April’s Autism Awareness Month status to spread damaging “awareness” through their misrepresentation and prejudiced rhetoric, rather than acceptance

  • They include no autistic people in senior leadership positions, seek a “cure” that most autistic people do not want, and have repeatedly ignored autistic voices on the matter.

See for more info:

So What’s the Problem with Autism Speaks? 
An Autistic Speaks About Autism Speaks
Compilation of Anti Autism Speaks Post (lots of them)
Dear College Basketball Fans and Others
Autistic Self Advocacy Network Flyer on AS
ASAN + Other Disability Groups’ Joint Letter to AS’s Sponsors
Autism Speaks: The Name, The Symbol, and The Rhetoric

(also, check out my resources page for more insights on being autistic)

Instead, please consider groups like the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, founded and run by autistic people for autistic people. 

Hi! I want to ask you all a really big favor and to please please consider donating to this fund. 

My friend recently lost his mother who was a great friend of mine as well, she was a really nice and sweet person and her son was her only surviving family. He is 20 and is now left with all of the bills and responsibilities his mother held, and on top of that he has to fund his moms funerary arrangements. He needs all the help you can get and he really deserves it. He lost his father a few months back as well and grandmother a few years ago so he only has friends to rely on right now. All donations are acceptable even just dollars help out!

If you can’t donate PLEASE reblog this, she deserves to have a proper funeral. Thank you!