hi everyone 🌈

THANK YOU 🙏🏽 from the bottom of my heart for covering transportation to/from the hospital! so far my recovery has been smooth with no complications 🎉 i couldn’t have done it without you!

now, i need some help getting to post-op appointments:

✨ paypal.me/porkbun
✨ uber promo code: marsm122ue

excess donations will go towards the surgery copayment and/or back into the community.

pm me for proof or if you have any questions 😊

בְּעֶזְרָת הַשֵּׁם

I Need Some Serious Help

Ok so something really financially bad happened to my family. Long story short we just lost a big chunk of income and I’ll be moving back home at the end of next month. However, I still need money for rent to get through July. I’m emptying my savings account to help pay for it, but I’m still about $100 short being able to cover it and I need it by the end of the month. 

If anyone can donate even just a little bit it’ll be great. 

I have commissions open too, but with all this going on I can’t give a definite time frame for when I’ll be getting them done.  

If you’re interested in donating my Payal is spencerboulet95@gmail.com

My Commisson Info is here if you want to check that out too. 

Any little bit helps, even just sharing this post. Please and thank you guys. <3


The ACLU received $24.1 million in online donations this weekend

  • In a typical year, the American Civil Liberties Union gets about $4 million in online donations. 
  • But over this past weekend, the organization received $24.1 million from online donors, six times what it normally receives in a whole year.
  • By the end of the night on Sunday, the group had received a total of $24,164,691 from 356,306 people over the weekend — many from people who had never donated to the ACLU before. Read more

instead of just posting selfies for TDOV im asking for help

im a 19 year old trans guy (pre everything) who just started college this year, my family does not support me in my transition right now and i am currently only getting money from working (im only able to work 10 hours a week with current circumstances). that money i use for other college expenses like textbooks as well as food

the last time i asked for donations i was able to buy a few articles of clothing as well as some binders that really helped! but i still need help buying clothing that would be suitable for spring/summer since i currently only have sweaters, sweatpants, and long sleeved shirts for the most part. the rest of my clothes are “womens” clothing that i cant wear with my binder or they just make me extremely dysphoric

if you are able to and have money to spare, please donate to my paypal drewgroves12@gmail.com i currently have 0 dollars in my account, so it would mean a lot if you could send me a few dollars if you can or at least pass this around.

thank you

I already made a post abt this but fogure another one wont hurt. im a disabled nb mestizo person living in an abusive house full of ppl who want me to move out. i cant drive due to my disability and have mental issues and chronic pains that make getting a job difficult, thought ive been looking but not getting calls back. My gf is also trans and living in a bad home and is being threatened with getting kicked out. She has a job but makes almost nothing and is also looking for a new job. We both really really need money and just. arent gettin it

my paypal is enbyclown@gmail.com and my cash me is cash.me/bloomington, and my gfs paypal is tj.schwartz@charter.net

i can do art for money and have commissions open rn

PLEASE rb and anything is helpful


Help a gay trans girl who got outed to her parents

(Emergency, Share if You Can, Please) 

My sister (who was the only person irl who I came out to) recently told her boyfriend that I am gay and trans, and now he is hinting to my parents (who have both threatened my life over minor things).

I live in North Carolina, so this is a real problem and I will face physical and emotional abuse if they figure things out. I might not ever be able to get out of this state if they do.

I’m looking for donations and putting together plans to get out of here and land on my feet. Any amount would be super helpful and if you can’t donate, please pass this around?

My paypal is Freezerburnlinira@gmail.com.

I also take writing commissions if you want to get something in return, and a couple friends (@excusemethatsnotcanon and @yashkonu) will be helping me with any commissions I receive.

I wonder if it would be wrong of me to try and finance enough money to be able to go back to college. See heres the thing, I originally had a full ride to University of Oregon right, I didn’t have to pay a dime, all I had to do was keep my grades up and attend classes and I’d get to attend any class I wanted to at their expense. 

But here’s the thing, I started to get really sick, both physically and mentally, and there were several really close deaths in my family at the same time, so I just couldn’t attend class because I was too sick, I was too psychotic [literally, I’m schizophrenic they didn’t know at the time so I wasn’t getting treatment], and was grieving the loss of some close family members, so I couldn’t make the attendance record, so my scholarship was taken away, but that isn’t the problem.

The problem is I owe University of Oregon itself $12,891.65 for not showing up to classes.

And the problem with this is, until I pay this off I can never go back to any college ever again, because FAFSA will not give you a loan unless you send all of your transcripts to the university you want to attend, and University of Oregon has frozen my transcripts.

I attempted to apply to a nearby university here, they accepted me, but said they couldn’t register me for classes or get me funding via federal aid until I sent my University of Oregon transcripts, they said this was the case with any university I would ever attempt to apply to. 

I worked so hard to be so near graduation, and all those courses that had already been paid for are frozen because of one term where I got too sick to function. 

It’s my dream to study physics and mathematics at school, I’m really interested in these fields, and I’m devastated that I’ll never be able to go to university ever again, because of this. I just wanted to go to school and learn about things I’m interested in, and now I never can again.

… would it be appropriate to try and raise money over the course of years via this blog to try and go back to university one day in the future, or is that selfish of me? I honestly don’t know, there’s just so many other people who need money to survive, and I just want money to go back to school, so I don’t know.

Like I don’t care how long it takes to raise it … I just ….. want to go back to school eventually, and every month they add 87 dollars to the total.

I’m disabled and on SSI so I can’t ever pay this back by myself, it is literally impossible. Is it selfish of me to make a youcaring for this and advertise it on this blog? Again I don’t care how long it takes I just want to go back to school sometime in my life?

sup guys, i’m isak and i’m a disabled gay trans jew in an unsettled living situation with no income and no family support. i’ve applied for welfare here in the UK, but it’s going to take some time before i see any money from it, between needing to secure a british bank account (which is very hard to do without a decent proof of address, which i didn’t have until saturday) and needing to send in various documents.

i’m flat broke. 

i need money for transport, so i can make it to shabbat services, and i need money for food and clothing, because, just as an example, i currently have one and a half pairs of socks and they’re, uh, not in great shape.

i would like to have some money to get the occasional nice thing for myself, like fancy coffee or chocolate or something. i’m being up front about this: i am in a really shitty situation right now, i’m virtually bedbound due to CFS/ME and i suffer from schizoaffective disorder that heavily fucks with my mood and my ability to enjoy things. i want to have some nice things in my life, occasionally.

my (new, british) paypal is simonemmetts@gmail.com

anything you can donate helps immensely. if you can’t donate, please reblog! thank you

So the method I was using to get grocery money - selling plasma - isn’t working anymore because my hematocrit is too low.

I can’t raise it without eating iron-rich food, and I can’t do that without money for groceries.

If someone could send us money for food, that’d be great. I know I’ve gotten money recently, but that’s for the storage unit road trip and I can’t use any of that for this.

Ideally $50 would do it, but even $20 would let me get some ground beef and a few things to make quesadillas, lol.

If you can, please donate via paypal at Kobanya@hotmail.com or paypal.me/kobanya

Please reblog if you can’t donate. Thanks!

my landlord has stated that unless i can pay him $315 dollars by the 5th I will be evicted

i know that isnt legal but i would really like to not put my roommates through that and i have no legal counsel

i offer tarot readings and spell/conjure work

and you can also donate if you would like

please support your local black witch. i have one week to do this and i can get at least 100$ myself but that still leaves 215$ and being homeless is hell 💜

If you’re going to donate, please don’t take it back on paypal. Only donate if you’re absolutely positive if you can.

I’ve got a negative account balance now because someone took back money that I had already used to buy myself dinner.

The only reason I have a donation button is if people have a few dollars and I entertain them, they have the opportunity to throw me a few bucks. It’s in no way required, and I never even talk about it. So please, only donate if you’re not going to take it back.

Thank you.