I just got a notice for termination PLEASE HELP ME

The people at the front desk has given me 72 hours to either vacate or pay up the fees, which now total $725. I do not have anywhere to stay, and I cannot leave because I do not have a license or a car. 

My donations have gone completely dry since last week and I cannot afford to pay up the rent here right now, PLEASE HELP ME

My Paypal is at cloudsampson@gmail.com or HERE

So…. Dana basically got fired from their main job completely tonight w/o the “actual firing” one tiny slip up and they’ll be gone.

And both of our mental health (esp theirs obvs) is suffering bc this company has done so much to hurt them and stress them out and we’re both rly rly done…

So Dana is having to quit tonight. We’re happy it’s happening, but obvs it’s scary and we’ll be without that income. (If y'all don’t know I’m multiply disabled, in a ton of pain 24/7 and mentally ill and ND and can’t work at all)

Plus my PTSD ass is triggered by money issues and I’ve been homeless and I’m scared shitless at the thought and…. Yeah

So if you can, and would like to support two NB, disabled, mentally ill ppl who really need support rn I have a paypal link


(It says my moms name, Laura because she helped me get PayPal credit but I promise the money is going towards me and you can see my picture up at the top with my heart-shaped sunglasses)

TL;DR: My PTSD ass is shaking bc I’m scared of being homeless again, and we are two disabled and mentally ill ppl who are very low income now and we really need your help if you can


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Pastor says bottled water donations slowing to trickle in Flint
By Steve Carmody

A pastor says donations of bottled water to his Flint church have dried up in the past month.

Donations poured in from across the nation in the weeks and months after it was learned that Flint’s drinking water was contaminated with lead. At times, the response nearly overwhelmed the effort to distribute water to Flint residents.  

Bishop Roger Lee Jones’ north side church parking lot used to be filled with pallets of water, but now the flood of donations has slowed to a trickle.

It’s that time of the year again. A LOT of money is donated at Christmas time so here’s your yearly reminder of popular charities you should NOT donate to:

-The Salvation Army [x]

-PETA [x]

-Susan G. Kormen for the Cure [x]

-Autism Speaks [x]

There’s lots more horrible and corrupt charities out there so please do your research and please feel free to add to this list


EVERYONE! OLD FRIENDS SENIOR DOG SANCTUARY NEEDS YOUR HELP! Please help make this a swift and easy transition for the Old Friends, if you have any money at all to spare consider donating to the moving fund! We all love seeing Leo, Captain Ron, Mildred, Toby, Leona, Lacy, and all the other old friends. Let’s give back to something that gives US joy!

Click here to support Help Matheus to get surgery by Roberta Coelho
My name is Roberta Coelho Will, i am from Brazil, but I currently live in Vermont, Usa. Matheus is my nephew, he was born with neurofibromatosis tye 1, a condition caracterized by growth of tumors along nerves in the skin , face and neck. He lives in Brasil with his family, where, he had several...

Please help my friend Matheus!! reblog or donate!!

Help Two Engaged and Gay Transgirls Afford a life Together
Hey there! We're two recently engaged transgirls that live eighteen-hundred miles apart and would like to fix that, asap...

Not gonna lie, we’re straight up devestated. It looks like the $1000 donation is, well, no longer there, putting us right back where we were. Unsuccessful and relying on the kindness of others for the future we want. Just please, keep donating if you can, and thank you. ??

Omg!!!! We’re fully funded! Thank you all so so so so much we couldn’t have ever imagined that all this, all our dreams would be comming true so so soon!! We’re just, we can’t even express how happy or excited we are and it’s just amazing and thank you all so much!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙

Note: any extra donations will also be appreciated and will also go towards savings

Hey Guys, I would not be doing this unless I absolutely had to, but I’m asking for donations. Every little bit helps, and if you can’t afford to, just reblogging helps. Thank you so much everyone.More info under the cut:

Hey guys! I recently got engaged to the love of my life, Eliza. However, we live eighteen hundred miles apart, and since we’re both autistic transgirls, fixing this won’t exactly be cheap.The goal is to have 2000$ saved up before I move out; we want to have an emergency fund we can dip into in case of unemployment, my old, old car having trouble, and medical costs. I currently have just 400$ (I visited just the cutest girl back in June, and ended up buying an Amount of gifts for her. Don’t ask :3c) saved up, and am only earning about ~50$ a week. Driving to Oregon will take around ~300$ in gas, so that still leaves us 1500$ short!

This should have been easy—I was earning 300$ with each paycheck—but my workplace drastically cut down my hours (I’ve gone from 26 hours a week to 12) because of a single customer complaint, me being autistic, and gay, and while they cannot fire me, at the rate I am currently earning money it will take another 10 months to have enough.

We absolutely cannot wait that long.

So, we are asking for donations (Every little bit helps!) . Not only can you help two cute gay girls get together, but Eliza has promised to post a full poem to magic-greenhouse for every fifteen dollars we get.

You can view more of her work at toughestgem

If YouCaring isn’t working for you, you can also send donations through PayPal!

Anything helps!


(ps: even if you can’t donate, reblogs are super appreciated.)

(pps: 💙!)

Quick Update:
Hey guys, thanks for what we do have towards our goal already but I have bad news. My work cut my hours even more (despite me doing everything in my power to be a better employee) . I’m down to working just one day a week, for a max of about 6, hours a week, which at $8/hr is just $48 a week, but really only a $76.8 paycheck, or $153.6 a month. Which brings my yearly income to a mere $1,843.2 . This won’t even be enough to cover my bills and insurance for ¼ of a year, not to mention food, housing, and medication . Earning this little over such a long period of time simply wont allow us to bridge the gap (also in oregon the minimum wage is much higher, more places are hiring, so even even more reason to get there ASAP). I’m trying to find a second job, but please just, if you can spare anything please help. Thank you💙

my family is completely out of water and we're out of money

hey y'all this is an emergency I live in jamaica and we have a tank to hold our water we have a guy fill up our water tank once a week since we don’t have running water in our house and i made a mistake and somehow the tank was running all night so we literally have no water until friday which means no water to bathe, drink, or cook (we have only canned veggies, bread, and margarine)
we literally have zero dollars right now until friday which is where the big mistake is at
idk if it will even rain the next few days since within the past month its only rained twice
its only $25 US dollars to pay the water man and I’d really appreciate it if you guys would donate so we can drink and bathe and eat proper food until friday
you can donate to my dads paypal: kentishphillip@gmail.com


Here we go again
As most of my followers probably know I gave birth to my son Kendrick three weeks ago.  He’s perfect in almost every way - except he only has one kidney.  It’s currently not functioning at it’s full capacity and will likely require corrective surgery.  Unfortunately, his specialist isn’t in our insurance network and they are refusing him care because we can’t put up the down payment for his treatment. I tried other specialists but we’re basically at a stand still - it’s the same problem with all of them - they’re all not covered and we can’t get a referral due to issues with his coverage.
I can’t work right now because I have to spend my time taking him to doctors and hospitals AND I can’t exactly afford daycare for him so we’re really tight for money.  Between the hospital bills he already has, our normal utility expenses and being down to one income, I honestly don’t know what to do. I can’t get any assistance for food or formula for him because my fiance makes too much money.  We’re poor, just not poor enough.
So I hate to ask for handouts or help, I’m too much of a prideful person but it’s not just about me anymore.  I have to make sure my son will be okay too. I took the donate button off my blog, PayPal was taking a lot of money from the donations i was getting, so if you’d like to help us out, my email is breemariew@yahoo.com - you can send it there. Also keep us in your thoughts.
Anyone who donates I will find something to give you in return but right now I have nothing to give.  Anything helps, it’s all appreciated.  And if you can’t donate, share and we’ll hopefully figure it out.  I’ll probably be starting a gofundme, but I’ve heard something about a percentage being taken off for the website or smth idk, I have to do some research,  but anything helps.  Thanks for reading, Kendrick thanks you!

Click here to support Mom's Funeral Fund by Destiney Michelle Candler
Tanya Denise was a loving mother to her daughters Charity and Destiney, as well as her grandson little Arthur. She was also a wonderful wife to her husband Arthur J. Tanya battled breast cancer for years and won, unfortunately for this beautiful survivor , the cancer came back more agrresive th...

I typically don’t like to ask for help but at this moment in me and my family’s lives we really need it. My mom passed away after a really long battle with cancer. She passed on december 19th.  I miss her so much , she was truly the light in my life. Before she passed she requested a memorial service , we don’t have much support from extended family so I made this go fund me page to help with expenses of her funeral, as well as expenses to help keep us afloat in this time. I’m a broke college student, my sister is balancing two part-time jobs and taking care of her son and my dad is a 71 year old dude going through his own health issues, despite that we are paying a large amount of the funeral costs, and I just want to raise a little money to help with the funds as well as staying afloat while trying to honor my mom’s last wishes.

We DO NOT care if we reach the goal or not we would love as much help as we could get, any amount you can afford would be greatly appreciated. If you can’t afford anything, please just share this link. 

Thanks to everyone that shares and/or contributes.

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who participated in #GISHWHESTakesTumblr and our subsequent #givelovetoday gifting event last weekend!

We enjoyed running through Tumblr with you! Even more so, we were truly touched by all who took the opportunity to fight against the painful events of Sunday by sharing beautiful stories about one another. Your stories put a little more light back into the world on a dark day. Thank you.

You made an incredible impact- not only on us and on Tumblr, but also on the world!

Collectively, our winners donated:

  • 1 year of clean water to 30 families in Kenya
  • 6000+ feminine hygiene products to help homeless women at the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles, CA
  • 2 sets of enrichment activities for the Downtown Women’s Center, to brighten the lives of women in crisis
  • 4 donations of needed school supplies to Dreams2Acts: Nicaragua
  • 6 months of support for an orphan in Haiti
  • 2 $250 donations to Wounded Warriors
  • Sponsorship of a hearing ear puppy for Hearing Dogs of the UK
  • 2 Donations to LGBT support organizations in Orlando, FL
  • Support for 30 at-risk youth through the Trevor Project
  • 1 donation to Random Acts, llc
  • A goat & family farming package to a needy family through Heifer International
  • Funding of the surgery center costs for 2 reconstructive operations for breast cancer patients

Incredible! You made a real difference in the lives of others. Thank you all for your generosity.

GISHWHES  in August is going to be so much bigger than this event, so we hope you’ll join us!  Don’t miss out - Register today!


Thank you and thanks again for helping us take over Tumblr!

Italy will make supermarkets donate all of their unsold food.

Italy will likely soon pass a law that offers incentives for supermarkets, bars and restaurants to donate their unsold food rather than throwing  it out. Italy’s proposed law is in the same vein as a historic law passed in France in February that made it a crime for supermarkets to throw away food. Abiding by the law comes with some big benefits for Italian markets and restaurants.

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Click here to support Veterinary Bill for Senior Cat by Kiria Alice
PLEASE HELP! EMERGENCY DONATIONS! Mary is a 15-year-old rescue cat. Upon rescuing her, we discovered she had a tumor on her right eye that needs to be medically treated. The treatment will require specialized surgery. Nothing is wrong with Mary other than this tumor. She is not suffering, and t...

The tumor is still small as of right now. Please help us take care of it before it can get any worse. The sooner the better! Please spread the word! Kind donors have already helped support Mary when she injured her leg. Please help us one last time!

[help!!] (´・ω・`) i dont want to get kicked out of my house lol


okay before i start let me just say… this is. INCREDIBLY EMBARRASSING, like… this is really hard haha. but you have to do what you have to do, right?

im alex, im 18 and living w my mentally unstable mom, depressed, very gay, yes yes yes. those are my Poor Credentials ™ . 

heres a pic of me btw just in case you need some uh. proof that im real??

okay so thats ME… yep yep … and now onto the… OTHER STUFF…

basically, my mom is sick right now, as her diverticulitis has been acting up and digging us into a Huge Hole. she hasn’t worked in weeks. i skip meals regularly to try and feed my family, and while ive been thinking of resorting to more unsavoury methods to get medications and pay the rent, orlando is a dangerous place and while i am very depressed, i dont think ending up dead quite yet is productive in the slightest.


my rent is due.

my landlord is a nice guy, but my mom promised that she’d have it today, and we really can’t wait any longer.

i hate to pop in and be like ! hey!!! i really need CASH, COLD HARD CASH, but. thats what i need.

this is ridiculously urgent, and i would never make a post about this unless it was absolutely necessary. it really is. i cant let my family be pushed into a corner any longer. i have a younger brother, as well, he’s 7 and this is us.

(i look dead in that pic)

but im being as painfully honest as i can. i really need help here. i dont want to become homeless again, a saga that you can read about here

homelessness was the absolute worst experience of my life. if i had to go through it again, i think i might break for real this time.

my rent is $750, and my mom is trying to gather things on her end as well. im trying to do as much as i can to help her.


im willing to do anything, honestly. my main things are art and writing, to which i would be willing to either. here are some thumbnails of my work that you cant really see but i dont want to make this post too long

and my writing can be found here

any fic commissions/art comms would be INCREDIBLY helpful, but if you just wanted to even loan money and steal my kidney as collateral? that would be great too. im . really desperate right now, can you tell?

if theres anything else you want in exchange for your help with this, PLEASE, let me know, because im sure that we could work something out.

if you want to help, here is the link

thats to my mom’s Square Cash account, which you can use even without an account of your own.

(and   a ah,h,,, surprisingly, PEOPLE… WANT TO HELP FROM OTHER COUNTRIES??? if thats the case, my paypal is adjlchix@yahoo.com….. thank you  s o so much;;)

if you cant help, PLEASE, please please please signal boost this as much as you can. i really really need this, and fast. thank you so much for putting up with me everyone. i love you guys so much, and once this is settled, ill like. idk. dance? sing? who knows.

thank you