tiny kiri needs dental work badly

i’m trying to raise funds to get my cat Kiri to the vet for dental work, to prevent him from having the same kidney complications that made us have to put Jasper to sleep

so if anyone is feeling generous, that would be amazing

here is a photo of Kiri:

he is 15 and still very spry, the vet says he’s like a 6-year-old except for his teeth. we want to get his teeth fixed so he can continue to be remarkably young and healthy for his age.

some facts about kiri:

  • he follows me into the bathroom to scream at me while i pee
  • he once yowled outside my door for a full five minutes before i opened it, then dropped a red-and-white striped sock and bolted
  • he once stole a steak from a pan on top of a gas stove and got away
  • he loves bread but isn’t allowed to have it
  • he used to nurse on my earlobes until i had to stop him because it was keeping me from sleeping at night due to the purring in my ear
  • he looks like a baby seal if you pull his ears down

i’m trying to raise in the ballpark of $350 for his dental visit; the vet said they wouldn’t know how much it would come to until they figured out whether there would need to be extractions, and which teeth might need extraction. the vet also said that not doing the dental work would probably result in a steep health decline fairly soon because of his age, because dental germs get into the bloodstream and cause kidney issues (among others). please help if you can!

there’s a donate button on my blog, or else my paypal email is

I have a multiple friend in Swansea, who need help, is there anyone in or near Swansea, Wales, UK, who could help them out? They are a disabled DID system and without a carer and currently in danger, if someone could just make them some food or help out in any way, please!

If you are in or near Swansea or know anyone there, please contact me for more details. Any little bit helps!

If you want to give money, their paypal email is:

Please signal boost.

Begging-Help me get out of poverty and finish school

Greetings. I’m a mentally ill LGBT girl that has been kicked out by my Christian parents and I barely make enough to survive on my own. I have no other friends, family or resources where I live. I am trying to complete college so I can get my degree and not have to struggle anymore. I am begging for help, I only have one semester left and need $1,300 total in order to complete school.

If you could please donate anything to my paypal at, I would really appreciate that gesture of kindness from the bottom of my heart. Please share this post and donate if you can, and thank you so much for taking the time to read this and to help me. Blessed be lovelies.

Hello friends I have a problem. A money problem.

I’ve been homeless for a year but I have a home now!!!! but not yet a fridge or oven or hot plate or way to make food. This means I’ve had to subsist on relatively expensive snack foods and fast food, which is a lot more expensive than cooking some rice or pasta. On top of that, I had to pay 30 euros for meds copay this month. 

I’m a mentally ill nb trans person trying to recover from disordered eating problems, and quite apart from that I would like to be able to eat something at the end of the month. A few dollars/ euros would really go a long way!! 

my paypal is (please make sure to get the end right! it’s not .com but .de bc I’m german)

And if you can’t donate, please boost? Thank you so much!!

Thank You!!

Hey guys! This is an update to let everyone know that Bee’s surgery is now fully funded :) I would like to thank everyone who donated but I need to give a special shout out to 3rdwheelawkward for being such a lovely human. Thank you so much to everyone who shared and helped to spread the word. I am so grateful to have such a caring and wonderful online community in my life. 


Title: Color 
Summary: In another world, Liam gets to see color.
Characters: Bill Cipher
Rating: K 

A/N: another fic for @cipherpeaks, in exchange for the charity donation. The request was Bill and Liam interacting as adults, in a scenario where he passed the Inspection and was allowed to live. Thanks again for the donation, I hope you like it!
Based on Flat Dreams.)


When Liam first began working with him at the shop, there were more than a few perplexed - if not downright hostile - glances.

That was to be expected: it was unusual for an Irregular of Liam’s degree to be allowed to live to adulthood, and when it does happen they aren’t usually seen in shops. They usually are given a job as a Government Office clerk of the seventh class, a boring low-paying job, and expected to sleep at the workplace as well. Most families are all right with never seeing them again, the stain gone from their household.

But theirs is not most families, and Bill has better connections than most Triangles do.

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I need help!

My name is Elliott. I’m agender (they/them), and I’m 19 years old. I live in Oregon, and I recently moved in with my best friend, an hour away from my hometown. I love it here, but I lost my job pretty quickly due to the awful commute and mental illness. Losing my job has made essentially every symptom of my mental illnesses much worse. 

I have $277 in bills that I need paid by the fifth. I have no job, and under $4 to my name at the moment. I am very bad with time due to mental illness, so please don’t tell me I should have done something sooner. I know I should have, and I feel terrible. 

$125 is my rent, and $152 is my phone. I know I shouldn’t have such an expensive phone plan, I signed a contract when I had a job, and I can’t do much about it. My roommates are able to give me $75. I still need $50 to pay rent, and $202 to pay it all. My first priority at the moment, of course, is rent. 

I have set up a Paypal donation button on my blog for this purpose. The email for my Paypal account is

If you could please donate even just a few dollars, or at least reblog this, I would greatly appreciate it. If you donate, please feel free to send me a message, I’d like to draw a little something for everyone who does as thanks when I have time.

I’m also planning to set up commissions, so keep an eye out for that in a little bit, or feel free to send me a message to work out a price if you want something.

Let’s try this again

so a few months ago I made this post asking for donations to help me escape my emotionally abusive father and pay for college in a few years. I received 2 donations totaling to $38.00. while I am eternally grateful to those who were able to donate, I’m still in need of more to become financially independent. my PayPal email is ( and anything you can send will help me tremendously. In return, I can provide the following:

  • $2 or more: Sigil for any word or phrase
  • $5 or more: Pendulum reading (yes/no question, amethyst stone)
  • $10 or more: Both of the above OR I can provide you with a spell for a given situation (what herbs or gems to use, what incantation to say etc.)

please, donate what you can, if you can. if you aren’t in a position to donate, please reblog. i don’t deserve to live like this and i can’t stand it much longer.

roxyspearing  asked:

Love your rewrite of season 1! Are you tempted to carry on and do season 2? I know I'd love it ❤

I will be doing season two, but not until July, probably…

I’m going to be raising money for the little princess trust UK for when I cut all my hair (10+inches) off from April to the day I cut it in June, so I’ll be doing a kind of… request-for-donation (so like, donate a certain amount, get a certain length drabble, or an icon or smth) thing on here once I’ve set up everything, so I’ll be focussing on filling those requests for a couple of months, but I’ll definitely get back to the rewrite when I’m back from the Bahamas :)

Series Rewrite: Season One - Masterpost

joufancyhuh  asked:

So you're with the TLC Foundation? I don't exactly understand what that is. I signed up for newsletters over a year ago, possibly three. I don't actually understand how they help people with trich. It's mostly donation requests and I'm not sure what the money goes to. Would you mind telling me how exactly it works over there?

Hi! Thanks so much for your question. Yes, the Millennial Task Force is a group of volunteers that help The TLC Foundation for BFRBs raise BFRB awareness while providing resources to support teens and young adults with BFRBs (like this advice column). The TLC Foundation for BFRBs was founded 26 years ago and is the only US charity for BFRBs – TLC’s mission is to “reduce the stigma surrounding BFRBs and provide resources to those struggling (and their families/support persons).”

You can read about how TLC helps achieve that here:
And here is info on their current research program:

Donations to TLC fund research, awareness campaigns, training therapists in how to treat BFRBs, outreach to teachers and educators, and support for individuals. So, please know that all the money donated to TLC goes to a great cause! I hope this answers your question!