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You’ve read it right! BTS-Trans Projects presents to you our very first raffle! 

All funds raised from the raffle go towards funding for our 2017 WINGS Tour Project. More information on this upcoming project will be announced soon after we finalize the logistics of the project so stay tuned!

To enter the raffle, go to this ➡️ RAFFLE ENTRY FORM

BTS-Trans Projects is also accepting donations! 

If you would like to just donate towards this project then please go to this ➡️ DONATION FORM

Please reblog and spread the word! 

We hope many ARMYs will support and actively participate in the raffle as well as the project itself.

Mary Yeh
Head Administrator
Not Gonna Happen Twice - lady_ragnell - Les Misérables - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Grantaire gets talked into doing the advice column for his college’s newspaper, just when Enjolras starts a campaign for the two of them to finally start being better friends.

Les Mis, E/R, 11k, rated T, modern AU for @slightestcomplication.

Lexa Deserved Better at the dropship. 😏

Donate to the project so we can keep putting up stickers around Vancouver
(Sticker from sabrina303 on redbubble)

Things to do Long-Term
  • Donate. Donate to Planned Parenthood. Donate to the Trevor Project. Donate to the ACLU. Set up monthly donations, if you can. Waves of donations are good, but if you forget about them except for every four years, they’re still not going to have enough money.
  • Support newspapers. Subscribe to a reliable newspaper like the New York Times or the Washington Post, if you can. They need the money. Read BBC. Seriously, get some of your American news from BBC. Check the Guardian and Al Jazeera.
  • Check your facts. Make sure you’re not reading fake news stories. Especially if you want to argue with people, make sure you know what you’re talking about. I know there’s this whole thing about, oh, you shouldn’t need to cite things, but few things will lose you arguments faster than citing false information you read on the internet somewhere. And beyond that, you’re better off knowing the truth.
  • Watch Fox News. Don’t watch it to get your news. Watch it to see what the rhetoric is of the other side.
  • Try to understand the other side. This isn’t saying to empathize them. This isn’t saying to rationalize or forgive what they’re saying. But if you want to be able to fight, you need to understand what you’re fighting against.
  • Don’t dismiss different people as irrational. Most of these debates—other than, to some degree, economics—are moral. Morality isn’t about rationality. Racism isn’t irrational. It’s terrible, but there is a logic to it. It’s a logic we disagree with, but if you dismiss all of as irrational then you doom yourself to failure from the beginning.
  • Check the Southern Poverty Law Center hate map. Know where the hate groups are. Know what the hate groups are. Be aware.
  • Vote every year. Vote in midterm elections. Vote in down-ballot races. Don’t wait for presidential elections to vote.
  • Follow which reporters Trump bans. Follow what restrictions he puts on the press. Don’t let him silently chip away at the First Amendment.
  • Follow what his family is doing. Protest conflicts of interest.
  • Follow politics in Europe. Watch for the rise in right-wing nationalism. Keep track of who he’s friendly with. Keep track of the rhetoric over there. Be aware.
  • Don’t make Trump supporters into martyrs. Don’t start violence against individuals. This isn’t saying don’t fight fire with fire, but if you make them into martyrs then you validate them.
It's not over yet guys
  • Trump hasn't won anything. This thing is far from over. Until December 19th comes and goes, nothing is set in stone which means we still have time to change things, even after then. Now is NOT the time for hostility toward each other and violence and segregation. NOW IS THE TIME TO FIGHT BACK WITH EVERYTHING WE HAVE INSIDE OF US. Donald Trump is not in charge yet. He's not the president. And he's not going to be if we have anything to do with it.
  • So take this time to stand up.
  • ⚫PROTEST!!!
  • ⚫Write into higher officials explaining your displeasure.
  • ⚫Write and push a petition.
  • ⚫Virtually protest by posting on social media.
  • ⚫ Vote blue on every minor election there is.
  • ⚫Basically give him so much objection that our voices become louder than theirs.
  • ⚫DO NOT let him become normalized.
  • This is SO important.
  • And most importantly, support each other in this time of separation.
  • ⚫Donate to Planned Parenthood
  • ⚫Donate to the Trevor Project
  • ⚫Donate to any organization who is going to be negatively affected by this election.
  • ⚫Protest in large groups, not alone. Stay safe.
  • ⚫Sign petitions opposing Trump.
  • ⚫Don't lash out. Don't spread hatred, violence or negativity. We don't need that.
  • ⚫DON'T HIDE. If you are in a minority group, don't hide out of fear. Now is when we need to stand up more than ever.
  • We will not be silenced. Not now.
  • Not ever.

full offense but the 1d fandom is so incredible raising all this money for charity and actively donating blood and starting projects we’re a mess sometimes but when it comes down to it we’re a good mess



Hello, guys! As you know, Jackson’s birthday is coming (March 28) and, to celebrate it, some philippines jackys/ahgases got together and created this incredible project. Their main goal is to help Jackson conquer the world as they show a digital birthday advertisement for his birthday in one of the prime advertising spots in Metro Manila. However, in order to make this happen, donations are necessary, so they’re asking for our help. Please, let’s make this happen. Jackson deserves it! Also, there are packages/gifts involved, how you can see in the second and third picture. For more info and to donate, click here.


(if you can, please, reblog this post or share it with your friends, thank you so much!)


Dear Carats,

We have successfully finished Woozi’s 21st Birthday Project! Our Korean representative has delivered the listed gifts below (refer to pictures above) on 11/22.

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones
2. Clothes (2 hoodies and 1 cap)
3. Personalized/customized blank music sheets
4. Jar filled with messages from international fans

A large thank you to everybody that supported and donated to this project and our hardworking team and admins. Special thanks to our three special sponsors, Utami Chyntya, Vini Gandasuli, and Cindy Rose. We hope for International fans’ continued support with every new project! Do look forward to our next project~!

International Carats

For all my trans and non binary followers (and allies)

if you don’t have the money, have parents that are not supportive, etc. there is this thing called the leelah project where they are raising money and shipping out clothes, bras, binders, make up, stps, etc. to trans, NB, and genderqueer people. They also accept clothing donations, and unused make up or monetary donations. So go support them at

Banner Projects for SWC V in USA

Guys, if you plan on attending either the LA or Dallas stop for the tour please, if you can, donate to the banner project being organized by SHINee USA Fanmeet, SHINee USA Forums, and Shawols International 

Donation of $10 or above are given free gifts as thanks, however a large donation is not necessary. Donations of even just $1 will help immensely. Plus all leftover expenses will be donated to charity.

The banner project has already reached 65% of its first goal of $800 to provide banners for BOTH concerts. But in addition to just the banner project, we are also trying to get a color paper project financed as well! An example of this:

This can only be planned once the first banner project goal is met. So please if you have the finances, take the time to fill out this form or this one, both of which also have more details for each project as well as the information about donation gifts. Even if you yourself cannot donate, please spread this so that other Shawols who do not know about these projects can be informed! 

Let SHINee know that USA fans love them and are just as dedicated as J- and K-shawols!

UPDATE: Since we are now printing off more banners the goal has increased to $1200, we are 59% to this goal as of now! Please keep donating and telling others as well. 

ALSO: gifts ranging from $2+ are eligible for gifts! Just make sure you are clicking the second link for the donation. It doesn’t mater which link you donate to since all the money will be going to these efforts!
[V LIVE] BTS 방탄소년단 #LETS SHARE THE HEART '사랑은 함께할 때 빛나는 것'
Try watching videos on V LIVE!


ARMY we need to collect hearts 100M. Therefore press the “hearts” and share his love with the BTS! If we will gather 100M, the BTS will donate funds to a project aimed at maintaining blood banks and organ donation of stem cells, as well as medical support for patients who require blood donation. ARMY not be lazy, take at least 5 minutes of your time. Period until December 16!

I know you guys are determined to see us as some kind of deceitful clutch of supervillains, but the only thing Aaron, Sheena and I have mixed finances for is to do the Donation Match program for Bloodwise (donate blood and we’ll donate £5, join the Bone Marrow Donor registry and we’ll donate £15), sponsorships for Project Just Hold On, or buying each other alcohol, snacks and theatre tickets.

We even disagree about how likely it is that the donation came from Harry and Louis, so can antis please just hop off our dicks already?


Dear Carats,

We sincerely apologize for the long-overdue recap post! We have successfully finished Joshua’s 22nd Birthday Project! Our Korean representative (alongside our admin) have safely delivered the gifts to Pledis on December 30th, 2016

1. A guitar with Carats’ wishes written on the back.
2. A custom guitar capo.
3. A California Republic sweatshirt.
4. Other clothes.

A large thank you to everybody that supported and donated to this project and our hardworking team and admins. We hope for International fans’ continued support with every new project! Do look forward to our next project~!

International Carats

Hello, fy!scoups here! We’re doing an interest check to see how many people would be interested in donating to our birthday project for S.Coups this year! It would help us a lot if you could leave feedback and fill out this Survey Form, Thanks! (The survey form will close on January 21st)
**This is just an interest check not the donation form. If there isn’t enough interest we will not be able to produce gifts but will still accept donations for his bday**

EXO Chen Revealed To Have Donated Money In Secret

EXO‘s Chen continues to show his heart of gold with his latest series of charitable acts.

Korean media outlets recently reported that Chen had quietly made a donation to a project that helps young adults start their own businesses.

Recently, the Siheung Women’s Resources Development Center launched their Youth Meets Entrepreneurship project, which looks to assist adults between the ages of 18-39 who are interested in starting their own businesses. The project is supported by the Community Chest of Korea, Korea’s only government-sanctioned charity.

It was reported that this project all started because of Chen’s donation. A project representative revealed, “It’s true that a donation was made in Chen’s name. Chen’s mother delivered the donation and told us ‘Our wish is that you use this for the youth of Korea.‘”

My Chenchen is so precious ❤️

Hi everyone! Recently I’ve been working on new types of design projects, and I really want to get into creating enamel pins. Today I launched a Kickstarter to help fund my first pin design! This is a concept of No-face from the movie Spirited Away. If you would like to help donate to my project, or can share, I would truly appreciate it! :) Thank you so much for your time!