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☺ cute & crafty: no-sew hand tied fleece ideas! ☺

If your sorority is looking for fun, a no mess project for a recruitment philanthropy round, sisterhood social, big/little reveal, donation project, or your next chapter retreat ~ it’s hard to beat the easiness of no-sew fleece crafting! With colorful fleece, a pair of scissors and patient knotting, a super cute gift or donation can be yours. Here are some sorority sugar top ideas for fleece goodies… 

The classic hand tied blanket: 

Pretty throw pillow:

Comfy pet bed:

Quick & easy hand tied fleece scarf: 

No-sew fleece cap: 

Fancy fleece decorated flip flops: 

Fleece pom poms for garlands, cat toys, or ponytail bands:

Hand tied dog chews:

Fleece kid’s toys & accessories:

✥ All of these projects are fantastic for family & children’s charities, women’s shelters, hospital related philanthropies, pet rescue centers, animal shelters, senior centers and more! xoxo ;)

[Photos are from Google. If needed, find specific tutorials online.}

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A Point of Understanding

[Kendra gets a kitten for Valentine’s Day from Carter. Rip loves the cat a lot, and so does she. Sara doesn’t take it so well. For the College AU, written for @jedifinnrey‘s birthday!!]

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I demand

Riot grrrl maenads getting into ecstatic states in the pit. Grabbing intruding punk boys by their spiked collars and hurling them to the back of the audience.

Hekate’s hounds protecting protesters marching to commemorate those killed by racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, and classist violence. Their long shadows and yellow eyes scaring away the cops.

Artemis and Poseidon teaming up to protect the activists working against Arctic drilling. Artemis giving strength to the ones suspended from bridges, Poseidon protecting the ones in kayaks.

Athena hanging out in Vienna, helping smooth the Iran talks because diplomacy is way more strategic then war.

Hestia running around a new apartment building for newly sheltered people. Straightening the donated pillows on this couch, double checking the safety hinges on that donated crib.


Hi guys, these are designs I did to raise some funds to help support myself or with my tuition. espeically right now, my laptop isn’t working very good which I need to do art commissions and school. Although selling them on these site, I do not even get half of the fee but it’s all I can do as income at the moment. I am international student which in the us, you are not allowed to get a job. also if you do buy, please take a pic and tag me :) would love to see someone enjoying something I did :)

greymushroom on society6 link here for the mug.

greymushroom on redbubble link here for everything else. I will be adding more designs from other shows as well. 

If you rather to just donate, you can go to my kier’s blog here and click sassy pds sufferer to see the donate link :)

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OT3 prompt: Danny and Laura putting things on top of a sleeping cat form Carmilla to see how many pillows they can balance on her on camera before she kills them

“Switch on the camera, quick!”

“Shhhhh quiet! Don’t wake her up!" 

Carmilla’s whiskers twitched and Laura and Danny couldn’t contain their sniggering.

The red light blinked on, indicating that the camera was recording, and Laura bent down to make sure she was on screen. 

"Okay, so, in case any of you were wondering, this is another installment in the ‘Catmilla’s Catnap Adventures’ series. Last time, we were able to balance a total of 15 books on her stomach before she woke up. We’re thinking it was due to weight. So, to combat that, today, we’re trying -” She backed up and indicated an obscenely large pile of pillows on Laura’s bed, “- pillows, generously donated by the Summer Society.” Danny gave the thumbs up from the background. “Okay, let’s begin.”

It turns out, stacking pillows is much harder than it looks. They’re round and fluffy, and one single breath could send them toppling to one side…or on top of you. But Danny and Laura made an excellent team, and had managed to stack them so high, Danny had to put Laura on her shoulders to continue stacking them. 

That was, until the feather.

Laura, flattening the pillow as much as possible to ensure maximum stacking ability, noticed as a single feather dislodged itself from the pillow. Danny and Laura watched, horrified, as it floated innocently down, down down….right onto Carmilla’s nose. 


Laura’s curse was whispered, as Carmilla took a deep breath, and promptly sneezed a tremendous sneeze, causing the entire pillow tower to come toppling down on top of her, and knocking Danny and Laura onto Laura’s bed. 

They heard a low, furious growl come from beneath the mound of pillows, followed by another gigantic sneeze. 

“Laura! I’m going to kill you!”


You know those really depressing ASPCA commercials where they try to pull enough empathy out of you to adopt a dog by showing how miserable they are in those horrible unnecessary cages and pleading for their lives. That is a ransom letter. They are saying: take some dogs, or were going to kill them.  The cages cost more money than a fence around a yard and section of forest, open air yard and some homemade wooden doghouses with donated used pillows. Their staff, and all the millions they spend on the commercials doesn’t benefit the dogs you cry over while eating a turkey leg that was once a turkeys very special one and only leg it used for walking. The truth is the dogs don’t need cages, they love to be together playing with each other like in the photo above in china where these people are taking care of stray dogs. In our society you must be sheltered by the state or executed. Don’t let nature get the slightest chance to continue. Death must be so much better than the system of nature that created all life and protected it until humans. Don’t even give evolution a chance anymore. capture, try to extract money, and kill.