The Cost of a Dream - Tuition Help
My name is B, and I'm a 29 year-old queer black comic artist and illustrator living and working in Austin, TX. Over the course of the last year, I've been prepping myself to apply for university by starting my drawing blog and immersing myself in my art. The time has come! I've been accepted to SCAD in Georgia, and I've never been so excited to embark on a journey of this magnitude. Though I've been on my scholarship and financial aid grind, I still need 1/3 of my tuition for the first year of school, so I'm calling upon my fans, friends and supporters to help me actualize a dream I've had since I was a kid.

Ayyyyyy yo! 

I know I haven’t posted in a while, and that’s okay because I have been super busy trying to get my ducks in a row. If you’ve been following me around on my personal blog or IRL, you know I’ve been working my ass off to get accepted into art school. Its happened, friends!

I’m going to be packing my bags and moving to Atlanta in the fall to attend Savannah College of Art & Design to pursue a BFA in sequential art. My hope is to hone my skills and continue sharing my experiences as a queer, black non binary person through comics and illustration as well as lend my talents to making animation and youth entertainment that represents and encompasses the black and queer communities. Its going to be a big and bold move, and I’m both terrified and electrified! The time is now and I’m stoking the fires in preparation for this leap. 

Over half of my tuition is covered by academic scholarships and financial aid, however I still have about $11.5k to raise. That’s a huge number and just thinking about it kind of makes me sick to my stomach. Luckily I qualify for tuition installments, and I need to only cover about $4.5k before the beginning of the first quarter in September. That gives me about 2 months to raise the money, and I am confident that I can meet my goal with the help of everyone who has ever supported me, cheered me on, encouraged me and believed in me from the start.

If you are able to donate, please check out my GFM page especially if you like my art because donors who gift at least $25 will get an original illustrated portrait of a person of your choosing as well as other incentives! It might not sound like a big deal, but I believe in my skill and my talents, so hold on to that drawing as it will become a priceless piece! 

If you can’t donate, please please please spread the word. Even if a few folks who can’t contribute monetarily can share my post, I just know that there is someone who is willing and able to help support my cause with a couple dollars. 

Every bit counts, so please reblog, donate, share and encourage others to do the same. This my opportunity to try something different with my life and begin working toward the goals I set for myself as a youth. Though I am getting a later start than some people, I feel the time is right for me to venture forth. I feel as if I am dripping with alchemy! Let’s turn up! 

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Hello everyone I am an inspiring photographer, editor, and designer and I am in the works of starting my own business, Sleepy Moon Productions. I have already launched my site http://sleepymoonproductions.wix.com/amps I just need extra help for my promotional materials (business cards, online editing software, advertisement) as well as additional equipment (tripod, telephoto lense)
I also accept donations through PayPal at sleepymoonproductions@gmail.com

I greatly appreciate all the love and support!

How second-hand clothing donations are creating a dilemma for Kenya 

Resale of charity shop rejects has destroyed local textile industry but a proposed ban on the importation of used garments risks putting thousands out of work

Ed’s note: Everyone I’m hearing from says that this proposed ban is a good thing as it will support the emergence of a local textile industry in the long run. We’ll see what happens with the actual ban. Local textile industries tend to manufacture for more lucrative export markets and foreign brands. What do you think?


Hi, I really need help. If it’s spreading the word or donating, I’d appreciate it. My father died and I have no money at all. He died unexpectedly and very tragically. He was my best friend and now I have nothing. He was everything to me. My support system, my mother & father, my leader, my role model, my world. We were struggling for years together. We never really had much. He didn’t leave me anything. I have no way of paying for his funeral or burial services, even extra cash to eat. I need some type of help because I don’t have any family or friends that can help me. I’m only 18 and I’m all on my own and this has been hell for me. I constantly feel like giving up but I have to remain strong for my dad. I’m going through a lot and I’m not able to grieve properly with all the stress that comes with lack of money. Please, do whatever you can. I appreciate absolutely every bit. The donation link is http://www.gofundme.com/y9hh9npk Thank you so much.

On May 27th, a friend of mine got into a very serious car accident. The driver was going 70+ mph in a 25 mph zone when they lost control of the car, struck the curb, and crashed into a utility pole. The impact was so intense that the pole snapped.

The driver is currently safe at home with a sprained wrist, but my friend wasn’t so lucky. My friend is currently at Yale Hospital in New Haven, CT in a coma. She suffers from many injuries, including a fractured pelvis, broken vertebrae, at least one broken rib, two fractures in her skull which have caused bleeding in her brain and swelling, and they’re currently running more tests.

A couple of her friends have created a GoFundMe page to help the family pay for medical expenses. The cost of keeping her on her lifeline is simply too much for the family, and any donations/getting word out would be greatly appreciated.
The link to the GoFundMe page is here.

hi people, could anyone please signal boost my sister Gabby’s gofundme??? she’s having a really tough time getting by right now, her 2-month old baby Vylet was born with spinabifida, and on top of that has paralyzed vocal cords; the resulting complications are costing them thousands in medical bills. this is unaffordable for my sister. additionally, expenses from daily visitations to the NICU are quickly building up.

due to her paralyzed vocal cords, Vylet is mute and cannot eat or breathe on her own, she relies on a trach for breathing and eats through a feeding tube. she was also recently quarantined for contracting MRSA. Vylet’s future is uncertain, but we’re pretty sure she won’t be coming home anytime soon.

my sister is having a really difficult time getting by as it is and is struggling to feed her family even with her fiance working 2 jobs. she has 2 other children to care for, her and the baby are going through so much hardship right now

if anyone has any money to spare, even just $3 or $5, it would make a huge difference for them. even if you don’t, please signal boost. thank you so much!!

I really hate to do this but idk what else to do. My card information has been stolen and is being used in Maryland. I live nowhere near Maryland. I was able to put a hold on my account, but only after them taking almost $350 from me. I can’t afford food or to pay my bills now. The $45 left I cannot even use as my account is now locked. I called my bank and they said they will help but it usually takes about a month to get everything proceeded and then 90 days for the investigation. I can’t afford to be out $350 at the moment. I am a 20 year old LGBT full time college student and I don’t have a job but I am looking for one. I’m going to keep this short so I don’t bore you but if you could spare even a little bit of money I would be so happy. If you can’t and you could reblog this I would also be happy. Any help will be amazing!
As I can’t use my paypal since it’s connected to a locked account, you can donate to my boyfriends PayPal which is theweeknd@outlook.com
If you would like I can doodle you something or write you something in return. Message me and I’m sure we can work something out of you don’t feel comfortable just donating. I also ask my followers to please reblog this. It would help me out so so much. I hope you have a nice day!


Most of you know I am a trans latino trying to make his dream come true. As of recent I was accepted into Hallmark Institute of Photography, and am in the graduating class of 2016. That’s a huge step for me! My dream is to become a famous photographer, and wake up everyday doing what I love. As well as use my profession to tell stories. Well, Fafsa approved me their maximum.. issue is? My family is so poor that the last loan got denied three times. This means I need to make up $36,200. Now, that’s ALOT. I have no job, my mom has a tube in her throat, and my dad is an abusive, but has tried to help on his good days, but even he got denied for the loan. After i fought him to help me with it.

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My Family Needs Help

My mom is a single mother to five kids who is at her wits ends to trying to support all of us, barely making $11 dollars an hour in an environment where everything is constantly expensive, not only that, but our house is being taken out from under us.
I know many people might not have the money, or the resources to help, but if you could please reblog this, or check out this link to help my family: http://www.gofundme.com/my5reasonstolive
Even just donating one dollar could help my family a lot, my mom has more information on the page, but this would mean so much to my family.

UPDATE: the situation is currently getting worse, my mom is trying to go back to college while trying to make our situation work. Not only that but my mother experiences intense pain from a ball sitting in her spinal plates, but yet she gets up every morning to go to work to get treated like shit by the guy who only pays her $11 dollars. Please donate anything you can, please be generous, we really need this help.
Please Help Me Out

I really really hate doing this type of thing bc it makes me feel like a freeloader, but recently, my mother and i found out that my grandfather (who mind you, lives with us for free, contributes very little with his social security money, and don’t pay no damn bills) has been taking money from my mothers bank account, (he had apparently taken pictures of my mothers debit card and used it to buy useless shit off the internet.) and he has left us with about seventy dollars until my mom gets paid the week after. there’s not much i can do, besides pawning off some stuff but other than that i doubt me pawning off my ipad will be enough. Because of this my mother cannot afford mine and my brothers meds, (i can live without but he needs his very badly) and us paying rent on time is very blurry at the moment.

If you can please donate some money to my paypal Which is located here,and on my sidebar, ill be so thankful for your contribution, and if you do, send me an ask or something of the sort, and ill try and draw u a little something when i get the chance.

Ill also be opening up commissions when i have the time to put money up for my family.

Taylor Swift just gave $15,000 to the firefighter who rescued his own family.

Originally posted by holygraund

When Texas firefighter Aaron Van Riper received a call on Saturday to respond to a car accident, he discovered that the family in the car was his own. His wife and son had been in a crash, and were rushed to the hospital. His son has been released, but his wife is still being treated. Swift found his GoFundMe page — and like she’s wont to do — helped out in a major way.

Help save Ursula Carroll's best friend | Pets & Animals - YouCaring

My beautiful best friend Oscar is in trouble. His liver is failing and I need to get him an ultrasound to find and treat the cause of the failure. Oscar is my best friend friend in the whole world and is the sweetest, friendliest, cuddliest, gentlest cat in the entire world. He’s been by my side through the hardest times in my life and I want to help him through this hard time in his. I live paycheck to paycheck and barely make enough to pay rent so I really can’t afford the testing and treatment Oscar needs to repair his liver. If you could donate anything at all it would mean the world to me, to oscar, to his brother Henrik. And if you can’t donate please share. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Money for grandma and mom

It has been 1 month since my father is gone and with his death, gone the only person who supports our family financially. I study in another city, and it is a struggle to get enough college tution for myself and I am unable to provide financial support to my grandmother (85 years old, unemployed) and my mother (60 years old, retired).

My family only has one small room for rent which is the only way that we can earn money to live by now that my father is gone. Unfortunately, no one has rented the room yet and we now need the money for living expenses for my grandmother and also for my mom.

My grandmother and my mother are both unable to earn any sort of income at the moment and the government provides my entire family $200 per month which is not enough to get by because my grandmother has health problems on top of that.

Please reach out for us. We are in a dire situation and if we don’t have the money soon, then we might actually have a great risk of losing this house. The only house that we have.

I cannot stress enough how much we need your help right now… My family is desperate for every bit of help that we can get and I am afraid that my mother might just develop depression if things keep looking down. I am scared and I don’t know how to do this… So please save us. We need your kindness and generousity. Spread the words, donate what you have… It helps. Every dollar counts…


Please help me and my family. I know that generally, only famous tumblr users get help, but my grandma and my mom are old and I cannot see them live like this anymore. If you cannot donate, please spread the words.

Thank you very, very much.


My friend DeAngelo Mantilla was hit by a car last night and was pronounced brain dead. Jennifer, his mother, has no medical insurance and wants to bury him here in Wisconsin. He and his family recently moved to Las Vegas for a job opportunity. She’s a single mother, he’s only 18. They only have a few days to raise this money. Since this morning they’ve raised a little over $900 since I checked last. Every single penny is greatly appreciated. The money is going towards flying him to Wisconsin, his funeral, and any expenses that go with this. It’s a very tragic thing to happen, and very unexpected. Even if you can’t donate, PLEASE reblog to see if someone else can.


As many of you may know, k-sainty and I have been in a long-standing relationship, and that we would like to be together more often. Problem is, I live in Michigan and she’s in Florida

So, against my own judgement, I am asking for money.

Here’s some background information, if you’re curious: Melissa and I met about a year ago, and our talks were pretty sparse up until about mid-August. I had already fallen head over heels in love with her, and was extremely awkward. We bonded over Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja (thank you 9thgradeninja!) and other cartoons. Before I knew it, we both were furiously blushing girls with school-girl crushes on each other. We began dating Nov. 6th, 2014. Our first visit with each other was December 28th, and I flew her up north for the New Year, and when we kissed at midnight, I knew all I wanted in my new year was her. Unfortunately, our next visit wasn’t until about 5 months later, on May 6th. Lastly, our most recent visit lasted through 2 cons, a 21 hour road trip and 11 days of absolute joy. 

I love my girlfriend. So much. I have so much planned for us in the future, ranging from cons to living together to getting married and adopting children. We both very much would like to cross living together off the list of things to get done. Currently, we are looking at 1 or 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom apartments in the Clearwater/Largo area for possible future attendance at SPCC in Clearwater. Problem is, apartments are costly in the area, because it is close to both Clearwater beach and Tampa.
I do have a minimum wage job right now ($8.15/hr, if all works out on Monday), but my girlfriend is still struggling to find a job. I need all the money I can get as of now, because I’ll have to travel down to Florida to check out the apartments with my girlfriend, and to get all of my things to our future apartment. 

You might be thinking, “Well, why are you moving to Florida then if it costs so much? Why not have her move up to Michigan?”
I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and it is bad. So bad to the point where I had almost been held back a grade from school absences and threats to be taken into the nearby psych hospital (which may I say, is crap.) I have been on intense medicines in the past, and now the only thing my therapist can now offer to me (because too much anti-depressants leads to problems with my birth control pills, which I also need to be on) is getting out of Michigan when winter hits. Moving to Flordia would mean lower dosages of both my anti-depressants and less use of my anxiety meds, which is very important because the drug is extremely addictive if I’m not careful. 
Because of my past experiences, I’d very much like to leave SAD behind and go to an area where I have a lot less problems.

If you are able to donate, I can offer cosplay and wig commissions depending on how much is donated, and I can also offer fanfiction writing of your choice. 

I thank anyone who read through this, and I can’t even find the words to say to someone who is able to donate aside from thank you. Thank you so much.

Donate here



(This is a remake/shortened version of my old post, and if you would like the more in depth story please see here)

This is my cat Charlotte who’s recently turned 8, and awhile ago we found her peeing blood and took her in to realize she has bladder stones. Stones cause a lot of pain and discomfort in cats, and there is a high possibility they will not dissolve and will need to be surgically removed, which is a heavy bill…

$1800 for the surgery, $500 to have her tested for the stones (+her expensive specialized diet food to help the stones)

My family and I really can’t afford the surgery on our as I’m a student and my parents are in a bad financial place where to afford something like this we would have to actually move. I made a gofundme page for Charlotte in hopes people will help her cause! 

If you can PLEASE SHARE this on Facebook and Twitter (and reblogs of course) to get the word out I’d appreciate it a lot! Thank you all so much. You can read the gofundme page for updates on her condition.

(On the donation page set your country to (USA, for this example). When it asks for your province you don’t have to write anything at all unless you’re Canadian, I think it’s just set to province cause of my location (and I cant change the currency on it either.)

Thank you all so much!




So it’s been maybe 3-4 weeks since we found out about her stones now and she’s been eating special food to help try and dissolve the stones (despite being told that it most likely wouldn’t help), and well the vet was wrong and the food seems to be doing great! It seems her stones are dissolving with the food, her mood is better and her bad peeing habits are back to regular. That said, we aren’t gonna go ahead with the surgery at this time. We’re basing this purely off of observation and we haven’t gotten any x-rays to see what the reality of the stones is, but regardless the surgery is still too much money for us to get if she seems to be just fine.

But that doesn’t mean everyone who’s donated money is going to waste! We still have that $500 visitation bill, and all your donations will go towards that (and the expensive food we have to buy for her stones to make sure she stays healthy)! You guys really have helped a lot and I won’t promote this post any more seeing as surgery isn’t necessary at this time, but thanks so much to everyone and you really have helped a lot!!

So I kind of need help.

Currently, I’m in a financial bind. This week, I received an email that stated that I would not be awarded my FAFSA due to an outstanding balance on my college account. Unfortunately, my balance is $900, and the deadline for paying it off is in October. However, I may not be able to pay it off by then, which means my FAFSA will be taken away and I wouldn’t be able to pay for my textbooks or other college supplies needed.

I’ve been trying to find a job since school ended, but it’s been futile because this is a really small town, and job opportunities are extremely slim. I’ve already tried to sell some things but that hasn’t worked out very well.

With that said, I would be forever grateful if you guys could help me out. The goal is set at $1,500, to cover the current bill, and the extra charge I will receive in the Fall that FAFSA does not cover. The minimum goal is at least $1,000. However, if you want, you can donate as little as $5, $10. or $20. Every little bit will help.

My gofundme link is here: http://www.gofundme.com/College-Fee if you want to donate. If you do not wish to donate, it would mean a lot if you could reblog this post so it spreads. :)

Honestly, I feel like I’m running out of options and I have no idea how I’m going to pay this….

CLICK HERE to support Luisa Cristell's Doctors visits
Help Luisa go to a specialist doctor for her eye | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!

Please reblog this to help out my boyfriends mom! She is trying hard to use her own money to  help out one of the many orphans in the many orphanages she helps out or donates to, even though she has a job and such in the united states! the doctor she took the little girl, Luisa, to told her that they couldnt do anything that it was probably just a malformalady, or maybe a tumor, and if they really wanted help to go to another doctor, or specialist. Even if you cant donate a reblog would be cool

Help Riley Move Out and Go to School
My name is Riley James and I'm a transgender asexual male that has recently come out to his parents. For the past three months, my parents have not been accepting of my identity and have not been accepting of my "behavior" (asking people to call me my preferred pronouns and name, wearing men's...

Dear Friends and Followers,

I am begging you for help.  For the past three months since I came out as an asexual trans male, my family and home life has become a too much for me to live with.  My family is not accepting of my gender identity, and are adamant that my asexuality is just me being “immature”.  Adding to this, I have severe anxiety and depression that I’ve had to be treated for for several years.  It is a constant struggle to even leave my room when I know they are waiting outside of my door.  I’ve been forced into “family therapy” in which a therapist wastes my time and money by invalidating my gender identity and trying to convince me that my asexuality is a result of me being, again, “immature” or “maybe you’re doing it wrong” or “maybe you just haven’t met the right person”.  There are many instances that I’ve discussed with personal confidants that have occurred between my mother and I, and many have agreed that what she has been doing has been abusive.  To add to the frustration, my significant other is struggling with some complications he’s having at his job and having trouble finding housing.  And, I’m trying to go to college!

I SERIOUSLY WILL NOT SURVIVE WITHOUT HELP.  Currently I am unemployed, and though I’ve been hunting for a job all summer, I’ve had no luck.  I am still going to continue to look for a job, but if my home situation worsens, I may have to have an escape route before I can even get a job.  I need a home for my significant other and I, and I need assistance paying for my education.  

Honestly, I’m a very proud person, and having to ask for donations really hurts my heart.  I hate feeling like I’m just taking money from people.  But I seriously can’t do this without you guys.  If nothing else, please reblog this link to my YouCaring if you can’t donate.  Every penny helps!

Also, again, as I stated, I hate feeling like I’m just taking money from people, so if you’d like, I’d love to do something for you in return if you ask it of me.  I’m not an artist, I can’t draw or paint for you like a commission, but if you would like, I would love to do any of the following in return for your donation:

1. Write you a poem. You can give me a topic, or a word, or a theme, and I’ll write you a poem based of that topic/word/theme.  

2. Send you a hand-written letter in the mail with positive messages and thank-you’s.  Thought this would be a cute idea because hand-written things, in my opinion, mean a lot more than stuff typed on the computer.

3. Follow your tumblr blog

4. Make you a hand-made bookmark.  I used to be really good at making bookmarks out of index cards.  It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a little something I can put my thanks and love into.

5. Take a picture of something that you really like (i.e, a pretty sunset, a rainstorm, a spooky abandoned building,a dog, a cat, etc.) and dedicate it to you on my photography blog nonsensicalimagery

Please signal boost this even if you can’t donate!  I love you all and hope you have a splendid day!