Back Home from Patrol

The boys come home late from patrolling and they find their ladies asleep.

Leo: He’d walk into his room, not even looking at his bed. He has a routine and he will stick to it. He puts his swords away, and he sees that she’s already prepared his incense for him and all he has to do is light it. She’s also prepared some hot water and his favorite tea leaves for him when he finishes. But he noticed a lump under the covers and realized “Oh she must have been waiting for me all night…I won’t disturb her”. He kisses her cheek and she snuggles deeper into the pillows. He smiles down at her and rubs her shoulder before going to sit in the floor to meditate.

Raph: Raph likes to whittle after missions actually. It gives him something to do with his hands and it calms him down. After outing his sai away he comes into his room and sees that his knives and a square of wood is already set out for him. He looked at his bed and saw his Sweetcheeks sprawled across the mattress with her headphones on, down for the count. She’d be cuddled up to his body pillow (you can’t tell me that Raph doesn’t like body pillows, I’ll fight you) and one leg is thrown over it. He slowly take her headphones off of her and turn her music off and cover her with the blanket he knitted for her. Then he would settle down on the edge and start to whittle away.

Donnie: Straight for the lab! Science never sleeps! But first, Science needs fuel! Still doing some calculations and still keeping an ear out for trouble, Donnie heads to the kitchen for some pop tarts and his favorite mug for some coffee. As he walks in he sees them already on the table with a little note attached to the mug. “I knew you’d come here first, so I went ahead and took out your favorite flavor and your coffee is already brewing in the lab. Make sure to say hi if I’m still awake! <3 XOXO”. Giving that little nerdy giggle he has, he heads to the lab and sees her cuddled up in his round bed, fast asleep with a book on her face. He puts the book away and kisses her forehead before fixing his coffee and settling down for a long night of coding.

Mikey: Baby boy likes to take hot baths after a long night of patrolling! He’s already so excited he can FEEL the steam already! And his Angelcakes said she got him a new bath bomb and he has been dying to try it out. (Mikey loves bath bombs, fight me). He goes into his room to get his towel and his tiny Bluetooth speaker and he sees her asleep in his hammock chair. Beside her he sees that she put the bath bomb next to his towel and speaker and she got him a new shower gel. Bae always got his back when it comes to bath time. He would REALLY like to wake her up but it’s late so he lets her sleep. After he’s done with his bath and puts her in bed with him, all nice smelling and squeaky clean.