I need Shini to just drag Leo’s ass. just fucking drag him hardcore. there is no way she doesn’t look at this cocky teenage boy and think anything other than “ugh.”

basically just imagine Shini and Karai having tea in their super secret lair for Morally Ambiguous Ladies, and Shini going

“That boy was my competition? Really?”

“It was a phase, Shini. A phase.”

“Couldn’t you have at least picked the intelligent one?”

and somewhere, Donnie shudders right down in his soul. he feels he dodged a bullet somehow.


This episode really tore me apart. I don’t think I’ll be able to rewatch it to make proper screen caps for a while. That being said there were a couple of things that very much impressed me. Both on the part of the writers and also how much the turtles have grown..the rest will be under the cut.. ((caution spoilers))

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anonymous asked:

I have to get in on this daddy turtle action! Turtles react to their s/o wanting to name the baby after them indirectly? (Michaelangelo to just Michael, Raphael to Raziel, Leonardo to Leon, and Donatello to Donathan)

Leo: “Babe don’t be silly…” Blushes a bit, and brushes it off, but would secretly consider it. 

Raph: Would probably take it as a joke at first, but then would be all about it. This asshole would be the one to have a Raph Jr., but like, every single one of his kids would be a Jr.  His family would look like a private school troop of trust fund babies with the amount of suffixes he throws around. 

Donnie: Actually honored by their suggestion, but probably would decline. “Donatello and its variants aren’t exactly normal names…Let’s give them a name, that won’t get them beat up on the playground.”

Mikey: Wants to name all of his kids after him in varying degrees. Mikey Jr., Mikayla, Angel, Micheal, Mickey, Jello, Michaelangelo Jr., Michelangelo 2.0, Michelangelo Esquire, etc…

The signs as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle squad
  • Donatello: Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius
  • Leonardo: Libra, Cancer, Virgo
  • Raphael: Scorpio, Aries, Leo
  • Michaelangelo: Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius