donate your hair for someone else

A Bucket List; A Reminder of the Things I'll Never Achieve if I Don't Try; Thoughts in the Order They Come to Me

Be a ballet dancer
Learn the piano
Learn the violin
Learn how to play an instrument you don’t know the name of
Travel the world
Make someone smile for the first time in a long time
Smile for the first time in a long time
Save an animal’s life; size doesn’t matter
Make a blanket
Donate to charity
Find your hero
Be someone’s hero
Find the perfect pair of socks
Find a place where your heart sings
Find something your heart can sing for
Turn a room full of heads
Write a song that makes you or someone else cry
Be an artist
Paint something you’ve been wanting to paint for a while
Paint it on your lover’s back
Fill your house with flowers
Give your favorite song some meaning
Make a baby giggle
Dye your hair the PERFECT color
Make someone believe they’re lovable
Make someone believe they’re loved
Help someone discover their raison d’être
Discover your own
Climb to the top of something really high
Admire the view
If you want to jump, let yourself feel the feeling for only five seconds
Count them out loud as your eyes are closed
Say “this view is beautiful and I need to look at it some more”
Look at it for ten seconds
Repeat as needed
Take a picture of all the flowers you want to pick instead of picking them one time
Develop the pictures the old-fashioned way, in a dark room
Get in touch with someone from high school
Go on a lunch date with a stranger
Buy that “blind date with a book” thing
Learn how to read Braille
Count the stars in the sky
Find shapes in the stars
Name your new constellations after people who’ve changed you (for good or bad)
Make wishes on them; who cares if they’re not shooting stars
Bake a cake
Start a food fight
Appreciate something nobody appreciates
Make a house for the rat in your apartment, complete with furniture
Hug someone and mean it; make sure they mean it too
Let yourself experience happiness