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The First Date (part 2)

Part 1

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 2,757

Warnings: smut, masturbation, multiple orgasms, wing!kink, grace!kink, blowjob, language, fluff

Tagging: @a-strange-world @magpiegirl80 @splendidcas

A/N: Written for @quiddy-writes for donating to my Supernatural Seattle 2017 gift!

He kissed you more urgently, backing you even farther into the room. Your legs hit the side of the bed and you fell backward, a high pitched squeal leaving your throat as gravity pulled you down and your back hit the soft comforter. Castiel held himself up, keeping his lips against yours and smiling through the kisses he gave.


“Okay.” You placed your hands on his chest, forcing him to pull away. He looked down at you, his eyes blown with passion.


“Did I… did I go too far?” He asked, stroking stray hairs out of your face.


You shook your head. “No, no, that was… that was perfect.” You pushed him suddenly, rolling him onto his back and straddling his hips. “But now, it’s going to get better.”

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When Draco is being Draco

Hermione: Uh, how may I help you, Malfoy? This is a kissing booth, not a donation booth.

Draco: *carries a sack of cash and gave it to Hermione* Here, take this. So no one will kiss you and I will kiss you instead. Each penny I gave you must be repaid by a kiss. *gives a light peck on Hermione and left her stunned.*

*Everyone was swooned and teasingly stared at Hermione and Hermione was blushing like a red tomato.*

Hermione: DRACO MALFOY!!!!!!!

YouTuber headcanons


- Zane is that one YouTuber that plays horror games and makes top tens. The Entire time he played finding Bigfoot with Travis, Zane kept running into big foot shrieking “LOVE ME YOU FUCK” at the top of his lungs. Travis is mortified

- Travis is that asshole friend that Pranks everybody for views

- katelyn and Zane did a collab once and now there permanent nickname is ‘smol and tol team’

- kawaii chan is probably a YouTuber similar to akidearest and probably walks around without pants on

- Dante is a music YouTuber and people ship him and Travis really hard

- nobody actually knows that rainbowshipping squad live together

- katelyn does a bunch of charity live streams including the others. Some of these live streams include: cards against humanity with kissing donation goals, nobody realised how raunchy of a team Zane and Dante could be and kawaii chan kept making dad jokes. Dance dance revolution hard mode, Travis nearly broke his leg and kept having to eat mayonnaise because he kept falling over. Christmas stream where they did stupid shenanigans. Uno live stream that was Dantes idea, everyone proceeded to beat Dante with soft fluffy pillows as revenge.

- Travis and Zane play those stupid steam games that are absolutely terrible and rubbish

- The entire rainbow squad have a quote blog run by aphmau for all the stupid Shit they said

- Zane made gene, Aaron, Garroth and Vylad do the cinnamon challenge. He called it “stupid people do this for the views”. Aphmau thinks Zane is bitter

- Katelyns YouTube is for music, but she doesn’t want anybody to know it’s her

- aphmau made Aaron do her makeup for a youtube video

- Lucinda has a makeup beauty channel with Sasha

Valentine’s Day Kiss

inspired by a @ramendobe post

Megamind/Roxanne, pre-movie au

K+ rating

AO3  |  FFN

“Seriously?” Roxanne says.

“It’s for charity!” her boss says, gesturing expansively, a grin edging onto his face.

“Uh, huh,” Roxanne says, unimpressed. “Roxanne Ritchi gives a kiss for charity. Very…cute.”

“Right! It’s a Valentine’s Day thing!”

“Right,” Roxanne says, “so on Valentine’s Day, I kiss whoever donates the most money to the annual Metro City Children’s Home charity drive, do I?”

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Darling, Hold me, Hold me, Hold me, 
And never (never), 
Never (never), 
Never (never), 
Let me go

Have any of you guys read or watched Never Let Me Go? Cause I did and now I have this horrific and amazing idea for a jily war AU where rules of donation thing apply to muggleborns. I just can’t get it out of my head.

Amazing Race au where boyfriends Laurent and Damen are easily the audience’s favorite couple. They got the strength, the strategy, the looks and the most supportive relationship. Laurent calms Damen while Damen motivates Laurent. Damen is all about fair play thus preventing Laurent from being an ass to other contestants. Laurent’s snarky and straightforward comments about the whole game leaves the audience in fits of laughter. They also bicker about the most trivial things like Laurent should tie his hair up and Damen should stop being a huge oaf.

Can’t seem to make it right Part 1

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: The Avengers team

Words: 1466

Warning: swearing

Tag: @vashanatasha

Request: Hii! I just wanna request something. I really like the idea of bucky has a big ass crush on reader and he obviously doesnt know the fuck to do so he always ends up making her angry & messing with her and she loves messing back. Idk theres a lot this kinda imagine but i fucking love your work sooooooo can you can you can you can you? I need some angsty fluffy shit and if you make a series out of this i will donate you my goddamn kidney. KISSES KISSES 💕💕

Note: again, I’m so sorry it took me so long! I hope it’s ok and I hope you like it!

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PART 2   PART 3    PART 4    PART 5     PART 6

Another day at the Avengers complex had just started so did your daily routine. You got up, took a shower and went to the kitchen to have breakfast. The team was on a mission so you had to do it all alone. Once you were done, you went back to your room and took the laptop to finish the assignment for college you had to hand in on Thursday.

No, you were not an Avenger, you weren’t even a SHIELD agents, you just happened to be Clint Barton’s daughter, the oldest one, and since you went to college in Atlanta, your dad pulled some strings so you could stay at the complex and be closer to university. Oddly, Tony had agreed on this and had prepared a room for you. At the beginning it was weird but now you just loved your life there.

Steve Rogers was like a big brother to you. He was always there trying to help you with your assignments or with anything really. He defended you from everyone, even from your own father, but sometimes it was a bit over protective, especially when it came to boys which could be a bit annoying. But you loved him.

Sam Wilson was a pain in the ass. He was always messing with you, annoying you every time he had a chance but, at the end of the day, he just couldn’t see you upset. You were like a little sister for him and he just wanted the best for you. Plus, he used to take you flying to college when you were late. Of course, your dad didn’t like it, actually he used to go insane every time Sam did it but it was the only way to make you get there on time.

Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff were your best friends. They were the ones who trained you every day for a couple of hours, they were the one advising you when it came to fashion or boys. And also they were the ones covering it for you when you went to a party. Most of times they went with you as well, but that was another whole story. You three were like the Powerpuff Girls. An unstoppable trio.

Tony Stark was more like a father than a friend. He could be as protective as your own father and as annoying as Sam. It was an odd combination but you loved him. He was always there to help you and you loved helping him in his lab. He tried to teach you about physics but it had been impossible. Not like you cared, all you wanted was his toys to build stuff even when you didn’t know what you were doing.

You barely saw Thor since he used to be in Asgard and only came down to Earth when there was a truly important mission. But the times you had the chance to be with him, he had been the funniest guy ever, and also polite and eager to know more about this strange world. He always reminded you to a kid in a sweets shop.

And then, there was Bucky Barnes. You didn’t even know how to describe what you two had going on. You knew you liked him, you knew you had a crush on him, you knew he was the hottest guy you had ever seen, but you also knew he was the biggest pain in the ass you ever had to face. He always made you angry and messed with you for no reason, but some other times he was the sweetest man alive.

And they all had been away for two days now. You did well alone. You were good in the kitchen and managed yourself to get to college in time. But it wasn’t the same when they weren’t around. Plus, you spent the days worried about them, wanting to know where they were or if they were ok. You just wanted all of them back.

But finally, at the end of the day, when you were out in the backyard training by yourself, you heard a familiar sound over your head. Looking up, you smiled widely as you saw the quinjet approaching. You forgot about everything and just ran to the hangar where it would land, praying everything turned out alright and everyone was ok.

“(Y/N)!” Your father was the first one coming out of the flying device.

“Dad!” You screamed happily and ran to hug him, he picked you up from the floor and spun you around before kissing your head. “Are you ok? Everyone’s alright?” You asked anxious.

“Yes, darling, we are all fine”, he smiled down at you, happy to see you. You let out a sigh of relief and hugged him again.

When you pulled away everyone was coming out of the quinjet so you went one by one, hugging them, happy they were all safe and sound and home.

“I missed you so much”, you said while you were hugging Steve.

“I missed you too”, he smiled kissing your head over and over again. You had almost forgot how tall he actually was.

“What about me?” You looked to your left to see Bucky with his arms opened, waiting for a hug.

Rolling your eyes, you walked to him and wrapped your arms around his, giving him a tight hug as he did the same to you. These were the moments you lived for, when he wasn’t touching every single one of your nerves and all he did was holding you.

“Well, you’ve been alone for two days. I hope you have the best dinner every prepared for us”, he mumbled in your ear. Narrowing your eyes, you looked at him.

“For your information, I’ve been quite busy myself while you were busy saving the world. So no, soldier, I did not make dinner for all of you”, you replied sarcastic.

“Such a disappointment”, he smirked.

“Fuck you”, you snapped and turned around to go back to your father.

The only ones left in the hangar were Steve and Bucky, both watching you leave with your dad while you told him all about college and all about what you had been doing these last few days.

“Always messing it up, huh?” Steve teased his friend. Bucky sighed and shrugged.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, pal, I used to…have them all”, Bucky sighed. “But when it comes to this one I become such a jerk”

“That’s good” Steve smiled. “That means she’s not like the others”, he added.

“You can bet she’s not. This one drives completely insane”, the soldier mumbled.

“You’re so lost, man”, Steve laughed patting his back and walking to the elevator. Just like everyone else, he was starving and Natasha had said something about ordering pizza.

“And then Wanda tripped over and threw Bucky to a snow hole”, Steve said laughing and making you all laugh.

“So The Winter Soldier was defeated”, you teased looking at Bucky.

“It was an accident”, Wanda chuckled.

They were all telling you how the mission had developed. As always they had accomplished it perfectly but there were always funny stories to tell you. And you loved it.

“And who was the one who crashed against a tree?” Bucky smirked at Steve.

“I was saving your ass!” The Captain complained.

“Language”, you all said at the same time.

“C’mon! It has been ages since that!” Steve whined making you all laugh again.

When you all finished having dinner, you started cleaning up and ordered all of them to go and rest since they were all exhausted. At the beginning they all protested but gave in since you were right: they were exhausted. But Bucky still stayed behind helping you.

“Go to bed, soldier, you need some rest”, you told him.

“I’m ok”, he said piling up the plates while you threw away the napkins.

“Still having troubles to sleep?” You asked as he started washing the dishes.

“Yeah”, he said simply.

You nodded and started drying the dishes while he washed them. You had always felt bad about him and you wished you could help him somehow, but what could you do? Go to his room and sleep with him? That would be too weird. With a sigh you just focused on the dished until you felt water on your face.

“What the fuck!?” You looked at Bucky to find him smirking at you. “Why on hell would you do that?”

“C’mon, it’s just water”, he laughed shaking his head.

“I don’t care!” You exclaimed.

You hated be splashed with water, it made you so nervous and you didn’t know why but it had always been that way.

“Fuck you Barnes”, you snapped and left the kitchen quickly.

hemoluminescent  asked:

I wanna donate Ruben for the kisses thing but since he's a goober and would do any and all of these totally go for your life and use him like the hunky green boy toy he is 👍

Gonna clean this up when I’ve got time, but here you go! I’ve drawn a few of these, I promise I’ll post the rest eventually XD

(Also, if they’re at a park, I swear to lord someone will call the cops on them for eating ice cream way to sexually) #MandoLove

limjaebum  asked:

Post 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 faves 💖💐🌟

omg i’m gonna try and not be generic with my facts so i’ll try and do unique and funny ones! thank u jaime ily :’-)

  1. i can put my foot behind my head (when i stretch of course!)
  2. never been kissed yikes
  3. donated my hair to cancer twice (from butt length to jawline!)
  4. my fave disney princesses are belle, mulan and pocahontas
  5. i can’t ride a bike :-/
  6. major klutz, walking disaster, make a fool out of myself esp in front of cute boys :(
  7. i am plant based—no animal products! (90% of the time i have makeup that is cruelty free but i do have some slips but i’m trying not to wear animal products either)
  8. my nicknames are banana and pinto bean
  9. le printemps est ma saison préférée
  10. i’m published in a book!!!!
Can’t seem to make it right Part 6

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff

Words: 1449

Warning: swearing

Tag: @vashanatasha @supersoldier-wifey @skeletoresinthebasement @blueswallow5 @amazing-fandom-freak @hotstuff-demigods @akm0o @ladyc-thehunter @i-can-be-everything-i-want @sebstan01 @littlebitchyprincess @nennesse @suchwildloveisthis

Request: Hii! I just wanna request something. I really like the idea of bucky has a big ass crush on reader and he obviously doesnt know the fuck to do so he always ends up making her angry & messing with her and she loves messing back. Idk theres a lot this kinda imagine but i fucking love your work sooooooo can you can you can you can you? I need some angsty fluffy shit and if you make a series out of this i will donate you my goddamn kidney. KISSES KISSES 💕💕

Note: so this is the final part! I hope you all liked it and thanks for all the reblogs, likes and comments. I’m actually so proud of this story really!

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PART 1    PART 2     PART 3     PART 4     PART 5

It has been two days since the party. A new week had begun and you still felt like shit. Bucky wouldn’t even look at you and if you tried to talk to him he would just look at you for a few seconds and walk away. If you tried to go into his room, he would lock the door. It was impossible. Steve only told you to give him as much time as he needed, but what if you gave him too much time? You needed to know if he still had feelings for you or if he hated you, which you would deserve.

“I don’t think he hates you”, Natasha said.

“He doesn’t even talk to me, or look at me”, you replied. Wanda, Nat and you were lying on your bed after dinner on Monday night. “Damn, he doesn’t even want to be in the same room as me”, you added covering your face.

“You have to admit you messed it up”, Wanda pointed out. As helpful as always. “You know it’s not easy for him to open up and the moment he did so with you…well…”

“I made out with another guy just in front of his face. Thanks for remembering it”, you sighed. “Wanda, why don’t you just get into his head for a moment?”

“No”, she replied immediately.

That was a favour you had asked her like fifty times now, even when you knew she was completely against it and would never do it. But you were desperate. The only person Bucky talked to was Steve and the Captain wouldn’t give you a hint. Damn him and his fucking loyalty. You hated him.

“This is something you have to fix by yourself, (Y/N)”, Natasha said.

“I know but I don’t know how. He doesn’t even let me apologise”, you commented looking at the ceiling.

“Give him time”, Wanda shrugged.

“What if I give him too much time and he actually forgets about me?” You asked out loud for the first time.

“(Y/N), darling… he’s too much into you but…” Natasha shook her head. “I guess only time will tell.”

“You should let her in”, Steve told Bucky when he came into his best friend’s room.

“I did it and she betrayed me in less than 24h”, Bucky replied, not moving from the window.

With a sigh, Steve took a seat on Bucky’s bed looking at the soldier. He knew he had gone literally through hell and (Y/N) had been the only source of light in his life. And now?

“She’s also devastated, man”, Steve commented looking down at his hands.

“She has someone else to go to”, Bucky replied coldly.

“Bucky, she was drunk! Don’t you remember all the stupid things you did back in the 40s when you were intoxicated?” Steve exclaimed.

“I did not betray anyone!” Bucky said loud turning to look at Steve.

“You weren’t together! Well, you aren’t together. She was still free to do whatever she wanted, like I’ve told you a million times”, Steve said seriously. “Yes, she made a mistake, a big one, she shouldn’t have kissed that guy. But are you really going to let her go because of that? She really is trying to make it up to you but you haven’t even let her say sorry”

“I don’t wanna be torn Steve, I’ve gone through so much pain already”, Bucky sighed sitting next to the Captain.

“I know…” Steve said patting his friend’s back. “But she won’t hurt you. Not anymore. You know her, man… Stop with all that proud and just go and get the girl you love”

“I never said anything about love”, Bucky quickly replied.

“You don’t have to, pal”, Steve smirked as he got up. “I’m going to the city with Nat to buy some groceries, think about it. I’m sure you will do the right thing”, he winked before exiting the room.

There was only one thing that could help you to relax and clear your head when it was a complete mess. And that was jogging while listening to music. So you changed into some leggings and a top, put on your sneakers, took your iPod and went outside to run around the HQ.

You knew you had made a mistake when you kissed Michael, but you never thought you had completely fucked up the biggest opportunity to be happy in your life. And not only that, you had hurt the most amazing and loyal guy you knew. You were such a bitch. Of course he wouldn’t forgive you and of course Steve wouldn’t help you. It would be much better if you just gave up and let him live his own life for once and for all.

So when you saw him standing next to the door of the HQ you took it as your cue to go back inside and allow him enjoy the exterior world. You unplugged your headphones from your ears and turned off the iPod as you walked to the door, always looking down.

“Can we talk?”

You stopped when you heard his voice asking such thing. Was he really finally giving you the chance to say how sorry you were? Was this really happening to you?

“Yes…sure”, you mumbled.

Instead of walking in, Bucky walked to the gardens so you followed him tucking the iPod in your leggings somehow. You didn’t know if you were supposed to say anything or if he wanted to do all the talking so you just walked by his side fiddling with your fingers nervously.

After a few moments you were far enough from the complex to have some privacy so he stopped and turned to look at you. The moment his eyes locked with yours, you felt intimidated by all of him: his height, his blue eyes, his seriousness, his attractive…all of him.

“You know I’m mad, and disappointed and I feel betrayed”, he started saying which made you look down ashamed. “But I also know you’ve been trying to talk to me so… talk”

You looked up, words suddenly stuck on your throat. You had been looking forward apologising to him for the last two days and when you finally got the chance…you were speechless. But when he cleared his throat you shook your head and took a deep breath.

“I really am sorry, Bucky. I know… I know I shouldn’t have kissed Michael. It was a huge mistake and I didn’t mean to hurt you. That’s the last thing I want, I swear”, you said.

“Why you did it?” He asked crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“I was drunk and I got carried out in the moment”, you tried to explain. “I don’t know…music, alcohol, dancing…it was just crazy but the moment I kissed him I knew I was making a huge mistake”, you said.

“So…it wasn’t planned…” Bucky mumbled.

“Planned? I was forced to talk to him by my friend Leslie”, you sighed. “Honestly, I didn’t even feel like going to the party. I just wanted to be bowling with you and Steve”, you admitted.

“Really?” He asked.

“Yes…  But I had promised a thousand times I would go to that party so I had to”, you explained. “I am sorry, Bucks, I really am”, you said gathering all the courage you could and taking a step closer to him. “I like you. So so much. Damn, I like you so much I think I’m falling for you. Hard. And I’m not afraid because I know, somehow, you will be there to catch me”, you said.

He looked down at you seriously but eventually he relaxed and sighed, uncrossing his arms and placing a hand on your cheek, rubbing it with his thumb.

“Do you promise me there is nothing between you and the guy from the party?” He asked.

“I swear. There’s absolutely nothing”, you replied immediately. “Can you forgive me?” You whispered biting your lip.

He smiled a little and rubbed his thumb over your lip, sending shivers down your back as he took a step closer to you.

“I think there’s something I can do about it”, he smiled down at you, making you smile as well.

Biting your lip again, you placed a hand on his chest as he placed both of his hands on your hips. Before you even realised it, you two were kissing, slowly at first but more and more passionate every second.

“If I ever see that Michael…I will kill him”, Bucky mumbled against your lips.

“There’s no need, soldier. I’m only yours”, you mumbled back, pressing your lips together once again as he pressed you against himself even more.

Can’t seem to make it right  Part 2

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: The Avengers team

Words: 1695

Warning: swearing

Tag: @vashanatasha @supersoldier-wifey @skeletoresinthebasement @blueswallow5 @amazing-fandom-freak  @hotstuff-demigods @akm0o @ladyc-thehunter @i-can-be-everything-i-want

Request: Hii! I just wanna request something. I really like the idea of bucky has a big ass crush on reader and he obviously doesnt know the fuck to do so he always ends up making her angry & messing with her and she loves messing back. Idk theres a lot this kinda imagine but i fucking love your work sooooooo can you can you can you can you? I need some angsty fluffy shit and if you make a series out of this i will donate you my goddamn kidney. KISSES KISSES 💕💕


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PART 1   PART 3    PART 4     PART 5     PART 6

It had been some days since the team had come back from their mission. As usually, they didn’t have much to do now. Just one-day-missions but nothing dangerous. Luckily, the world didn’t need salvation every single day. And for you, life was the same. You went to college every day and went back home when it was already dinner time.

That was the only thing you didn’t like of living at the complex: yeah, you were closer to college than you would be if you were living at home with your mother, but you had so many lessons and things to do through the day that you didn’t have the time to go back to the complex to have lunch. But most of days Steve, or Natasha, or Wanda went to have lunch with you. That Friday it was Wanda.

“So… how are things with Bucky?” She asked before taking a bite from her sandwich. Since they were your best friends, both she and Nat knew about your crush on the soldier.

“I don’t know…” you mumbled looking at your salad. “There are times when he is so nice to me, but the next second he is already getting on my nerves”, you sighed.

“I’ve seen that”, she chuckled shaking her head. “It was hilarious when you threw him to the pool the other day”, she added.

“He was been an idiot about my kick-boxing skills, I just proved him I could throw him into the pool in less than five seconds. And I did it”, you shrugged smiling proudly.

“I think he has a thing for you as well”, she told you. “If it wasn’t like that he wouldn’t be so annoying and so sweet at the same time”

“You’ve said that a million times and I still don’t think it’s true”, you sighed.

“Have you ever seen how he looks at you when you’re not looking?” She asked. You looked at her raising an eyebrow. “Ok, if you’re not looking you haven’t see him but c’mon! He looks at you like you’re the brightest start on sky”

“First, he doesn’t look at me like that; and second, I’m going to be late so I’m sorry but I gotta go”, you said getting up and taking all your stuff. “I’ll see you at dinner?” You asked. She nodded getting up as well. “Great, thanks for coming Witch”, you winked at her and hurried to the building where you had your next class.

You only had two lessons left but you decided to stay in the library afterwards to start the new assignment. It was about Virginia Woolf and her book The Waves and since she wasn’t your favourite author it was a tedious work to do.

“I didn’t know this place was so big”, you looked up when you heard that familiar voice and almost choked on your own saliva as you saw Bucky.

“What are you doing here?” You asked looking around as he took a seat in front of you.

“I had to run some errands here in the city and I thought it would be a good idea to come and pick you up”, he shrugged.

“Tony is coming to pick me up”, you commented looking down at your book.

“I already talked to him”, he replied. You looked up narrowing your eyes slightly. “C’mon, I didn’t mess it up with that, right?”

You chuckled a little due to his tone and sighed shaking your head. But it was still too soon to leave.

“But I still want to be here for another hour at least”, you said.

“Ok, I’ll grab a book and wait”, he said getting up.

You raised an eyebrow as you watched him disappearing between the aisles. Chuckling, you shook your head and paid attention to your assignment once again. Some minutes later he came back with a history book. It kind of made you laugh when you saw it was about the Second World War.

“This is all wrong”, he said after thirty minutes. “The troops didn’t just retired¸ they got scared when they saw us with Steve”

“Go ahead and rewrite it”, you teased him.

“Steve and I would make a better job than these assholes”, he said making you laugh. “It’s true!” He exclaimed.

“Shhhh!” You shushed him. “I believed you, soldier, but control it. It’s not allowed to speak out loud here”, you whispered.

“Sorry”, he whispered back and then kept on reading but you still could hear him mumbling under his breath which was hilarious.

After an hour you decided you were done for the day. You still had much more research to do but your head was starting to ache and you were hungry and wanted a shower so you closed your books and looked at Bucky.

“We can go”, you said. He looked up and smiled closing the book.

“Are you taking those?” He asked pointing at the books you had in your hand.

“I am”, you smiled. “They’re useful for this thing”, you said.

You two walked out of the library silently. It was quite awkward since it was the first time you two spent so much time together without a single fight. It was a nice change but you couldn’t help wondering if it would last.

“This was nice”, you told him as you walked out of the library.

“Indeed”, he smiled at you. “I can come and pick you up every day if you want me to”, he added. The idea made you blush but you just couldn’t say yes. This was just a moment. Probably in less than 30 seconds some of you would say something and everything would blow up again.

“I’ll think about it”, you chuckled. “How did you come?” You asked looking around the parking lot for any of the cars.

“There”, he pointed at a black motorbike.

“Really?” You asked looking at him.

“Yes”, he smiled at you.

“That’s awesome!” You jogged to the vehicle and rubbed your hand over it. You had always wanted to ride this thing but, again, your over-protective daddy was against it.

Bucky stood next to the motorbike and gave you a helmet from under the seat. You put it on and made sure it was adjusted while he hopped on it, waiting for you. Once you were ready you hopped on it as well and bite your lip placing your hands by his sides.

“You can wrap them around me if you want to”, he suggested. The idea made you blush under the helmet.

“I think I’m ok for now”, you said.

But the moment he ride to the highway you weren’t ok anymore. He wasn’t going over the speed limit but still, it was fast. So slowly, you wrapped your arms around him and rested your head on his back biting your lip. You two had never been so close and it scared you how much you liked it.

And it wasn’t being different for Bucky. The moment he felt your arms around him all he did was smiling widely, he loved the feeling of your arms wrapped around him, and he loved how you draw small circles on his stomach without even knowing what you were doing. He loved the warmth you irradiated. All he wanted to do was kept on driving forever so you never let him go.

But the ride was shorter than what you two wanted and soon he was slowing down as he rode onto the way that led to the complex. When the building appeared you slowly pulled away from him and placed your hands back on his sides, letting him feeling the cold of your absence even when you were just behind him.

“Thanks for the ride”, you said once you hopped down the motorbike and took off your helmet.

“Your hair is a mess”, he chuckled. You rolled your eyes at him and handed him the helmet.

“Always so nice, Barnes”, you said trying to keep your hair in place.

“Sorry”, he smiled at you.

You looked at him and bite your lip before shrugging. It was true. Your hair was a complete mess so you wasn’t going to make a big deal out of his comment. He hopped down of the motorbike as well, looking at you the whole time.

“I think we’re good as friends”, he smiled.

“As long as you get to behave…” you shrugged smiling back at him even when you hated the word friend.

“Me? C’mon, you’re the one who cannot take a single comment about anything”, he laughed rolling his eyes. And there went the mood.

“So now it’s me? You’re the one coming to me for no reason and getting to my nerves!” You exclaimed.

“It’s not my fault that you get mad at absolutely everything I say or do!”

“I don’t get mad! You drive me crazy!”

The way you two were screaming at each other was just too stupid and too loud so without you being aware of it, the whole team was watching you from the door or from the windows.

“I drive you crazy!?” He yelled taking a step towards you. “You drive me crazy!”

“I don’t drive you crazy! You’re just crazy!” You yelled back at him.

“And you’re fucking insane!” He mumbled under his breath.

You two looked at each other breathing deeply, like you wanted to kill each other at that moment, but instead he suddenly grabbed your face and pressed his lips against yours, not allowing you to move as he kissed you. Not like you were fighting back. Instead, you placed your hands on his waist and kissed him back.

When he pulled away you two looked at each for a moment. What were you supposed to do now? Probably it wasn’t the smartest move, but you stepped away and walked to the complex ignoring everyone’s looks on you, except your father’s. You looked at him biting your lip.

“What was that?” He asked crossing his arms.

“I don’t know”, you replied truthfully before you finally walked in the complex and went to your room. You really needed that shower now.

Can’t seem to make it right Part 4

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers

Words: 1212

Warning: none

Tag: @vashanatasha @supersoldier-wifey @skeletoresinthebasement @blueswallow5 @amazing-fandom-freak @hotstuff-demigods @akm0o @ladyc-thehunter @i-can-be-everything-i-want @sebstan01 @littlebitchyprincess @nennesse

Request: Hii! I just wanna request something. I really like the idea of bucky has a big ass crush on reader and he obviously doesnt know the fuck to do so he always ends up making her angry & messing with her and she loves messing back. Idk theres a lot this kinda imagine but i fucking love your work sooooooo can you can you can you can you? I need some angsty fluffy shit and if you make a series out of this i will donate you my goddamn kidney. KISSES KISSES 💕💕

Note: this is not the last part!

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PART 1    PART 2     PART 3     PART 5     PART 6

Next day when you woke up the first thing you did was remembering the taste of Bucky’s lips against yours and smiled. They actually felt so good, so caring, so loving. You wanted to kiss him again. You looked at the time and smiled as you saw it was the time Bucky used to be at the gym. Quickly, you got up and put on some shorts since you used to sleep in just a t-shirt and get out of the room.

You had no idea what you were supposed to tell him or to do, but you would just improvise. Maybe it wasn’t the best plan ever, but it was a plan…sort of. Before going to the gym, you stopped by the kitchen to have some water and then you walked downstairs.

And there he was, just punching the bag. You smiled to yourself and walked in silently, watching him. You had only see him training a couple of times but you had always thought it was hypnotizing, so you stood there, observing his moves until he stopped and you decided it was the moment to let him know about your presence.

“Morning soldier”, you said loud enough. He turned to look at you and you saw how he smiled a little.

“Morning”, he said back. “It’s Saturday, why are you up so early?” He asked walking to the bench where he had a towel and a bottle with water. He took the towel and dried the sweat from his face.

“I couldn’t sleep any more”, you shrugged walking towards him. “Plus, I thought you would be here and I wanted to talk to you”, you added.

“Oh yeah?” He asked casually. “About what?”

“Yesterday?” You replied feeling suddenly shy. He smiled a bit more and took a seat on the bench, signalling you to take a seat next to him, so you did it.

“Yesterday was interesting”, he said looking at the towel and then at you.

“I would say unexpected”, you chuckled blushing a little. “Why did you kiss me?” You asked looking at his lips for a moment.

“I don’t know honestly,” he sighed looking down. “We were fighting, you were too closed… I couldn’t help it”, he whispered before looking at you. “Why did you kiss me back?”

The question made you blush even more and look away from him. Suddenly, the floor of the gym seemed much more interesting to you than those blue eyes you had been dreaming about the whole night.

“I… I may have a little crazy crush on you”, you admitted.

“Do you?” You didn’t even have to look at him to know he was smiling. You nodded and you heard him taking a deep breath. “That’s good to know… at least I’m not the only one”, he mumbled. You looked at him at the same time he looked at you. “There’s a chance I’ve been hiding some kind of feelings for you for quite some time now”

You bite your lip but there was no way to hide your stupid smile. He smiled back at you and moved a bit closer so you thighs were now touching. He took your hand softly which made you look down but he used his other hand to make you lock eyes with him. When your eyes met you smiled even more as he leaned in and you leaned forward.

Just when you were about to kiss, you heard someone walking in the gym so you two pulled away and looked at the door to see Natasha and Steve smirking at you two.

“Go on, don’t be shy” Natasha said. You chuckled a little and looked at Bucky who kissed your forehead softly.

“I’m going to…have breakfast.” You said.

“I’ll be here for a while longer”, he replied as he got up with a big smile.

Avoiding Natasha’s smirk, you left the gym and went to have some quick breakfast and then to your room. As usually, you had assignments to hand in. it was so stressing. Every single weekend was the same: assignments, assignments and assignments. But that night you were going to a party so you had to get as much as you could done in order to have a day off tomorrow during your hangover.

It was hard for you to focus since all you could think about was Bucky and his lips, Bucky and his eyes. You wanted to go and kiss him again, especially now that you knew he felt the same way you did. But you were afraid of pushing him away if you went too fast or something. You were halfway through you assignment when you heard a knock on the door.

“Hey there”, you turned as you recognised Bucky’s voice.

He had already showered after his training session but his hair was still wet and pushed back. He walked in and closed the door after him. With a smile you turned your chair to face him.

“How you doing?” He asked with his hands in his pockets.

“Just doing an assignment”, you shrugged placing your hands under your thighs.

“Nice”, he cleared his throat and looked around before looking at you. “I was thinking…it would be a good idea if you and I got a date? Like dinner? Tonight?”

You bite your lip at the proposal. You really wanted to cancel your plans to the party and accept it but you had promised Leslie over and over again you would go to that party tonight. She would kill you if you backed off now.

“I would love it but…I have plans tonight”, you said.

“Oh…it’s ok. We can go another day”, he shrugged.

“Sorry”, you said quickly since you really felt back for saying no.

“Don’t worry, really”, he walked towards you and offered his hand for you to take it which you did and stood up. “I can wait for you”, he smiled down at you.

You smiled up at him and rubbed his hand with your thumb. He sighed looking down at you, studying your features. Before you both realised it, you two were coming closer to the other. When you two were close enough to feel each other’s breath, he placed a hand on your hair and kissed you slowly, taking your breath away by the sudden intensity of the kiss. Immediately, you wrapped your arms around him and pulled him closer to you, opening your mouth to deepen the kiss. He moaned softly and moved until your thighs met your desk.

He placed his hands on your hips and helped you to sit on the desk. You opened your legs so he could stand between your legs so you wrapped them around him. You felt him squeezing your hips as he devoured your lips, moaning from time to time until you forced yourself to pull away.

“Damn”, he chuckled against your lips.

“Yeah…” You whispered. He looked at you and sighed, forcing himself to take a step back.

“I…gotta go but…see you later?” He said. You nodded smiling.

He leaned in once again and kissed you softly for some seconds before walking to the door. Just before he closed it, he turned to wink at you.

“Damn you Barnes”, you chuckled to yourself.

[ectoplasmorgasmic and egobanged i seriously cannot get this post out of my mind]

Ross is really starting to think Arin and Danny are screwing with him.

First it was just those incredibly, incredibly long hugs that were really more like cuddling on the grump couch than anything else (“It’s cold,” Danny had said, “I’m not gay,” and, well, sure, but there are in fact things like blankets and jackets in existence, or even just turning the heat up, and Ross is pretty sure body warmth proximity doesn’t have to involve sitting in somebody’s lap).

Which, fine, alright. But then there’d been that kiss he’d walked in on a few weeks ago (“Fan service,” Arin had explained casually, which was a thing, but Ross is almost positive that the donation goal promise was a kiss on the cheek, and also they weren’t filming it? Or taking a picture? Or…documenting it in any way? “Fan service,” Danny had agreed. “Not gay.”).

Whatever. Arin and Danny are weird–Ross has known this for a long time. Something that seems normal to them usually gets them alarmed looks in public. So, alright, he’ll buy the excuses. 

But this?

Fuck this.

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