donate today!

i opened the last package of starbursts today and they were both pink i think the universe is trying to tell me that things will get better

Planned Parenthood is under attack by the GOP. They spout off about abortion, abortion, abortion! But abortion is only about 3% of the medical work that Planned Parenthood does! Most of their work is cancer screenings and other preventive care.

If you can afford to donate do it today! If not use your voice to spread the word. There will be a lot of calls to action the next 4 years, let the first call be to keep our sisters and brothers healthy to fight this fight!

Future Billionaire in the Works!

Billy Broadview here, still alive and all that!

I think I finally have it. The best idea yet. I know I say that a lot, but statistically one of these schemes HAS to be the one, and what happens if that ends up being the plan where I don’t open by saying I’ve figured it all out? It’ll all look like an accident, and I won’t be seen as the true visionary I am.

Oh yeah, right, plan. I’m going to start a crowd funding campaign, with the express goal of using it to develop a better crowd funding campaign. It’s like dividing by zero but smarter.

“Donate today to help me come up with a better funding campaign!”

And then with the financial backing from the first campaign, I can do the research and market analysis to come up with a second campaign that is built from the grown up to literally only be hype without actually delivering anything promised! (I can it the ‘No Man’s Sky’ effect) 

Thankful for this guy. Thankful for compassionate friends who listen and are patient with me, and love me unconditionally. Thankful for friends who let me in and allow me to give the same back. Thankful for the land we share. Thankful for the many roads I can walk down and feel safe on. Thankful for the clean water we have access to.
I’ll be donating to #nodapl today.

Tohoku Earthquake and Disaster Donation

Today in many places it’s March 11th, On March 11th a tsunami and earthquake struck the Tohoku region of Japan resulting in the death of many people, displacement of families, the loss of homes and many more events that these people had to suffer through.

If you go on to now and type in 3.11 into the search bar, 10 yen (roughly 10 cents in USD) will be donated to help the survivors of the 3.11 disaster.

Wanted to share with you all– the money went through to the Bad Influence Press bank account, so I got to make our first donation to the ACLU today! FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS, which is unbelievable. Thank you again to all of you who bought a book, whether hardcover or PDF: you made this possible!!

To those of you who bought hardcovers: I will start packing them this coming weekend, and hope to have them shipped out by the end of next week!


Thank you to my supporters, my communities. Thank you to the strangers that send kind messages or silently follow and root for me. I’m rooting for you too. This holiday feels different, as the things that I’ve always been thankful for feel like they could slip away at any second. There is much darkness in this world but we can be the light, and seek the light.

Please consider donating to Standing Rock today. Please extend kindness to those who need it ❤️

New Jersey Gothic

“1-877-KARS4KIDS” The radio blares. It’s midnight, rain pounds against your windshield. “K-A-R-S KARS FOR KIDS” You try to turn down the radio but the volume won’t budge. “1-877-KARS4KIDS, DONATE YOUR CAR TODAY” The little boy’s voice turns to an eldritch screech. Suddenly, your car is gone. In the distance, you hear a faint echo. “1-877-KARS4KIDS”

We have our first donor!

Thank you so much to @cantexplainthislove - not only has your blood donation saved up to three lives, but we’re also making a donation of £5 to Bloodwise on your behalf!

We still have 133 donation match places available, so everyone please get involved! If you are eligible and willing, go and donate blood today! The donation matching isn’t restricted to the fandom, so if you can, convince friends our family to go with you to donate, and we’ll happily donate on their behalf too! Don’t forget to send me through a picture of your post-donation bandages, so we can celebrate your kindness!


July Update for my Clexacon trip: 

So far my plane ticket from the Philippines to Vegas and back are covered. So is the visa fee. 

But I’m only at 45% of my entire goal. And it’s not gonna be easy because well, obviously, it’s Vegas. 

I really hate  taking without giving anything in return either,


Here’s the reward for those who will be donating this month. An 8inx11in 300dpi digital copy of this art.

At the end of the month I will be choosing 3 random people (who donated from today til the end of July) and they will get a free signed photo print of this art. 

For more info on how to donate check this link out.