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Modern AUs I Want to Happen
  • I need new glasses and you’re the optometrist running my vision tests, but your good looks are really freaking distracting
  • You’re allergic to cats but my cat really likes you my bad
  • I adopted a kid and you help me take care of them all the time since we’re neighbors, but you came over and got so involved in the kid’s life so much they think that we’re both their parents instead of just me
  • I got caught in the rain without an umbrella and an attractive stranger is sharing theirs with me
  • We’re playing Monopoly in the local library and the game just got serious, I think the librarians are about to kick us out
  • I have a crush on my younger sibling’s tutor, but I don’t know how to work myself into the scene without making everything incredibly awkward for me
  • You caught me having a Barbie movie marathon and now I’m trying to keep you from telling anyone about this!
  • My pet ran away, I got fired from my job, it started raining out of nowhere and I fell in the mud, and you’re just a random stranger at my bus stop but I really need someone to talk to
  • Alternatively, I’ve always wanted to tell a stranger my life story and I’m choosing you
  • It’s Spirit Week at school and I’m determined to out spirit you for once
  • We got put in the same group for the senior trip
  • This is a big ass mall and I just got lost, please help me
  • My rival and I are determined for us and our respective partners to be the ultimate power couple, but you and the other person in our rival couple really don’t care
  • You keep coming in to get your laptop fixed but I’m pretty sure your breaking it on purpose but you’re cute so I’ll let it slide
  • You’re my apathetic (onesided) rival at work and this month I’m determined to get Employee of the Month, which you always get without even trying
  • I met you at a convention and you’re cosplaying Person B to my OTP and I’m cosplaying Person A
  • We’re internet friends and we’re meeting up in real life today and I’m super paranoid because what if you’re a deranged killer and– omg you’re perfect
  • You got me addicted to playing Love Live and I’m ruining my life
  • I’m an artist who was at shit creek until I met you, so please be my muse, no, I’m not asking you out
  • I just showed you all the Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life videos and I think I just scarred you for life
  • I just crashed this wedding and one of the guests just asked me to dance and I’m pretty sure that they know I’m not a guest from either the bride or groom(brides, grooms) fml
  • Dude check it out this pair of jeans fits us! Shut up, they aren’t sweatpants they’re jeans
  • I’m donating blood today and I’m afraid of needles
  • We’ve been hooking up for the past few weeks and holy shit it turned out you’re my fifth grader’s teacher oh god this embarrassing!
  • Pack up man; we’re going on a road trip
  • Let’s get tattoos together
  • Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but can you go on the bungee jumping thing with me? Cuz I’m too scared to go by myself
  • I’ve never had a proper conversation with you, but I always see you at this cafe folding paper cranes and I you’re really peaking my interest
  • I’m forcing you to watch my favorite show and you’re more into it than I am now
  • We’re having our first argument as a married couple: do we explore this island, or do we stay in bed all day


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Giving Spell

Originally posted by paginedisperanza

There is a widely held belief in the Craft that what you do comes back to you (Karma). Generosity is something we can never have too much of in the world. Today be generous. Use this spell to increase the spirit of generosity within you, that it may spread outward and inspire others!! Donate something today, such as money, or donate your time to volunteer, or goods to a charity, or just be a good friend to someone. The good you do will come back to you.

Light a purple or white candles and recite the following:

Giving for the good of all,
Start with me, hear my call,
Giving will enrich our lives,
Giving strengthens all our ties.

(source: ember grant)

Last night i dreamed that Scott Cawthon had his own skyscraper HQ and he updated the website on his tv walls to show a hot release of his new game

Microbe minions - a fnaf world style game where various cute but horrible microbes are used to take over people’s online “bodies” and wreck cute havoc on them in a defense tower or tetris style game.

Special guests were a 3D rendered purple guy and 3D rendered Eggs Benedict - MY Eggs design???? there were crowds of cheering and screaming fangirls worshipping the screens and i was sprinting through the street screaming:


Buy I do not know the fate of the Cawthon skyscraper HQ because I woke up fml

Oh and people were complaining fnaf 6 wasnt out yet but it was ok because he made purple guy renders.

I would like to offer my support in planning a future Cawthon skyscraper HQ…..

god i am tired of super old characters that no longer care because ‘theyve seen it all’ and ‘history keeps repeating itself’ and ‘i cant change anything so why bother’. 

kick that shit out the door and give me the immortals who care. give me and ancient dragon that hide as a humanoid and over the course of years tries to steer a group of people away from embedded racism that they inherited from the previous generation. give me the vampires that train as doctors and physicians to gain access to a blood supply (donate today!) but also because cancer fucking sucks and they can devote decades to understanding an eradicating it. give me the sphinx that has lived for millennia and has kept stories and records safe in its lair and that ardently listens to and teaches the adventurers who seek them out. that knows the deadly patterns of history and refuses to sit complacent and watch them repeat.

please just give me creatures as old and ancient as dirt, but that still care with burning ferocity. give me the immortals that care too much to exist passively through the passage of time.

Please Help My Girlfriend

Hey so my girlfriend @jasber has no food at all and really needs some help, I’m very far away from her and I don’t have any of my own money to give her. Her paypal is, she hasn’t eaten a full meal in days and she has low blood pressure so making sure she gets enough sugar and salt is really important for her health. I’m honestly begging you to help her out. Even a little bit helps, please reblog and help my girlfriend eat today.

Happy summer!!!!

I celebrated by walking all 3 of my pups!!!

I start officially training for my marathon in just over a week!

For those who don’t know I’m running the NYC Marathon with Team in Training!

I’m hoping to get 1 donation of 21$ today in celebration of the summer solstice!

Thanks so much😘