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“I voted for President Donald J. Trump. With my hard earned white privilege I donated money to his campaign. And in 2020 I will do it again”


Legit question

What’s the appeal of rp balls? Especially ones where there is just dancing, food and small talk? Is it just to dress up and have small talk and ‘donate’ money to ic causes? What are you able to do there that you cannot do on the side of the street or at a market?

And I don’t say this to delegitimize these things. If you find joy in it, i’m happy for you! I just know I go to these events on @draenic-endurance and lose interest quickly. Maybe it’s just not meant to be my rp thing. But I wanna understand. So what’s the appeal for you guys, especially peeps like @house-reinhardt, @ludlowvineyards and @householt ?

Wanted to find a way to raise money for Lin’s latest prizeo campaign, the Ham4All we keep seeing videos from

100% of sales are getting donated to Lin’s prizeo for Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition. Buy a sticker and show you’re support!

This sticker will be available on my Redbubble until July 29th

hI SCHool is coming for me and im transferring to a Very Expensive School and also i’m too lazy to do commissions so i’m making adoptables instead


  • $33 each
  • no holds
  • i only accept paypal!!
  • do not resell these
  • first come first serve
  • send me an ask if interested!
  1. SOLD
  2. SOLD
  3. SOLD
  4. OPEN
  5. SOLD

if you don’t wanna buy these you can also just donate to my paypal( or reblog this i’d deeply appreciate it <3

thanks for reading have a nice day!!


This should be like our Last donation post EVER if things go right! Please read and rb

my girlfriend and I are two trans and gay people trying to move out of abusive homes. I am disabled and working a job that pays 8.25 an hour that is making my chronic pain worse as well as caus8ng some New issues for me. Tia is working wtna brand new job as TESLA which is going to pay really well and hopefully keep us afloat as my disability information is processing Basically we are right around the corner from being well off.

The issue? Because Tia is so new with her job, she took an extra week to be put into the payroll system, and now our move in date falls just THREE DAYS earlier than her first paycheck. I will be paid $180 this week and she is getting $60 from some work she is doing for her family. The 60 unfortunstely needs to go right into groceries and gas this week so we don’t starge and can get to work. That leaves us with $180 and our rent, which is currently $280. we only need $100 to be on our way to being independant from abusive transphobic homes!

This is the absolute LAST time that we will be needing money from peoples donations. I havent been incredibly successful here but it has kept us able to est the last few months so I am asking that if you are able to PLEASE drop us a few bucks this week! I do art commissions as well



Hi everyone. I’m in a lot of trouble rn. My parents were snooping through my phone and found out that Dani and I are dating. They are Very conservative Catholics so being gay doesn’t fly with them. After hours of screaming, crying, being verbally and nearly physically assaulted, they told me to get the hell out of their house.

I am currently stuck in a halfway home for homeless LGBT youth until I find somewhere else to live. I have a job, thankfully, but I can only work so many hours because of school. I have a friend in Louisiana that I can possibly stay with for a bit until I find something more permanent. Though, I am not sure how promising that is, plus it is very far from campus and I would have to drop out.

I am working with my boss on my hourly pay. It may be going well for me but I am still unsure. I have no other choice other than dropping out and finding a warehouse job.

I need about $500 by the end of the week. I’ve always tried to never ask others for things and tried to survive on my own, but I have to swallow my pride this time because I really don’ t know what else to do. The Tumblr community has been amazing to me and has always been very supportive. Any way that you can help, even if it’ s just a $1 would be greatly appreciated. My PAYPAL is or Again, even if you can give like a dollar or two, that would literally save my life.

Please help ya girl out!

hi i literally have this much left to my name right now. everything else i have is going towards this new apartment. i cant even buy food for myself rn.  i can’t do commissions because i already havet oo many lined up, but please donate to me.  

my paypal is [ ].  im going to have to pay a late fee already since i wont have the money by tomorrow but everything helps.  i need around 350$ + 60$ for the late fee.  anything helps, thank you so much

Help needed: I need money for food, and bills (starving and being homeless)

There’s a high chance and risk that me and my family is going to starve to death, and become homeless..Back in Janurary- February of this year we were almost close to being homeless, but we moved and my mom got a new job and it got better for a while…Until now, our gas has been turned off and looks like our electricity will too. The rent  for the new apartment is too much, and we have no where else to go if we get kicked out. As well as my mom has been focusing on paying for the house, all of her money mostly goes to the bills, my 2 little sisters and i have been surviving on potatoes, and just rice…However it’s running out alreday an d fast…A 2-3 days worth of food and then it’s going to run out…My mom is doing her best to feed us, but she has barely any money to spare for food..I don’t want to starve to death and so doesnt my little sisters,..If you can’t donate money, it would be appreciated if you can reblog this so others who can, can help donate some cash for me and my family..None of it will be spent carelessly….Even a dollar will help..

My paypal: 

If you don’t want to send me free money, i draw, also! For examples of my art go to @karawithagun Sketches are $5 dollars, full drawings are $15!!

There’s plenty of problems and reasons why me and my family need money, but really this is just ? for if you love me? My birthday is a month away and I want to be able to be independent/do some things for myself so my parents won’t always have to pay for me. It’s no emergency situation so don’t! feel the need to go crazy with the reblogs. If you do want to give money however,

And if you don’t feel comfortable with giving without getting anything, I do commissions! I charge $15 per 1k. 

Emergency Commissions Are Open:

Hello everyone ! Sadly, it turns out that I’m three credits behind in getting my associates degree. The main reason why it’s bad, because originally I was suppose to graduate last semester (the Spring session), but my advisor did a miscalculation on my current credits. So, I had no choice but to register an online class for the new semester. But the thing is, I have to pay $751.45….

Thankful, I was able to register an online class before the Fall session started. But it’s gonna be a huge hassle for me to pay this off since I don’t think my Financial-Aid will cover me since I’m only taking one class. Also, to me, $751 is a lot of money and unfourtantly I don’t have that kind of cash……

So, I decided to open my commissions ! Also, any kind assitance would be helpful and I’ll leave my price sheet below if any one would like to commission me.

Times are really tough for me and my family and I’m in dire need of sone help right now….Also, you can inbox me on Tumblr if you would a like a commission or interested in donating. Thank you.


i’m doing commissions!

right now i need to pay for a school trip and buy a microphone for a job later this month and i’d appreciate the help!

for those who can’t see:

lineart: $15 +$1 per extra character

flat color: $20 +$1 per extra character

full color: $30 +$5 per extra character

paintings: $60 +$10 per extra character

i will NOT do nsfw or hateful imagery

please help!

send me an ask, dm, or email me @ if you are interested!

thank you!

I'm so upset and need help

Excuse me while I puke. Some asshat got a hold of my bank information and used it against me when I thought I could trust them. I had to use $600 of my own money to get my account out of the negatives and now I can’t even pay for my car payment…which I originally had the money for.

If anyone could donate to my paypal please while I open a new bank account. I need the help. I am still off work and waiting for my disability case. Anything will help. My one bill is due before July 13th!

@pikaiscool this is for you, if you see it. made this in celebration of my first ever donation and sub on twitch, and for many more to come. Even though it took a while , when you read my donation on stream, it meant soooo much to me. this is how i got to donate for the first time, i havent animated in soo long so forgive me if im a bit rusty. theres  a lot more i wanna say but ill let this speak for me. 

thank you Vero, for everything