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Hey everyone,
I know I’ve shared this before but my boyfriend is in a really shitty situation currently. He got in a car accident and was deemed at fault (because the person who would have made it not his fault drove off) so he has no car and his parents are threatening to revoke his use of their car, so he would be out of a job as well. He’s still trying to sell artwork though so if youre interested PLEASE email or hit up our ask box. He needs as much help as he can get. Spray paint art is what he does best though he has acrylic as well.
Prices: $10 for a small, $60 for a large Shipping: $15 ish but we will tell you an exact so we don’t overcharge you CUSTOM WORK ACCEPTED IN MOST CASES

listen, i’m gonna be honest here, on a flawed and strictly personal level: if the events of the mcu were happening in our world, i would be fucking Terrified of the avengers 

as a civilian in the mcu i wouldn’t have access to a ton of info about Bucky Barnes’ Super Tragic Life Situation? i would just know about the apocalyptic shit that happened in sokovia and i’d be seeing news stories about the avengers just Showing Up in countries they had no right to be in, causing damage, and leaving patting themselves on the back. i get upset hearing about local police misconduct. i wouldn’t be chill in this situation

this straight white 25-30 year old american dude from the 40s marching around the globe with a group of superpowered vigilantes (some ex-military, some enhanced with dangerous superpowers, all heavily armed with nearly unlimited resources) fighting people, possibly without working with local law enforcement or emergency services, without being held responsible by any higher-ups because the secret government organization he was working for turned out to be hydra so he burned that to the ground (making more apocalyptic-looking shit happen in the states) and then decided that he should still get to do that job anywhere he chooses without any systems of accountability or communication with the public in place (short of an eccentric billionaire with a shaky reputation making some statements to the press)

like. would i be on tumblr and twitter and facebook seeing people asking for a donation to their kickstarter to fix their car or their house or pay hospital bills or something because of the events of the avengers, and catws, and aou, and cacw,,,, like would the avengers be paying for that? they’re not working for anyone. they don’t have people they answer to. there’s probably not a complaints department or a number you can call. do i have to personally contact and/or sue tony stark to unfuck my financial situation. how exactly do you handle this? how does this work? who’s paying for damages this would be a mess

and then 117 countries around the world start getting together to say “okay this needs to stop”, so there’s probably some Not Great Press re: the avengers circulating around the world. natasha was a russian spy/assassin and all of her Red Ledger Baggage got dumped onto the internet. + also press re: the Event In Lagos™…and then bucky barnes attacks the people trying to hold the avengers accountable. holy shit. the leader of a nation who was leading the charge re: Avengers & Accountability is murdered by captain america’s best friend. 

i mean, steve knows that bucky is innocent, you and me know that bucky is innocent, but your average citizen probably wouldn’t. then steve goes and physically fights off the people who have been sent to arrest bucky for this–you think those people and the families of those people wouldn’t be publicly not okay with that? there’s a dramatic car chase fight situation involving bucky, steve, sam, And The Son Of The Recently Murdered King of Wakanda, and they’re arrested, and maybe you think the drama is probably over, it’s being dealt with, bUT NO, bucky barnes attacks a bunch of people and escapes and there’s a dramatic helicopter crash and holy shit this is like maybe half of the movie’s plot and things would already be So Tense

like even people who were pro-avengers would probably be like  “holy shit okay but What Is Going On” and this is all Before the fight at the airport in germany and hearing on the news that captain america broke his team of vigilantes out of prison and they are now Hiding Somewhere Among Us…like, we know these people and can empathize with them because we see their stories in a way that prioritizes them and their relationships over the collateral damage but like. this would be such a mess this would be so tense to live through as a civilian and i would be Afraid

Emergency donations

So my girlfriends car keeps breaking down. It’s both of our only way to get around. We have no other vehicles and live in an area where you need to have a car in order to get anything done. We don’t know how much the repair is going to cost (because nowhere is open) but considering that the engine is just completely stopping in the middle of driving, we figure that we should prepare and probably start asking for donations asap, as we do not have any money to get it fixed. Her paypal is

I will update when I know the actual price of the repair. Thanks everyone.

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ohh could you please write something about betty unintentionally playing with that curl of hair that peaks out of juggys beanie while sitting at lunch with the gang... like in place of the arm around shoulder moment in the episode or something similar and the gang being very confused. please if you can. :)

Aww. I love that.

She sighed softly, staring him in the eyes and smiling. He was smiling back at her, not an ounce of confusion or hesitance in his smile.
They hadn’t discussed the kiss they shared in her bedroom last week or the kiss they shared on that rainy night when she found Polly, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Maybe they didn’t know what they were to each other, but they did know what they meant to each other and that was more than enough.

He rested a hand on her knee and leaned back into the couch, shifting closer to her. She turned her attention back to her friends, resting her body slightly against his.

“So yeah, I’m pretty much down for anything, I’ve been to all the hottest clubs in riverdale, it’s time to venture out.” Kevin was practically bouncing with excitement his eyes locked on Veronicas.

She smirked “were totally taking a road trip to New York. Archiekins, would you be willing to donate your car?”

Everyone laughed , thinking about his old junker making it to New York was almost impossible.
Betty felt the low rumble of Jugheads chuckle against her back and she couldn’t help but turn to him.
He looked so tired, his dark blue eyes sleepy and his raven locks messily tucked under his beanie. Her eyes locked onto the gorgeous curl hanging in his eyes, before she knew what she was doing she was running her fingers over the silky dark lock.

He stilled under her touch for a minute, raising a brow he smiled, bringing his own hand to her cheek.
“Everything okay sunshine?”

She nodded “I like this, it’s swirly.” She giggled, twirling it around her finger.

He laughed, deep and low. His fingers went to her wrist and he delicately traced the vein.
“I’m glad you like it.”

Her heart caught in her throat at the featherlike touches he was placing to her skin. Her breathing quickened and her fingers stopped moving in his hair. He seemed to notice her reaction to his touch, and he smiled wrapping his whole hand around her tiny wrist, flexing his fingers.
She closed her eyes for a moment, two could play at this game, her hand moved behind his neck, fingers now playing with the curls touching the back of his neck.
He made an almost sexual noise, so quiet she had to strain to hear him.

Opening her eyes, she gasped when they matched the intensity of his own, Boring into her sparkling green ones with pure adoration.


Snapping out of their personal bubble at the sound of their friends voices, Betty realized she was practically sitting in Jugheads lap. She moved to sit back beside him but he simply gripped her waist tighter.

“Is there something you wanted to tell us?” Veronica questioned raising a brow with her typical cocky smile.

Jughead shrugged his shoulders, flexing his fingers on her waist, granting her instant comfort and ease. “There’s nothing to tell.” He replied.

Archie was shooting a bit of a nasty glare at the couple “you guys seem awfully cozy.”

Jughead leaned back taking Betty with him,
“I’m alright, what about you bets?” He smirked

Giggling behind her hand, she nodded
“Very comfortable.”

Kevin looked shocked but delighted at the same time. “I did not see this coming, but I have to say I totally ship it.”

Veronica nodded “even though, you didn’t inform your bff, I’m all about this pairing.”

Cheryl looked uninterested, texting on her phone “hashtag bughead.”

Betty actually laughed out loud , her eyes turning to the moody boy she was seated on top of “bughead?” She whispered.
Jughead just snorted, rolling his eyes and dropping a kiss to the top of her head
“Could be worse.”

She smiled brightly. He was right

It could be much, much worse.

My family is going to be moving houses at the end of June, and since I’ve started packing away my books, I thought I might as well share some of my books with y’all and give some book recs while I’m at it!

First up is the LGBTQ+ books I own. Unfortunately, I don’t have very many given it’s kinda difficult to find ones with plots that I like. (I contemplated whether or not to include the wtnv novel in this one, but seeing as it’s not centered around Cecil and Carlos, I decided to leave it out for now).

But anyways, here they are:

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz - A coming-of-age story about two young Mexican boys, Aristotle “Ari” Mendoza and Dante Quintana, who are as different as can be, but who somehow manage to forge an unbreakable connection that spans from childhood to adolescence, and beyond. Ari is angry and confused and from a broken family. Dante is gentle, and emotional, and is “crazy about his parents”. Dante knows he’s gay. And Ari has no idea what to make of his relationship with his best friend.

This one is super sweet and isn’t in the picture because it’s with Natsu at the moment. But it’s really thoughtful and adorable, and I just love Ari and Dante to bits and pieces. Definitely a must-read, guys!

Beautiful Music For Ugly Children by Kirstin Cronn-Mills -  About a young trans teen named Gabe who recently came out to his best friend and parents. The book is about him trying to make peace with who he is. Mostly, he does this through his love of music, and his bond with his next door neighbour, an old man who helps him get his first radio show, where he quickly develops a following of fans who fall for his unique taste in music and his quirky personality. 

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell - A Harry Potter-inspired fantasy book with an absolutely fascinating magic system. We follow an orphaned chosen one who’s just trying to get through the his last school year at his magic boarding school, the Watford School of Magicks, while the entire magical community somehow expects him to save them from the villain who’s been stealing their magic. And not to mention having to deal with his archnemesis vampire roommate who has probably been trying to kill him since the moment they met in first year. But after being broken up with by his girlfriend, and invited to his aforementioned archnemesis’ house over Christmas break, needless to say nothing is going as he would have expected. This entire book reads like some kind of strange, drarry roommates au fanfiction, and it’s absolutely GLORIOUS.

every day by David Levithan -  “A” doesn’t have a body of their own. For every single morning of their life, they’ve woken up in a different person’s body, with no friends or family or life to call their own. And it’s all fine. A’s gotten used to it, made peace with their fate. They’ve learned not to get too attached to anyone, learned not to attract too much attention or interfere too much with the life of the body they wake up in. That is, until they somehow find themselves falling in love with the girlfriend of one of the guys whose body they’re borrowing one day. I actually had to consider for a while whether or not to include this book, because a lot of the most important bodies A inhabits throughout this book are male bodies, and the main female lead is straight. But A themself is nonbinary and pan. They identify as whatever gender the body they’re in is, and are attracted to people regardless of their gender. Loved this book to bits and pieces, really bittersweet. It has a sequel called “Another Day” which is focused mainly on the Rhiannon, the female love interest, but I haven’t read that one yet since I’m not terribly interested in her.

Fan Art by Sarah Tregay - This one is….very juvenile. And by that, I mean it’s one of those idyllic, clichéd ya romances that we all like to pretend we don’t like, but that has all the tropes that we just adore in fanfiction and that we inevitably end up finishing in one sitting. It’s about a high schooler named Jamie who’s recently realized he’s head over heels for his (seemingly) straight best friend, Mason. Cue teen drama and angst and mutual pining. A really cute, light read with an adorable little comic near the beginning.

More Than This by Patrick Ness - Seth attempts suicide by trying to drown himself, and is pretty sure he succeeded. He felt his skull bash against the rocks after all. Only…he wakes up, naked, thirsty, starving, and utterly alone. He has absolutely no clue where he is, but the abandoned, crumbling, overgrown streets seem somehow vaguely familiar to him.

A suspenseful, thrilling, heartbreaking post-apocalypse with a gay protag that absolutely definitely has room for a sequel, though I don’t think the author has any plans to write one.

Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg - Rafe Goldberg is openly gay, and has a pretty good life. His parents are super supportive, he’s popular at school and has lots of friends, and no one really cares that he’s gay. But he’s getting tired of always being labelled as “the gay friend”. He just wants to be a “regular guy” and not “the gay guy.” So when he transfers to an all-boys’ boarding school, he decides to become “openly straight” instead. But just when everything was going perfectly for him, it all starts unravelling when he finds himself falling for one of his new friends.

I have mixed feelings about this one. I enjoyed it quite a bit while I was reading it, but the ending left me quite unsatisfied, and after having some time away to think about it, I’m not entirely sure I like the main character very much. He’s kinda really manipulative. Read at your own risk.

Proxy by Alex London - Sydney “Syd” Carton is a proxy. Rescued from the wastelands as an infant, his debt to the city was bought by a huge corporation that sells the lives of orphans like him to various rich and powerful people, who buy them as scapegoats for their own children. Syd’s patron, Knox Brindle, is exactly the rebellious, asshole bad boy that every proxy dreads. When Knox breaks an expensive vase, Syd is beaten. When Knox crashes a car, Syd is forced to donate a dangerous amount of blood to keep him alive. When a girl dies because of Knox’s aforementioned car crash…Syd gets the death penalty. His mad attempt to flee his fate leads to the accidental kidnapping of his patron and has the two of them branded as terrorists, leading to a crazy, cross-country chase that will change their entire world as they know it.

This book. Is literally one of my favourite books in the entire fucking world. Hands down the best dystopia book I’ve ever read. The characters are absolutely fantastic, the character development is fucking amazing (Knox somehow ended up becoming my fav character???), the world is rich and vibrant, and the book is beautiful and thrilling and utterly heartbreaking. If you read just one book from this entire list, let it be this one. It also has a sequel, for those of you interested, though I haven’t read it (and don’t plan on it either), so I can’t really vouch for it.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan - When two boys from completely different social circles and personalities somehow stumble across each other on one mutually crappy night, their shared name brings both their lives careening together in a strange, complicated, and downright frustrating way.

This one….was kinda dark. It was funny, because one of the Will Graysons is an edgy lil emo kid who thinks strictly in lowercase and writes angsty poetry and he’s absolutely adorable. But it also addresses some very real hardships and struggles that both gay and straight teens have to face. 

I miss red turnips, la di da day, yay day, notes in bottles, gullivers spaceship, pete flying across the sky, random items in balloons, drawing blancas face, the flea market day, donating to boondox, gracies car, redds passwords, blathers telling you about the fish/bug/fossil you donated, working for tom nook, mabel and sable telling their life stories, pete/pelly/phyllis love triangle, letters from anon, ‘message of the week’ and 'talking to myself’ posts on the bulletin board…

Please, I need your help.

Im stuck in an abusive house, paying to live with my parents, who I’m not out to, struggling to make ends meet with insurance payments and rent and a loan from my parents.  Im saving up to move out, and anything helps.  If youd like, I can draw you something or write something for you.  If you cant donate or ask for a commission, please reblog.  The more notes, the better.


Commission choice one:

One color, no background, up to two characters, basically lineart with some shading!

Full body - $17

Waist up - $12

Shoulders up - $10

Commission choice two:

Full color and shading, partial or full background, up to two characters

Full body - $20

Waist up - $15

Shoulders up - $12


Things I will draw:

  • Your OCs
  • Self Inserts
  • Official Characters
  • Real People
  • Animals

Things I will not draw:






Every piece of art will be delivered through the customer’s choice of email, Tumblr messaging, Tumblr post, or some other form of electronic delivery.

If you would like to donate what you can instead, my PayPal link is

Every donation of $5 to $12 will get a thank you sketch! If more than $12 is donated it will be considered a commission(unless otherwise stated by the donor) and I will contact you to specify what you would like me to draw you! Just please be sure to tell me your blog URL in the message for payment for both donors and customers.

Thank you so much and if you can’t buy any of my art right now please signal boost this!


My car just broke down and is permanently dead :(

I’m going to have to move back to Tennessee just because it’s so cheap to live there and I’ve got to buy a plane ticket and a uhaul just to move our stuff. The plane ticket is for jay my fiancé because they can’t ride in the car for that long. Then I’m gonna have to stay at my parents house (who hate me) just so I can look for an apartment for us to live in and we’re strapped on cash. Then I have to actually get a car!!

If you can donate, literally anything would help we need all we can get :( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

My PayPal is:

Thank you so much!!

Hi, I want to post this in order to support my friend with some problems he is having right now, and this is what I want y’all to know about him:

His name is Leo and he is 20 years old, he lives in an apartment with some roomates; he works at 2 part time jobs but he has lots of bills to pay right now (i. e., rent, therapy, car insurance, meds, testosterone) and some credit card and medical debt that he’s struggling to make payments on, just as having money for food and gas. 
His car needs work, it needs a front end alignment and at least one axel rod replaced which could cost up to $300 or more. It could break while he’s driving and he could get into an accident so it’s really important for him to get his car fixed. Getting rid of it isn’t an option because he needs it to get to work and trying to find two new jobs would be very stressful on him and he is already dealing with mental health issues.

Donations would be very much appreciated on PayPal (, he keeps his birth name connected to it because it is necessary to so he can have the acc.) Donations will go directly to getting his car fixed unless you specify it for something else like rent, medical bills, therapy, etc. 

You can talk to him here if you need to message him about anything. I’m making this post to offer some boosting, so it’ll be nice if you reblog so other people can donate and reblog as well. 

Thank you very much for reading! Please, share!

Yes- Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 10)

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Part 9

As the release date of Dunkirk was fast approaching, Harry had to fly out to LA for different interviews and other press junkets for the film. Since it was still early enough in your pregnancy, you were able to fly out with him. However, one of your doctor’s appointments fell during the time that you two would be gone, so you arranged for your regular OB/GYN doctor to do the check up and send the results over to your doctor in UK. 

You and Harry were staying at your house in LA, which was another good thing about coming back here, you could pack up some things you’d need back in London. Going through your clothes and other items gave you something to do while Harry was busy and you were able to figure out what clothes you needed to get rid of and donate them. 

You were downstairs cooking some breakfast, while Harry was in the shower. Harry had a few interviews to do that day and it was also the day of your appointment. Now, the appointment wasn’t anything too important. It wasn’t like you were going to be finding out the sex of the baby just yet, but you still wanted Harry to be there. 

Once the eggs were finished, you portioned them out onto a plate and brought the plates over to the table. You poured two glasses of orange juice and grabbed the bowl of mixed fruit just as Harry made his way down the stairs. 

“Is that my movie star boyfriend looking hot this morning?” You smirked. 

He laughed giving you a kiss. “You didn’t have to do all this,” he said. “I could have grabbed some breakfast on the way.” 

“Well, I would have to make myself some breakfast, so I just added a bit more to split with you,” you said. 

“True,” he laughed. “Speaking of, how are you and our little one doing?” 

“Great,” you smiled. “They’re active, that’s for sure.” 

“Aww, are you kicking Mummy?” He said putting his hands on your belly. 

Your belly was definitely growing, but you could still get away with not looking pregnant just yet. 

“And speaking of our little one, do you think you’ll be able to make the appointment this afternoon?” You asked. 

“What time is it?” He asked. 

“It’s at one, but I’ll probably get there around 12:30,” you said. 

“I should be able to,” he said. “We break for lunch around then. I might not be able to stay the entire appointment though.” 

“That’s fine. It shouldn’t take that long really. It’s just a check-up,” you said. 

He nodded and started eating his breakfast. 


Later that afternoon, you put some of the boxes of donated clothes in your car and dropped them off before heading to the doctor’s office. When you pulled into the parking garage of the doctor’s office, it was about 12:45.  You looked around and didn’t see Harry’s car yet, but you knew he would be here soon. 

You locked the car and went inside, where you signed in and waited in the waiting room. The closer it got to one o’clock, the more you wondered if Harry was coming. You knew LA traffic was an issue so he could be already on his way just late. 

By the time they called you back, Harry still hadn’t arrived. You texted him that you were on your wait back to the room and to just ask the front desk to take him back to your room once he got there. The nurse took a urine sample, your weight, (which you closed your eyes for), and your blood pressure before taking you back to the room. 

You waited for both the Doctor and Harry. You made sure to check your phone to see if Harry had sent you a text about him running late. Even if it wasn’t able to come, you would at least think he’d send you a text, but nothing. He hadn’t even read the text you had sent him earlier, yet. 

You sighed putting your phone down by your side when the door opened. It was the Doctor and she examined you and said that everything looked good, but she just wanted to get an ultrasound of the baby and then you would be free to go. 

A few minutes later, the ultrasound technician walked in with the ultrasound machine. You laid back on the table pulling your shirt up so she could put the gel on your belly. She moved the little wand around your belly and took pictures of the baby. She then turned on the sound to register the heartbeat. 

When you heard it, you smiled. Every time you heard the sound of your baby’s heartbeat, you got little butterflies in your stomach. You noticed the technician had been listening to the heartbeat longer than normal and she hadn’t said anything in a few minutes. 

You looked over at her and saw that she was looking at the screen with a concerned face. 

“Is something wrong?” You asked worriedly. 

“I’m not sure,” she said. “Something sounds a little off with the baby’s heartbeat, but I don’t want to worry you until we know for sure something is wrong.” 

“What’s off? What’s wrong?” You asked quickly trying to sit up. 

“Y/N, please, try not to get worked up, I’m going to bring the doctor in here and we’ll get to the bottom of this,” she said. 

As soon as she left the room, you felt tears forming in your eyes. You grabbed your phone and tried calling Harry, but it went straight to voicemail. You sniffled and tried to control your breathing so you wouldn’t get so worked up, especially if it was over nothing. 


The drive home was horrible. You were holding back tears the entire way, so that you could see where you were driving. Harry still hadn’t called or event texted back and you really needed him. 

He promised he would be there and he never showed up. You knew he was busy and doing something important, but he never even let you know he wasn’t coming. And it didn’t help that you received some scary news at the doctor’s. 

As soon as you got home, you closed the door and immediately broke down. You kept calling and calling Harry’s phone, but they all went to voicemail. You sighed throwing it down and go up to your room. You changed into different clothes and climbed into the bed. You were so overwhelmed with everything all you could think of was to sleep. 

By the time you woke up, Harry walked into the bedroom. You got off the bed and went into the bathroom. You washed your face off and fixed your hair before going back out. 

“Y/N… I’m so sorry,” he sighed. “We were running late and ended up working through our lunch.” 

“You promised you were gonna be there,” you said. “And I get that you were busy, but you didn’t even have the decency to let me know you weren’t coming.” 

“I figured you would have realized it after I didn’t show up when you went back,” he said. 

“A simple text would have sufficed,” you mumbled. 

He sighed. “I’m sorry. How did the appointment go?” 

You teared up, shaking your head. Harry immediately knew something was wrong. He practically ran over to you, putting his hands on your shoulders. 

“Y/N, baby, what happened?” He asked quickly. 

“Everything was going fine until the ultrasound. They said something sounded off with the baby’s heartbeat,” you sniffled. 

“W-What?” He whispered. “W-what does that m-mean?” 

“I don’t know! They listed off all these things, but they weren’t sure. They wanted to get with my other doctor and compare the past heartbeats and I’m supposed to come in for more tests,” you sniffled. 

“So, it might not be anything right?” Harry said hopefully. 

“That’s what’s making this so fucking hard!” You cried. “I just want to know if something is wrong with our baby.” 

“And I needed you! I had to deal with this alone and you should have been there! I called you all fucking day and you never answered. I needed you,” you cried dropping down to the floor. 

Harry joined you on the floor and took you into his arms. He laid your head against his chest and ran his hands through your hair. 

“I’m so fucking sorry,” he sniffled. “You’re right, I should have been there.” 

“I don’t know if I can handle it if something is wrong with our baby,” you cried. “I can’t lose our baby.” 

“Shh. Shh, don’t think like that. Our baby is going to be fine,” he whispered kissing your head. “We can’t think negatively yet.” 

“What if it’s my fault? What if it’s something I did?” You cried. 

“You did nothing,” he said firmly. “You’ve done everything right, baby. You’re already the best damn mother to our baby. Please, don’t blame anything that might happen on yourself.” 

“But the baby is growing in my body. I’m supposed to protect them until they’re born… if it’s not my fault then who’s is it,” you sniffled. 

“No one’s,” he sighed. “Sometimes these things just happen.” 

“But they shouldn’t,” you whispered gripping onto his shirt. 

Harry held you close and kissed your head. “I know, but we’re going to do everything we can to make sure our baby is healthy. I don’t care how much money it costs, we’re going to do everything.” 

You sniffled with a nod. 

“Let’s get you some dinner,” he whispered. 

“I’m not hungry,” you whispered. 

“I know it’s hard, but you need to eat, if not for you, for our baby,” he whispered putting his hand on your stomach. 

You sighed nodding and Harry picked you up. “I love you and everything is going to be okay,” he whispered.

You smiled a bit and squeezed his hand before making your way down to the kitchen. Harry sighed as he watched you walk away. He needed to compose himself with what just happened. He knew that he needed to be strong for you, but he didn’t know how long he could be strong before he broke down himself. 


So I wouldn’t be asking if I wasn’t so desperate but I need help. This morning I found a tow notice on my car because I don’t have updated plates because I haven’t been able to afford them and an unexpected bill put me in the negative today. I cannot afford to lose my car so I’m opening donations for anyone willing to help. This would be lifesaving and even a reblog would help to get this out in the open.

PayPal link is down below for anyone who can help thank you :( ❤️

share this please

if anyone wants to send us some money so we can eat, my paypal is, this is the current situation

we get paid on the 31st, i’m doing cam work in the meantime trying to fix our negative balance, we only have about 3 days worth of food left. i haven’t been able to pay my water or rent this month and i’m close to being evicted with no place to go. please share and help out if you want <3

labellefindumonde  asked:

You preach unity, but offer no ways to get people to come together. I address the differences not because I'm using them as an excuse, but because these are very real things that keep people divided. I have no desire to give in. The point of terrorism is to instill terror. To not be afraid is to combat it. To be kind and compassionate is to combat it. I guess I was expecting a more practical, eye-opening response than the one you gave. Sorry for bothering you.

Well I do offer ways to get people to come together, I’m sorry I fell short of your expectations in terms of answering your ask. You should have asked me to specifically mention that.

But since we’re at the topic of practical solutions already, and since you’re very much convinced that I am incapable of offering practical solutions, let me prove you wrong:

[as for the Bangkok Hospital Bombings, there’s no way for anyone to donate as of now, and I would love to help open an avenue for that, however, I am not from Thailand and I do not know anyone in Thailand so if anyone here is from Thailand, please let me know how people can assist the Bangkok Hospital Bombing victims]

Your hopelessness may have made you assume that people who preach unity can’t provide practical solutions (as shown in how you reacted on my answer to your first ask), and that is perfectly understandable. 

But now, I have shared to you (and to readers of this blog) the resources to help the people in need in Marawi, Manchester and Syria - now go and spread these resources to those who are still at loss at how they can help the people in those cities right now. 

The Quarry *Requested* Part 3

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: fluffy/drama

Words: 1,000

The next morning everyone got to work and donated the gas from their cars to the RV. “Ya can come with me.. if ya want.” Daryl said, as you were about to walk into the RV. Daryl had given all of his fuel to Dale and was now left with his bike. “Sure.” You said smirking at him. The group gave you confused looks as you made your way over to the motorcycle and got on behind him, wrapping your arms securely around his waist.

Dale was the first to pull off the side of the road and one by one everyone followed. “I’ve never ridden on a motorcycle before, it makes me feel so naughty.” You whispered, biting Daryl’s earlobe, making him lose control slightly and zig zag. “(Y/N).” Daryl said sternly. He couldn’t help but smirk a little when he heard you giggle behind him. You smiled, resting your cheek against his back and watched the scenery pass by.


The group came across a large pile up on the highway and took it as an opportunity to get more fuel and supplies. You got your backpack out of the RV and walked around to the various vehicles, seeing what you could find. After your eighth car your backpack was almost full, so you decided to check one more. You went over to a big SUV and you were able to find some more water bottles and a few protein bars. Something in the backseat caught your eye and you bit your lip when you saw a box of condoms. These people sure were prepared.“Oh what the hell, why not?” You thought to yourself, with a smile on your face. Images of you and Daryl in bed together flashed through your mind. “Almost done?” Daryl asked from behind you, almost making you drop the box in your hands. “Yea, uh my packs full.” You stuttered, quickly stuffing the box into your bag and turning around to face him. “Why are ya so red in the face?” He asked and his head tilted to the side. “Uh, uhhh, um no reason.”

“Get down!” Rick whispered and you noticed a huge group of walkers shuffling through the cars. Daryl took your hand and you crawled under the closest car. You began to hyperventilate a little, this had never happened to you before. “Shh. It’s gonna be alrigh’, just keep yer eyes on me.” Daryl said softly. The longer you looked into his eyes the less frightened you felt and your breathing was back to normal. You loved this man.

“Sofia!” Carol yelled.


(At Hershel’s Farm)

The first thing you did when you got to the farm was to make sure that Carl was ok. You knocked on the door gently and heard Ricks tired voice say “come in”. “Hey, how’s he doing?” You asked quietly, looking at the sleeping boy. “Hershel.. Hershel needs to go in deeper to.. to get the rest of the fragments out.” He said stumbling over his words, trying not to cry and Lori put her hand on Ricks shoulder. “He’s a strong kid, he’s going to make it.” You stated firmly. He has to make it. You wished the family goodnight at placed a kiss on Carl’s cheek.

Once you had introduced yourself to everyone in the house you went back outside, to help set up camp. Daryl had stayed back to help find Sofia and he insisted that you go to the farm, because you were the closest to Carl, you should be there for him.

After a few hours you finally finished putting up your tent. That took for fucking ever. You sat on your sleeping bag and looked around the tent. “I wonder if Daryl would want to stay in here with me.” You thought to yourself smiling.


You ended up checking out the stables and pet the horses, it was so picturesque here. “(Y/N)? Is that you?” You heard someone ask from behind you. When you turned around you were greeted by the face of your ex boyfriend Marc. “Oh my god! It is you.” He said jogging over to you and hugging you tightly. You awkwardly wrapped your arms around him. You couldn’t believe this was happening. “What are you doing here?” He asked pulling back from you. “That boy.. are you with their group?” He asked agin. “Yeah, they sort of took me in.” You told him. He then explained to you what he was doing at Hershel’s. Marc was there interning for Hershel, learning to become a vet. “I can’t believe it’s really you.” He said hugging you again.

You and Marc talked for a while, but, like usual, it was all about him.  Eventually, you heard the familiar rumble of Daryl’s motorcycle and let out a breath of relief. “Who’s that? The rest of your group?” He asked and you nodded.

“Hey, it’s great to meet you guys.” Marc said shaking everyones hand. He stuck his hand out towards Daryl, but Daryl didn’t shake his hand and Marc just shrugged him off. “It’s so great that (Y/N) here has had you guys to watch after her.” Marc said, putting his hand on the small of your back. “How do ya know her?” Daryl asked out of nowhere, irritated by Marc’s sudden affection towards you. “Oh, I’m her boyfriend.” He answered pulling you closer to his side and your eyes widened. Daryl’s jaw clenched, he grabbed his crossbow and took off towards the woods, before you could even comment on the situation. “Can I talk to you alone?” You asked Marc through gritted teeth.


“So let me get this straight. You’re with that redneck?” Marc questioned you. “Yes! And don’t call him that!” You said scolding him. “Wow, you’ve really lowered your standards.” He said, getting up and storming into the house. How dare he say that?! Daryl is twice the man he will ever be! “What an asshole.” You mumbled to yourself, while you walked to your tent.

I felt like this part was a little rushed, but I still wanted to get something out for you guys. Please let me know if you would be interested in a Part 4! Things are going to get a little more intricate. 

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