On Thursday, March 19, 2015, at 7pm in LAS VEGAS at the Distrct, please come join Les Twins and Cristyle as they host the “In It To Win It” Battle To Beat Cancer Fundraiser for an amazing and brave Les Twins fan, Renee Sheehy.

Suggested donation of $15 can be paid via https://battleforrenee.eventbrite.com/

Battle Competition Details:
- 1 x 1 All Styles Battle
- First Prize $500 & Second Prize $200
- 3 Judge Panel – Larry Bourgeois, Laurent Bourgeois and “Smart Mark” Boston
- DJ – Cristyle!
- MC - M.P. Art 

Someone just donated some money to me and I want to publicly thank them. I’m literally crying like Rin right now. There is no way I can repay you. You literally have no idea how much this truly means to me and my family. *cries* Now my family can eat and it’ll pay for our electricity. *cries* All the money you gave me was more money then what my whole family currently has that isn’t going to bills.


If you want to donate money, it can even be like 5 cents, you can donate here.
If you want to read the updated story click here.


Ok so my partner is fallen into a really bad financial situation.
She has money she needs to pay back for bills and things and she actually cannot afford them.
Like, she’s having to not eat it’s that bad



So the job I have means that I need a computer/laptop, (I write online content for various websites) I also work from home because of my anxiety and social anxiety prevents me doing most social things including working in a shop or anything like that.

What has just happened is that my laptop has just FUCKING EXPLODED! It is beyond repair.

Without the laptop I will lose my job and entire income.
I cannot afford to replace my laptop.

Long story short, I need help. I can’t go to my family and the family I have is small as it is.

I’m asking for you guys to help me and donate money to me. It’s a big as I know. And I hate myself for it but I can’t lose my job because I will lose everything.

My PayPal is laurenmichelabowles@gmail.com

It you can’t help can you please just share this, or even send me a message of encouragement.


Thank you, Lauren xxx

Transwoman needs help with medication

I need to refill my celexa (antidepressant) but I am $6.00 short. If anyone could help out, I would be extremely grateful. My job doesn’t start for another 2 weeks, but I will be out of celexa in a few days. Donation can be sent to gonzalesfantasyart@gmail.com paypal account. If you donate, please reblog and add a note of how much you sent, so people know when its taken care of. If you can’t help, please reblog. I suffer from BPD and I need my medication. Thank you!

I’ve been going to college since the beginning of 2013 and haven’t stopped since. I enrolled in Spring, Fall AND Summer Semester to help speed up the process of finishing my degree. I recently changed my degree and realized I won’t be graduating until -hopefully- Winter 2016. It may not seem like it but that’s soon! I could do another summer semester this year and help speed it up,but the thing is, I am EXHAUSTED and I need time off! I take art classes that has multiple big project due at once and that can get stressful!

Getting to the point: Help me fund my vacation for this summer!

During this vacation I plan to go visit friends out of state, go to all the museums in Chicago, and hopefully even more! I’ve already raised $200 by myself, but that’s not enough! I would like to make at least $500 to cover the plane/train ticket fees and still have some money left over. (Honestly it would be amazing if I got up to $1,000, but I’m not giving hope to that.)

So, you must be asking “How the hell can I help?” It’s easy!

    • I am open for commissions! My starting price is $20 and goes up from there depending on the detail of the picture! If interested send me a message on tumblr or email me at chibitomboy@aim.com
    • I own a shirt shop that features my Black Sunshine Characters! If you decide to go this route I would advise to to buy things before April, because I’ll get the money before my summer actually starts. But if you can’t that’s okay! Still go buy some stuff because I’ll get the money mid vacation time!
    • On this tumblr blog there is a donating button featuring Chibi-Star holding a pikachu piggybank! Any amount would help a lot!

and if you can’t do any of the following above?..

    • Reblog! Share it with your friends! Get the word out! Stuff like that can help a lot!

Any type of help would be amazing! Thank you you for reading and showing support!

So let me tell you about my family. This is not my birth parents nor my boyfriends birth parents. These are people who took us in when our families threw us aside for what we were and who we were with(hes transgender). They took us in a gave us a loving home and just adopted us as their own children.
We have a family business. Its small. Its an electrical company and we had only one truck that we used for all of our jobs. So with that being said its obvious our income and method of transportation is this truck and nothing but this truck and our income in this business that we do with the truck.
Business hasnt been great and we’ve been struggling for a couple months now (having so many bills to pay and trying to keep up payments with the truck) and we prioritized having food and a roof over our heads before paying the truck off.
So two nights ago our truck got repossed. The only car we have. The only thing that brings any kind of income.
We found out that in order to get our truck back we need to have at least $2,500 to give to the dealer and the impound.
Why dont you get other jobs you may ask. Because we are so far into this business that we cannot back out of this now. It is crucial for us to get this truck back and we only have ten days (10) to get that amount of money. But with no work truck that is practically inpossible.
All we ask is for small donations. Anything helps. A penny, a dollar, ten. Anything really. Just anything helps. We would greatly appreciate it and it would just be a miracle for us if we could get this truck back.
Please donate, share, reblog, anything to help my family. The last thing we want to do is lose our home.

Walk MS connects people living with MS and those who care about them.

I just registered to do the Walk MS on May 3rd. If any of you are from PA and would like to join the walk it is in Allentown at 10 AM.

If you would like to join my team or are willing to make a donation please visit the site. Funds go toward MS research and hopefully one day finding a cure!


Alright, so I have a buddy that I’ve been friends with for a while now. We met in high school, and this buddy has been the most generous to let me ride with them to and from college, so when their brothers house burned all the way down on Sunday night (Possibly Monday morning 3/1/15-3/2/15) the best way I could help (Since I’m a bit tight on money) is to boost the site where you can donate a few bucks to help her brother and his family. What happened with the house, and why it burned all the way down is still being investigated, but it could possibly be that it was arson. 

Arson: “the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to property.”

Her brother has a wife, 4 children (Oldest being 4, middle being twins with autism, and the youngest being 2 years old), and around 2-3 dogs. Sadly though, only one dog survived from the fire. Red cross has helped them out thus far, but they have decided to end the help.

The family have a site set up to where they can receive donations, and all that is needed is Name, Email, Country, Zip, and Comment. At the very top is the amount you put in, and there is a check box to be shown as anonymous to all except the organizer.

If you can’t/don’t want to donate then may I please ask that you reblog, so others can see and either donate or do the same.

(Click anywhere that is underlined to go to the website to donate.)

"We all know someone who has been touched by cancer. One out of two men and one in three women in America will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. In Western New York, there will be 31,000 new cancer patients diagnosed each year.

One out of three Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Most of us know someone that has successfully battled cancer. We also know someone who has had their life taken by it.
This year, I will be Goin’ Bald for Bucks to raise funds for critical research and patient care at one of the nation’s top comprehensive cancer centers — Roswell Park Cancer Institute.”

I keep forgetting to post this, I’m not going to forget this time!

So my awesome cousin is doing Bald for Bucks and it’s soooo close to reaching its goal! If anyone can donate anything at all even if its just a dollar that would be amazing!! Also for those who don’t know the money is going to Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

So yeah donate if you can, if not take the time to reblog and share this around as much as possible!

Heyy Guys, as you can probably tell I have super long hair (I think it’s like 85cm??) and I’ve been growing since I was 6. Anyways I’m going to be cutting it off and donating it to a charity that will make wigs for young girls who have alopecia, which is when they are born with out hair. I will also be trying to fundraise some money to go to the leukaemia foundation to go towards research to fight cancer! I would really appreciate it and I’m sure they would too. So please help this cause and donate to


Thank you so much everyone! Please help spread the word Xxxx


Hey guys! I hate to have to do this, but I need your help.

I found out today that my cat is needing to have 4 of his teeth pulled, and a potentially cancerous abcess removed from under them. Unfortunately, the vet bill is going to run me and my mom at least $1000, and neither of us are in a position to be able to afford it, so we may end up having to put him down.

He’s currently on antibiotics, but he is in a lot of pain, so I know that if we can’t pay the dental bill, putting him down is something that we will need to do. He’s still got a long life ahead of him, and the last thing I want to do is have to cut it short due to expensive dental work. I love him very, very much, he has been an amazing friend to me and my younger sisters and helped me through many hard times.

I’ve seen people have a lot of success with these fundraisers, so I sincerely hope that Boogie receives some feedback and we can get him back to his healthy self. Even if you can’t donate, reblogs and shares are greatly appreciated. You can reach his gofundme page here! Thank you so much for taking the time to read! 


Please help me (and my dog) move out of an abusive home

Donate here

Hi there, my name is Sasha and I’d appreciate it if you’d take a moment to read this, if not, tl;dr at the bottom.

I’m a 19 year old girl living with severe anxiety, depression, my pup, and an abusive father. 

For years, his abuse and attitude towards me has been grating down on me, which has not only worsened my depression and anxiety, but has led me to have frequent suicidal thoughts, caused me to self-harm, and caused me to develop multiple eating disorders. He always puts me second to his girlfriend. He leaves me alone at home with no food in the house, and the times he does buy food for me, it’s cheap and unhealthy, even though I’ve told him multiple times I’m not comfortable with eating the junk he buys for me. I’ve had to endure him screaming at me (sometimes in public) while I hid my face and sobbed in front of him. He’s done this to me on multiple vacations, too, and has led me to believe that I ruin everything; that I am a burden. Coupling this with my nonexistent self-esteem and my depression often leads me feeling dreadful and hateful. He makes me want to kill myself.

He doesn’t understand how depression or anxiety work at all. He yells at me when I cry, he tells me he gets pissed off when I start tearing up. He yells at me for being sad or visibly upset. He yells at me for feeding my dog in the house, he yells at me when he gets home and she’s in my room (even though I keep her with me to help with my anxiety and loneliness). He calls me lazy and dirty and tells me he doesn’t care for what I want. He tells me to “get over myself” and to “stop being so sad all the time; you have nothing to be sad about”. He thinks my mental illness is an “excuse”. He says all of this even though he knows I have diagnosed depression. He knows I’ve spent time in a mental hospital, he knows I’ve attempted suicide. I get tense and extremely scared when he gets home or when he comes in my room. He abuses me because he’s sick of my depression and anxiety. He tries to guilt me to do things and he tries to emotionally manipulate me. I’ve had nightmares of him beating me.

His abuse and neglect also applies to animals Because of him, my two dogs passed away in the summer of last year. I will keep out the details, but it broke my heart to experience two animal deaths within mere months of each other, and it hurt even more knowing I could have saved them if not for my father’s neglect.

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After A Simple Haircut, Homeless Remind Us Why Judging Others Is Just Plain Wrong

Sometimes, it’s all too easy to judge people based on their appearances.Tyler Bridges knows this, and he used it as a springboard for “What’s The Difference,” a video he helped publish last month with the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles.

Assisted by hairstylist Tim Doma, Bridges and a crew of filmmakers offered haircuts to men who could use a little trim — and proved there isn’t much that separates the homeless from everyone else.

See more moving homeless haircut transformations here.