James Harden and the Houston Rockets tied an NBA record with 23 three-points in a blowout win over the Warriors. At the end of three quarters, the Rockets were 18-27 from long-range, but shot “only” 5-13 the rest of the way. For the game, they were 57% on three-pointers, but only 45% on twos - they made as many three-point shots as two-point shots. Jeremy Lin made five, James Harden and Chandler Parsons each hit four, and even Donatas Motiejunas made one, the fourth of his career.

The hero for Golden State, if a 140-109 loss can have a hero, was Draymond Green. When Patrick Beverley tried to put up the record-setting three with 35 seconds left, Green knocked him down, earning an ejection, but also the respect of his peers. On a night where most of the Warriors didn’t show up at all, Green showed some real pride. The White Chris Webber should offer to pay his fine.

(AP Photo/Dave Einsel)


“Because we spend so much time together, we end up becoming like a brotherhood, like a family. You’re going into opposing arenas to play basketball every night. You really have to have a strong bond, a strong friendship with your teammates to be able to do that successfully.”

Its just too funny

I know a lot of ppl have already made it, but its just too hilarious not to make one myself

Looks like all the ppl on the bench is daydreaming cuz not one really react to the ball, even after Jeremy got hit..

Except for Dmo who has the ball frying right in front of him

Omer just widen his eyes without even moving any part of his body.. LOL


and of cuz CP would go over to give him a fist pump