A Short Thank-You Note to Trump
So the photo below is me right after I took the oath of citizenship, which happened yesterday, a Tuesday, which meant we had to leave our baby with the sitter. The baby's an American. So is my wife. So, for that matter, is pretty much my whole immediate family. I was the hold out.

Well, this gives me hope.

So thank you, Donald J. Trump. You’re what it took for me and for (I’m guessing) thousands of others like me to take the not-insignificant leap from permanent resident to citizen.

In the elevator to the courthouse, a man saw a bunch of us in the elevator clutching our appointment letters. He said, “Trump, huh?”

We all nodded.

He said, “You’re going to vote? You got to vote.”

All of us nodded – all of us, an elevator stuffed with nervous soon-to-be-citizens all worried we forgot some important document (the green card? the letter? were we supposed to bring our old passports?). But yes, we all said we were going to vote.

Against you.

Can we just appreciate the cruel irony that in the year that was supposed to be “the year of the outsider” the two major political parties have nominated Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump - two of the biggest insiders to ever run for president. It’ll be a contest to see who has the biggest ego and the winner will be the one who can pretend they don’t actually love the other and haven’t been close friends with the other for years.