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Party of None!

Story code: D 2002-076
Origin: Denmark
Writing: Michael T. Gilbert
Pencils: Vicar

An awesome person on Discord shared the link to this story a couple weeks ago (please tell me your Tumblr username again so I can credit).

This is the story that The Secret Gardener is a loose sequel for. I’ve wanted to read it for a long time and was pleased to discover that it was actually published in many languages, including English and Arabic! If you can find it in your country, support the artists and publishers by buying it.


On Gladstone’s request, Gyro neutralizes his luck.

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Remembering Donald O’Connor on his 92nd Birthday 🌹

A tribute to an amazing actor, dancer, singer, composer and choreographer …. a real entertainer🌟

Born on August 28, 1925 as Donald David Dixon Ronald O’Connor in Chicago, Illinois

Died on September 27, 2003 in Los Angeles/Woodland Hills, California

“I can picture things, like a painter would, though I’m not good at painting, either. But in terms of framing people, the basic idea for a routine, the continuity … that I can do.”

A very long time ago, when I was a child, a handsome Irish man stole my heart away ! The first time I “met” him, he was perfectly dancing on the screen and putting so much joy and passion into it! Over the years, I’ve learned to love him more and more. At first, because of his personality, modesty, the sometimes painful beauty of imperfection he struggled and, finally, coped with in real life. Besides, he never forgot where he came from. This wonderful guy will always have a place in my heart!

Love you, Donald 💋 … have fun while dancing among the stars🌟tonight! I’ll look out for shooting stars …

“I grew up in vaudeville. All the hoofers used to get together in a drugstore down the street from the theater, or what-have-you, and if they knew a new step they would teach it to you. I learned hoofing steps that way. But going into ballet didn’t come until I made those pictures with Kelly.” 

“It wasn’t until I worked with Gene Kelly and Bob Alton [Robert Alton, choreographer for ‘I Love Melvin’ and 'Call Me Madam’] that I started to dance as, what I called, a total dancer … that I started dancing from the waist up, using my arms, my hands, and synchronisation in that way.” 

“My brothers and my mother were all dancers, outside of whatever else they did, like acrobats, high-wire, trapeze. I was born in a circus.”

“I’ve still got to find a place in life as a human being, not a machine … I’m no angel. I’m the same as everyone else … I’m subject to fever and headaches and bad temper just like anybody else.”

“I’m the guy who danced through life. It seems that no matter what I do, if I did MacBeth, they’d want me to do eight bars of "Tea For Two” just because it pleases. It’s the kind of dancing I do - jumping around and having a good time. It’s happy, gay, and pleasant. Dancing is so wonderful. Once they start the music, your whole day, if it’s been rotten, seems to melt away. You get carried away in the tune that you’re moving to. It’s a marvelous catharsis … to be able to get on top and tap dance.“

“Sometimes I wish I’d been managed better …”

~ Donald O’Connor ~

"Donald O'Connor was one of the most talented, gifted, personable people in our business.”  

~ A. C. Lyles, producer for Paramount Pictures and a close friend of the O'Connor family ~

“The number was his own and nothing was imposed on him, except for the finish. I wanted him to do the trick that he had done as a little boy in vaudeville. So we got his brother over to rehearse him with a rope to get his confidence back and then to break through the wall at the end. The rest was all his, and it was unbelievable.”

~ Gene Kelly about Donald’s immortal “Make ‘Em Laugh”. Besides, Gene named him respectfully “The O'Connor”. ~

“And for sheer joy there is the riotous “Make 'Em Laugh” song-and-dance interlude by Donald O'Connor in which the likeable young performer almost slays himself and the audience with his nimble footwork. The only complaint about O'Connor is that the more you see of him the more you want.“

~ Excerpt from “The Hollywood Reporter’s” review of “Singin’ In The Rain”, published on March 12, 1952 ~

"I’ve always admired the dancing style of Donald O'Connor, and was lucky to meet him once during my tap dance training in New York in the mid 1990s. Such a lovable guy and his performance on stage … even in his early seventies, he was still so amazing!”

~ Cristina, my wonderful tap coach 💋 and an excellent dancer herself ~


~ Vicki Baum, Austrian writer and musician ~

GIFs are primarily made from a wonderful tribute by Esther O’Reilly posted on Vimeo. ➡ Please click here (X) , it is absolutely worth watching the video!

@veritasfilia: One GIF is made from your lovely tribute, you’ll know which one 😘!Please also watch this video on Youtube (X), folks! You’ll love it, too!