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Big Hero 6, 2014

July 15: I think of a unique crossover idea that I haven’t seen drawn before, and get to work on making a short comic.
July 29: I finish and post the first page of the comic!
August 4: The second page of the comic is posted, at this rate I should have the last page finished within the next week, but I run out of steam.
August 16: SE reveals a Big Hero 6 world for Kingdom Hearts III that uses the same concept I was going to reveal in page three of my comic.
August 23: I sheepishly post the last page, wishing I had finished sooner so I could say “Hey I did that first!”

So yeah! I don’t think anyone was more surprised then myself when that world was revealed. It’s a little annoying that I have no real proof so it kinda looks like I piggybacked off the canon idea, but it’s fun to know that myself and Nomura are apparently on the same wavelength!   Hopefully we’re on the same page about Kairi adventuring in the WiR worlds too.

As for what we’re getting in KHIII? I Couldn’t be more excited! I love the fact that the story takes place after the movie, that opens up many fun possibilities and scenarios. I’ll be happy to see how the gang is doing now that they’re real heroes!

birth by sleep 0.2 took place during or right before the events of kh1

i was watching the new kh 2.8 trailer and something caught my eye

mickey was still using the starseeker keyblade. now, the only time we’ve seen mickey use that keyblade was during the events of birth by sleep (or anytime we’ve seen him before kh1), so we can safely assume that this takes place before the events of kh1.

and during one of the cutscenes we see mickey “discovering” (or i assume he’s discovering it) the kingdom key d:

and when was the first time we saw mickey with kingdom key d? that’s right:

at the end of kh1 in the realm of darkness. i can’t explain what happened to aqua during this time or where she is, but a possible theory is that mickey had been in the realm of darkness ever since the beginning of kh1, when he ran off and left a note to donald and goofy saying the worlds are in danger and he had to leave and donald and goofy had to find the “key”:

it’s possible that he went out to seek other keyblade wielders in the event of the upcoming danger and went to go save aqua in the realm of darkness, along the way he discovered kingdom key d, and some time during the events of 0.2 fragmentary passage mickey makes his appearance as shown at the end of kh1. i’m not too sure how to explain the fact that sora is possibly the one who saves aqua at the end as shown in the end of the 0.2 opening or where aqua’s been all this time, but this was just something i noticed!


I’ve been extremely excited about these ever since I seen prototypes on the server a couple years back! A new Mickey Mouse Shorts promotion just hit the Disney Parks! Pirates of the Caribbean edition! If you go to the gift shop after the ride at Land or World you can find this stuff! I’m guessing these are exclusive to the parks. They made pins, magnets, youth and adult t-shirts, plush and figures! It’s amazing to see actual sculpted products of our version of Mickey. Everything came out really well and Paul gave notes and did most of the design work during the process which is super cool of them to do. Our Mickey is slowly hitting the parks, theres so much stuff to look forward to!

I need to go back and buy the rest…..