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Internet's "Constitutional Law Scholars" Think Donald Sterling Can't Be Punished by NBA Because "FREE SPEECH"

When the NBA came down on Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling with the punishment of a lifetime NBA ban and a move to force him to sell the team today, I was honestly a bit shocked. I was expecting a slap on the wrist, which is usually the norm in any and all of these situations. “You mean the bad racist rich man is actually going to lose this time?” I thought. “Incredible.”

The dumbest thing I’ve heard in defense of Donald Sterling and his racist comments was courtesy of everyone’s favorite dumbass Donald Trump. It’s hard to top Donald Trump claiming Donald Sterling was SET UP by an evil woman who recorded Sterling’s private (racist) comments. 

However, when you put a challenge forth like topping the idiocy of Donald Trump, many will accept that challenge, unknowingly, and attempt to accomplish such a thing.

I bring you: people who think the “Constitution,” “freedom of speech,” “first amendment,” any phrase that they use in an attempt to sound knowledgable, protects Donald Sterling and he cannot be punished.

Small tiny little teeny weeny note before we continue here: The First Amendment protects Donald Sterling from government censorship. For example, Donald Sterling cannot be jailed for his racist comments. However, the Constitution does NOT force a private entity, such as the NBA, to continue working with you after you say something extremely racist.

Without any further ado…

Mark, when you find it, be sure to read it and let me know what it says.

No, freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.

I assume Hannah doesn’t actually know what the first amendment is and this is not meant to be a rhetorical question.

No it won’t.

lmao this dude has it all backwards and is calling for the players to break their contracts.

Thanks for clarifying that you are not a fan of racist comments.


Moving on, there’s  these two great conversations @YesYoureRacist had over on Twitter trying to explain to these fools that the first amendment does not apply to a private entities rules and regulations. Sadly for the sake of us all, they just do not get it:


He sure does get the “specifically the rich and powerful” part right, though.

Next up, we have the white people who believe this is just another example about how the United States of America holds the WHITE MAN down…

Poor white people. :(

White people never get to speak out. :(

You’re welcome to all the white people for giving white man’s plight a platform here.

Some of my favorite tweets were from Conservatives who hate big government complaining that…a private company is allowed to create whatever rules they’d like inside their own private organization? What…

Does anyone know what “legal progressive scum weather” is? Is it a rainstorm? A Hurricane? Weather created by HAARP? A haboob?

And finally, my favorite of the bunch. The tweet in itself may not be much different from the others…

…but you’ll see why it’s extra special when you take a look at Martin’s bio…

…and realize he is a CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER.

If Donald Sterling is so racist, why does he have a black girlfriend?

Because it is easy for white males to fetishize and exotify black women (in a way that could be mistaken for romantic affection) and simultaneously criminalize black men. Sterling is threatened and insulted that his black girlfriend could recognize a black man’s worth….it challenges his prejudice and her can no longer depend on his “superiority” to quiet his insecurities about her relationships with black men.

At the end of the day both are objectified and stigmatized.

On Donald Sterling's upcoming $700mln profit from this racist debacle

I am proud of the actions taken by the NBA commissioner (a Duke alum as well) against the racist vitriol of LA Clipppers’s owner Donald Sterling. At the same time, though, it really gives me pause to understand that the consequences for this rich racist white man will materially amount to a $700 mln profit for him (the value of the LA Clippers) when he is “urged” to sell the franchise. Like if I were him, despite all of the public ridicule, I would not be sweating at all. Like “PLEASE make me sell the franchise and sweaten the pot for me on top. My net worth is at $2bln now and I’m gunning for $3bln now!”

It’s sad because it really goes to show that these are larger institutional structures at work here of racism and capitalism interlocking to just perpetuate privilege and hurt. Individual actions like those taken by the NBA Commissioner are very important but ultimately are just symbolic without societal action to dismantle these larger interlocking systems of domination (white supremacist capitalist patriarchy). It’s nice to see people of all colors rally against (blatant) racism when it’s out in the open like this, but due to the way our society is structured it’s going to be Donald Sterling laughing his racist ass all of the way to the bank.

We should give props to the NBA Commisioner for taking a stand on the side of justice, but also acknowledge that these problems are structural and institutional. And until the day that a racist white person like Paula Deen, Phil Robertson and Donal Sterling won’t PROFIT from their racism, I will not be satisfied or happy.

Just your daily reminder that Donald Sterling, racist and sexist Clippers owner extraordinaire, contributed to the creation of what is undoubtedly the best deposition transcript of all time.

Pro-tip: when answering questions in a deposition pursuant to your wife’s legal claim of marital waste and infidelity, listen to the question asked before answering.

…Or don’t. Because it’s way funnier this way.


VLOG 100: Donald Sterling is RACIST!

Two words…



Clippers Owner Donald Sterling to GF - Racist Statements

Virgin, State Farm pull Clippers sponsorship amid scandal

Virgin America, State Farm, Kia and CarMax have announced they are either ending or suspending sponsorship of the Los Angeles Clippers after owner Donald Sterling allegedly made racist comments.

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Photo: Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling (Mark J. Terrill / AP, file)


Snoop Dogg delivers ultimate reaction to Donald Sterling’s racist tirade

On Friday night, TMZ Sports released an audio recording of a heated argument between Sterling and his girlfriend V. Stiviano on April 9 over a photo she posted on Instagram with NBA legend Magic Johnson. Over the course of the roughly nine-minute recording, Sterling yells at Stiviano for posting a photo with a black person (keep in mind that Stiviano is black and Mexican).

While responses have been pouring in from around the NBA, sports and society in general (Reverend Al Sharpton, NBA legend Dominique Wilkins and Keith Olbermann were just some of the many to weigh in), one response in particular stands out. 

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