donald manson

Kathy Griffin shouldn’t be apologizing for anything. The day after the election, Marilyn Manson released a music video teaser where he beheaded a full-bodied Trump dummy. Madonna said she’d love to blow up the White House. This just caught the right wave of momentum to become something way more than it is. The same photog that did Manson’s video, also did Kathy’s photos, so clearly he’s the one with the politically charged, artistic bone to pick. People lynched and burned Obama dummies during his admn, but I didn’t see any Billy Joe Bobs and their sister-wives having to make a statement with their attorneys. I am so damn tired of everyone tip-toeing around this “presidency” like it’s something sacred, when it’s clearly a joke. And as for Barron Trump thinking something really happened to his father- by way of KATHY GRIFFIN- what a stupid child. Please let their genetic line develop infertility sooner rather than later.


I wonder what would Say 10 video finally look like. IF there will be a Say 10 video at all, that is. I mean, Marilyn Manson seemingly didn’t get enough attention, but that was obviously because they never showed the decapitated head in the small “trailer” which came out. It was just vaguely alluding the decapitation of DT, more because of the moment it was released in than because of what was actually demonstrated on it. Kathy Griffin, on the other hand, seems to be living a nightmare after going to the end.

So did Tyler Shields use the same idea and props in the KG photo-shoot because MM team decided not to go on with it? And does this have anything to do with the delay in the release of the album? Any thoughts, anyone?

Name: Charles Milles Manson

Classification: Murderer

Characteristics: Cult leader - Prosecutors said that Manson and his followers were trying to incite a race war that he believed was prophesized in the Beatles’ song “Helter Skelter”

Number of victims: 9 + 1

Date of murders: July-August 1969

Date of arrest: October 12, 1969

Date of birth: November 12, 1934

Victims profile: Gary Allen Hinman, 34 / Movie actress Sharon Tate, 26 (eight and a half months pregnant); Jay Sebring, 35; Wojciech Frykowski, 32; Abigail Folger, 25, and Steven Earl Parent, 18 / Leno LaBianca, 44, and his wife, Rosemary, 38 / Donald Jerome “Shorty” Shea

Method of murder: Stabbing with knife

Location: Los Angeles County, California, USA

Status: Sentenced to death on April 19, 1971. Automatically commuted to life imprisonment when a 1972 decision by the Supreme Court of California temporarily eliminated the state’s death penalty