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Kathy Griffin shouldn’t be apologizing for anything. The day after the election, Marilyn Manson released a music video teaser where he beheaded a full-bodied Trump dummy. Madonna said she’d love to blow up the White House. This just caught the right wave of momentum to become something way more than it is. The same photog that did Manson’s video, also did Kathy’s photos, so clearly he’s the one with the politically charged, artistic bone to pick. People lynched and burned Obama dummies during his admn, but I didn’t see any Billy Joe Bobs and their sister-wives having to make a statement with their attorneys. I am so damn tired of everyone tip-toeing around this “presidency” like it’s something sacred, when it’s clearly a joke. And as for Barron Trump thinking something really happened to his father- by way of KATHY GRIFFIN- what a stupid child. Please let their genetic line develop infertility sooner rather than later.

Me when people think that TCC is only about Columbine

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I wonder what would Say 10 video finally look like. IF there will be a Say 10 video at all, that is. I mean, Marilyn Manson seemingly didn’t get enough attention, but that was obviously because they never showed the decapitated head in the small “trailer” which came out. It was just vaguely alluding the decapitation of DT, more because of the moment it was released in than because of what was actually demonstrated on it. Kathy Griffin, on the other hand, seems to be living a nightmare after going to the end.

So did Tyler Shields use the same idea and props in the KG photo-shoot because MM team decided not to go on with it? And does this have anything to do with the delay in the release of the album? Any thoughts, anyone?

Not getting into the Bergdahl mess, but a sitting US president’s comments influencing judges in criminal trials aren’t exactly a new thing. Read Helter Skelter. Nixon saying that Manson was guilty before the trial was a big scandal at the time and could have let Manson walk (thankfully, it didn’t.) Sometimes a POTUS has to keep quiet. But Trump can’t.

Same with him calling for the death penalty for the NYC  terrorist 

He’s likely helped the guy’s lawyers.

In the wake of the death of mass murderer Charles Manson, a photo from the great photographer Terry O’Neill from the year 1968.  I‘m highlighting this one in particular because within it, Sharon’s childhood scar is more visible than in most other photos.

To me, the scar has always seemed like a permanent tear drop.

May all those whose lives he took rest in peace.  May those families whose lives were devastated be honored.

14.12.2017 Glasgow, United Kingdom

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