donald kushner

Groups Trump has harmed:
• Refugees and asylum seekers
• Muslims
• Native Americans
• Working class Americans (including the coal miners)
• Syrian civilians
• Transgender people
• People of color
• Immigrants
• Servicemen and servicewomen
• Basically all the animals
• Flowers & trees
• The ocean
• Outer space (emotionally traumatized)
• His children

Groups he hasn’t harmed
• Russian hackers
• His corporate “friends”

Because I’m tired of bitching and screaming about the Tangerine Terror, I’ve decided that today is for laughter, because today has been without a doubt one of the most hysterical days in Resident Rump’s reign of terror.

  • Emmanuel Macron, newly elected President of France, successfully thwarted Trump’s weird, literally power-grabbing handshake.
  • Later in the day, Macron was videotaped approaching the large group of NATO leaders that was moving toward him. He appeared to be heading straight toward Trump. At the last minute, he peeled off to the right and greeted Angela Merkel of Germany first. He shook a couple of other people’s hands before he finally greeted Trump.
  • Trump made a total asshole of himself (of course) in his speech to the NATO leaders, chewing them out and demanding money from them. Some of the leaders didn’t even attempt to hide their disdain and eyerolls in response.
  • It’s been reported that Trump made comments in front of some of the NATO leaders in which he spoke derisively about Germany, calling it “bad,” and threatened to shut down the sale of German cars in the US.
  • Trump literally pushed the Prime Minister of Montenegro aside so that he could be at the forefront of a picture. He stood there with a smug, condescending, “my shit don’t smell” expression on his face.
  • Last but not least, it was finally confirmed this afternoon that Jared Kushner, the man who is supposed to fix every single thing that’s wrong with this country, is the person of interest identified last week as being under investigation by the FBI. Oh, and he omitted at least one meeting with the Russian ambassador from his application for his security clearance.

I don’t know about you, but I do believe I hear the blustery winds of a fucking huge storm approaching.