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Donald Duck's Nephews' Names In Different Languages
  • English: Huey, Dewey, Louie
  • Dutch: Kwik, Kwek and Kwak
  • Italian: Qui, Quo and Qua
  • German: Tick, Trick and Track
  • French: Riri, Fifi and Loulou
  • Spanish (Spain): Juanito, Jorgito and Pedrito
  • Spanish (Latin America): Hugo, Paco and Luis
  • Finnish: Tupu, Hupu and Lupu
  • Israel: Huey, Dewey, Louie
  • Russian: Billie, Willie and Dillie
  • Norwegian: Ole, Dole and Doffen
  • Swedish: Knatte, Fnatte and Tjatte
  • Polish: Zyzio, Hyzio, Dyzio
  • Serbian: Vlaja, Raja and Graja
  • Portuguese: Huguinho, Zezinho and Luisinho
  • Korean: 휴이(Hui), 듀이(Dui) and 루이가(Luiga)

Look at this big beautiful family <3

I always imagined that when they find Della they would get a big family picture. I feel like she was the glue that stuck the family together, you know? She was the one that would sit Donald and Scrooge down and tell them to work it out, saying things like “no one is leaving until this is resolved!” That kind of thing.

Anyway, hope you like it!

Scrooge Mcduck, Donald Duck, Della Duck and Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck belong to Disney’s Ducktales
Art belongs to ME!

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any head cannons on how the the duck family in the new ducktales might react if Panchito and Jose show up one day asking for Donald? (I know the nephews would be surprised but how would the others react and would Scrooge even know them. Also how would webby react?)

Are we talking DT2017, specifically? 

Do you know Kristen Bell’s reaction to the sloth? That would be Donald upon seeing them after 10 years. 

Panchito and Jose keep hugging him while he’s down and emotions are running high, and all four kids are freaking out, helpless.

I’m actually glad that Glomgold double-crossed Donald like he did

since Donald was working for Glomgold, I was worried that at some point he’ll have to choose between staying with Flintheart (because otherwise he’d lose his job and be unable to support the nephews again) or siding with Scrooge again (after Scrooge disregarded his request to keep the boys safe, despite the fact it all turned out well), and he’ll look at Dewey, then go with Flintheart for a moment, before having a change of heart; but despite his return, his relationship with Scrooge would get even more sour.

I know it has all been scripted, but still, given that the show will certainly have several Feels™ moments (like “Family is nothing but trouble” and “Mom?” in the first episodes), I had a feeling that’s a possible thing for the DuckTales crew to do.

Thankfully Glomgold didn’t change a bit from when I saw him last time.