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“..And if I wasn’t calm and used my head, things coulda turned out differently. And of course, you know I don’t heed any danger!”

The reason I find this scene adorable is that Gladstone’s excitement over having an ‘adventure’ is real, and he feels he came out victorious from it, despite us knowing he did literally nothing to earn that feeling. 

Of course, this is also the reason he comes across to everyone as arrogant.

Plus Gladstone is the only Duck who’d look so excited about almost being robbed/murdered.


Here’s another comic voice dub, though this time I voiced everyone myself.

Please give credit where it’s due!


comic duck portraits! I wanted to have another crack at digital painting and tried to find styles that match their personalities. I actually kind of imagined Fethry being the one painting these- what with being an artistic chappy and all

anonymous asked:

do you have more panchito’s pictures? :3c

I only have one comic with Panchito appearing. I’m just gonna share all the Panchito panels (except 2 I’ll post separately) because I don’t want anon waiting on them forever, since I’ve said before that the comic is lengthy and will take way too long to translate. Here goes:

Panchito’s always the first to try out any new ride. Look how eager he is.

And here they are in casual clothes (well, Donald’s in sporty but yeah):


Donald telling Panchie his driving is ‘worse than a road hog’:


Part two of two! Honestly this was a really great exercise in posing, I had a great time drawing it. Thanks again for all the swell comments and hilarious tags you guys always make my day! <3

Part one here! (p.s. the tango music I was thinking of was this beauty)

Wanna read a history about three duck cousins that go on a trip and have a lot of fun? Oh, believe me, you want!

Me and @sarroora were working in this heartwarming adorable comic for sometime and I’m very happy to finally show it to you guys! :3 I thank Sarroora for showing the fandom this great comic, for transcribing it for me and for being a patient and dedicated reviewer!

Its a big comic, so go read it here; The Great Cousin Trip - Donald, Fethry & Gladstone

In summary, I’ll let the comic illustrate my opinion about this whole project;

Maybe it’s my favorite duck comic ever!