donair sauce

I’m shocked that garlic fingers don’t exist outside of Atlantic Canada (other than Wisconsin, where they are adorably called ‘pizza fries’ but lack donair sauce)

it’s like

a perfect, simple, beautiful food. Often an appetizer for the main feast of 'za. An alternative for those who dislike tomato. A late-night beacon of cheesy, greasy redemption.

Like, I was actually upset when I learned this fact for the first time. Spread the garlic fingers love! Make your own! So easy, so delicious!

i adore being me. omfg. 

so. i ordered garlic sticks and they were supposed to come with donair sauce. but they totally didn’t. 

so i called to complain about my lack of donair sauce. and they suggested that perhaps it’s part of the american advertising. WHICH IS FUCKING RIDICULOUS because donair sauce isn’t even american! it’s from halifax! exclusively! like. americans don’t even know wtf it is. 

so i asked for garlic sauce instead so they’re sending the delivery boy back with my sauce. yaaaay. 

~casually getting what i want because i’m a slytherin and stuff~

quite possibly the greatest piece of promotional material ever created, for my band’s album release show in Halifax.

It’s got a dad, donair sauce, garlic finger sweater. what else do you need?

if you are in town on the september 6th, come on down. if not, share with your friends cause the wonderful Katie Nakaska needs more people knowing what is up.

A: I went with some besties to the east coast checking out Newfoundland and George Street fest for a little over a week and we happened upon a night of post-bar pizza and garlic cheese bread ordering. In a flurry of calling B before bed I learned from him that the donair sauce was top notch, the real deal, the sweet spot when eating pizza and, low and behold, my friends were devouring it as I learned this. THANKFULLY (because the problems in my life are this enormous) I got to feast on some of this sweet sauce. I went on a hunt after my addiction set in and brought some back for B. Despite agreeing we’re going to kick our eating out, there’s going to be a date in the near future featuring this baby. I promise.

But seriously - have you had this stuff?????