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Everyone is looking so grim and full of darkness after the crisis, trying to prove something to themselves… and then there’s Jason, that acts like he just got the biggest promotion of his life. I don’t think it’s fair that most writers seem to think Jason had a ‘whateeever’ attitude towards crime fighting and that he was in it for the ass-kicking.

I’m not saying it’s not true, he did love him some ass kicking but look at him, then at Hawk. There’s a difference between a kid who likes violence and a kid who thinks violence is the only mean to stop crime.

Poor kid just wants a chance to prove himself and he just got it! It’s adorable that he protects Bruce as well, the man might be grimdark and all about justice but only he can mock him for it geez.

Also man do I feel bad about Garth…

FROM: New Teen Titans V2 20