dona meilach

anonymous asked:

what are your top 5 book recommendations that influence your practice or you feel like are must-reads for young artists that work with fibers?

I love this question~

1. Soft sculpture and other soft art forms by Dona Z Meilach is my favorite book in my collection…I thumb through it a lot for inspiration
2. Anything in the Whitechapel documents of contemporary art book series, but specifically The Object and Materiality
3. Sloppy Craft is a great collection of alternative craft discourse
4. The Queer Art of Failure by J. Halberstam completely fucked me up and I recommend it to anyone interested in queer theory
5. this book by Maurice Merleau-Ponty, particularly chapter 4 (the intertwining-the chiasm).
I can’t stress enough how much Merleau-Ponty’s writings have affected my work and my concepts of tactility