don;t worry yourselves

‘Let’s talk about that, shall we?’ said Gilt.  'Does that claim strike anyone else as odd?  The gods are not generally known for no-frills gifts, are they?  Especially not ones that you can bite.  No, these days they restrict themselves to things like grace, patience, fortitude, and inner strength.  Things you can’t see.  Things that have no value.  Gods tend to be more interested in prophets, not profits, a-ha.’

There were some blank looks from his fellow directors.

'Didn’t quite get that one, old chap,’ said Stowley.

'ProPHETS, I said, not proFITS,’ said Gilt.  He waved his hand.  'Don’t worry yourselves, it will look better written down.’
—  Terry Pratchett, “Going Postal”
(POSSIBILITIES:  1) Reacher Gilt planned to say this pun to one of the Times reporters to mock Moist.   2) Reacher Gilt knows he’s a character in a book and just broke the fourth wall.  3) PTerry tried to tell this pun to someone out loud and they didn’t get it, and that was his response, and he included the exchange in a book.  4) PTerry tried to tell this pun to someone and they didn’t get it, and so he put it in a book to explain it to them, along with this gentle jibe. 5) Someone suggested to PTerry that some of the puns he has his characters say wouldn’t be understood as jokes if they were really said out loud by someone and not written down, so he included this exchange in acknowledgement of that and also to gently rib the person who told him (as in, ‘who cares, these are books written for readers to get the jokes’).  6) PTerry included this as an explanation for why so many times when a character says a pun they’re met with blank stares and cricket chirps. 7) PTerry got told to stop the puns but he couldn’t and wouldn’t be stopped.   

Lay - 150117 Weibo account update: “请各位用心读一遍 谢谢”

Translation: “May everyone read this carefully, thank you
If you see me on the streets and want to say hi, any where any time, don’t be afraid, you know?
I don’t wish for you come to receive our flights, because at the airport, there are so many people.
Because you come to see me, and fall down, or injure yourselves, or injure others (especially be careful of the elderly and children)
And your parents will worry about you.
If you want to send these letters to me, you can send it to the company, and then let the company’s staff who manage the letters give it to me, this is the best way (it will definitely reach my hands please don’t worry)
Take care of yourselves, don’t hurt others.
At the same time, thank you for all your well wishes and blessings, and all your birthday support. Seeing it makes my heart full of warmth.
I believe with your well wishes and blessings, tomorrow will be even more beautiful.”1

Credit: 努力努力再努力x. (1Note: this is an excerpt from Lay’s 141007 birthday weibo update which he has chosen to repost to reiterate his sentiments about fans at airports)

to all the beautiful souls who have messaged me expressing their concerns, yes i am 100% okay!!!! there are things going on at home and it’ll be a while until i get back on here fully. in the mean time please don’t worry yourselves too much. i am perfectly fine and hopefully I’ll be back as soon as possible! i hope you’re all having a lovely week and i hope you’re all safe! remember to keep strong and to stay safe, i love you all