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B.A.P Reaction to seeing photos and thinking you cheated on them, but it’s not true and they find out too late


He didn’t even intend to find the pictures of you and your cousin hand holding. He simply scrolled through Twitter, but there were you. Yongguk would think pictures don’t lie and would immediately confront you about it. After you packed your stuff and left, he would be furious, not believing you cheated on him, after he loved you with all his heart. When Yongguk would find out, that your “lover” was in fact your cousin, who came to visit you, he would feel remorseful. With a guilty conscience, he would turn up with flowers at your door, apologizing over and over. 

“I could bring you ten thousand flowers and they still wouldn’t make up what I did to you. Just please take me back. I promise, I will be better.”

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You were out with your male best friend, catching up after some time has passed. Himchan would have the article about you cheating on him and would be so angry. When you would come home, Himchan would scream at you all and of stuff, resulting you to pack your things and quickly take a hotel for the night. In the night he wouldn’t be able to sleep, since he missed you so bad. As result he would look through your Instagram and would find out through your tags, that this boy is simply your friend. He would jump out of the bed, immediately calling and asking if you could meet up.

“Baby, I was so stupid for doubting you. Please let us meet and talk this out.”

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Daehyun would feel really sad, hurt and betrayed, when a friend of his send him pictures of you walking arm in arm through Seoul with a guy. Soon you would get home and get the shock of your life, meeting a half crying half shouting Daehyun. Not knowing what to do, you would quickly grab a few things and leave, finding shelter in the dorm. After telling Youngjae, that the guy was a old friend from school and you simply showed him around, he immediately would call his friend. Daehyun would feel so stupid for doubting you and would actually have a hard time coming over, because he felt so ashamed.

“I know you think now I’m just another of these stupid and jealous asshole boyfriends, but I really was just afraid of loosing you. Can you forgive me this time?”

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Youngjae and you were only dating for a few months now, but you never talked with him about your half-brother. Somehow you felt embarrassed for bringing that topic up, what was completely dumb. When Youngjaes phone would ring and he would open the text message of his brother, seeing you sitting on another guys lap, he would be mad and heartbroken at the same time. He treated you all the time like you were the most precious to him, so why would you cheat on him? Coming home you would find Youngjae gone and a note on the table, saying something about you cheating on him. Not believing he thought you cheated, you wrote ‘That’s my half-brother’ under it and left. After he would return home and find your little addition to his note, he would basically run through Seoul with the aim to find you and apologize for his actions.

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From time to time you told Jongup about how fun your brother was, but he never saw him. He would look through the pictures he was tagged on social media and would stop liking fan-edits, when he would find pictures of you playfully joking around with a guy that wasn’t him. He would write you a simple text message, saying if you needed something from your “ex-boyfriend”, he would be at TS practicing. Slowly putting everything together in your head, you figured out he was jealous on your brother. ‘Uppie, my ‘boyfriend’ is my brother.’ Not wanting to be near him you would go to the apartment of your brother, Jongups endless calls giving you a little company.

“Y/N…I’m sorry for not trusting and doubting you…I overreacted. Can you forgive your foolish anime loving boyfriend this time?”

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The boyfriend of your sister planned to propose to her and asked you, if you would go with him to buy an engagement ring and of course you agreed. Junhong in the mean time would be sitting at home crying, wondering who that guy is and why you would already marry him. Coming home after a long day, you would be greeted by Junhong screaming at you to get lost for cheating on him. Knowing discussing wouldn’t make any sense now, you would grab your most important stuff and drive to the place of your sister and soon to be husband. When Junhong would find out through the media, he was simply overreacting and it was the boyfriend of your sister, he would feel like a small child again. Similar to Yongguk, he would appear in front of the door with flowers and chocolate. 

“Listen, jagi. I’m really sorry. You are simply my first girlfriend and I’m afraid of losing you.”

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So my girlfriend knows I don’t eat so much. And everyday she’s like “have you had breakfast, lunch and dinner?” and I always say “yes baby I have” and it just makes me feel really bad for lying to her.. But I don’t want her to find out I have anorexia and I just don’t know what to do anymore??

Try to eat in a moderated and healthy way always, that way you can have an apple or something not heavy and also you don’t lie to her, this is so fucked up but you will get through it :)

So I may be moving to Germany (im a citizen by birth due to my dad and all his family being German) and I may finally get proper health care. As much as that’s amazing, it may not happen? And this is something I need to tell my friends but I can’t? Like when people ask me how things are going, I can’t be like “well the healthcare system here is shit but luckily I might move to Germany!” Like no I can’t do that. But I don’t lie to my friends. They deserve to know? But my parents say I can’t tell them yet? I don’t know what I’m doing….

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Stolovan please????

((Your wish is my command - Sam))

Clyde [to Kevin]: You have no idea how many inconvenient boners you have caused.

Clyde: Kevin and I don’t have pet names for each other.
Craig: Uh huh. Hey do you know what bees make, right?
Clyde: Honey?
Kevin: [from the other room] Yes dear?
Craig: Don’t lie to my face again.

Kevin’s Mom: Wait, so are you gay or is Clyde just a bad influence?
Kevin: Yes.

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What happens to the mediocre/plain memories on death, do they ultimately get shuffled into eels/squishes or just kind of turned into dirt in the khert?

Khert dirt. Mundane memories of what you wore to school three years ago or the tin can you kicked into the gutter on your way to the store, these fall to the khert floor as the most unspectacular sediment. But the truly jarring memories all wrapped up in emotion and spectacle, these don’t lie down. These coalesce with other, similar memories, and slowly gain a strange sentience, becoming the odd swimming beasties of the khert.

And it makes sense, in its way. When you’re alone with your thoughts what jumps up from your brain? The big stuff. The haunting stuff. A Kasslynian’s brain may die and rot but those memories keep jumping, just like fish from a pond.