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GOT7 reaction: Asking for Cuddles

Mark: Giggles. All you heard was giggles before mark took off his shoes and laid in bed with you wrapping his arms around you. Lightly kissing your cheek he’d say, “you’re just the cutest thing ever." 

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 Jackson: Surprised. Not because you guys didn’t cuddle a lot it’s just usually is initiates it. So a smile would just grow on his face as he basically jumped on top of you and began the cuddle session, which you were obviously regretting. Pressing play on a movie. "You know you love to cuddle with me baby. Don’t lie”

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 JB: Slightly against it. Only because he really didn’t want to get up. However after a pouty face thrown his way he would get up and lay down next to you. You smiled while laying your head on his chest as his hand began to run up and down your side. “The things I do for you love" 

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 YoungJae: If someone were in the room. He would be like. Umm why? And alone we all know it would be him asking for cuddles not the other way around. Still, wrapped in each other’s arm he’d be happy. "Your cuddles are the best” he would say before pecking your lips. 

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 Yugyeom: Eager. Kinda like Jackson lol. You would be laying on the couch and he’d come in and just look at you for .2 seconds before rushing to get a few blankets and a couple of snacks. Before you knew it he would pull you up so he can lay down and you lay between his legs with his arms wrapped around you. Peppering kisses on your cheeks he’d say “Time to relax baby” (this gif kills me every damn time… youre welcome)

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Jinyoung: He’d accept it. Like no in a rude way, he’d just be laying there on the bed after practice and you’d kinda just crawl on top of him and drag a blanket with you. He’d chuckle and lazily put his arms around you. Kissing the top of your head “you make me happy sweetheart”

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 Bambam: He’d be so ready. Like he’ll put in your favorite movie and grab a few blankets because curling up with you on the couch. He could tell you’re stressed so he’s rub your arms and leave light kisses all over your face “you are the cutest little cuddle bug baby”

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I just thought you’d all like some GOT7 since no one has asked for it! ~Member A

“We are not ignorant of satan’s devices”-2 Corinthians 2:11. We are at war with the enemy of our souls, the devil. The battle starts in our mind, depressing, deceiving thoughts of condemnation, fear and accusations. Don’t lie down and take it, hit back. Take up the sword of the Spirit, the word of God. Jesus quoted scriptures when the devil tempted Him..He said, “It is written…” The word of God will annihilate the enemy. Fill your mind with God’s word. You need to know the scriptures in order to refute every lie he brings against you. Keep fighting, the victory is yours through Jesus Christ!

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I'm doing this assignment in school and basically we have to write down everything we eat for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner including listing the calories and fat in each food item and they made us calculate our BMI and put it on paper. The BMI thing really triggered me and I've been fasting for the past 3 days (I'm following a plan) I know I should lie on the food thing so they don't know about my ED but something in me really, really, doesn't want to. Shoud I lie anyway?

Oh my word I know how you feel, its like you don’t want to lie about how much you eat because it makes you seem like you eat that much when you don’t. I think you should lie anyways though because if you tell the truth the school might call your mom or something and things will get ugly

alsdkjflkadsf i’m so so so so excited rn & i am the smolest big piece of trash but i am lizzie and here i am!!!!! a lil blurb about me in case ur interested….i’m 21 years old and from the est and u can use she/her pronouns for i am a big fan of macaroni & cheese and also naps and also apparently run on sentences??? i just recently earned my cosmetology license & i work part time at ulta beauty so come talk to me about makeup pls its the only thing that makes my feel something anymore. ANYWAY ur not here for me ur here for aly don’t lie 2 me ok here’s a lil bit about my problematic trash angel

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Keith Feels Afraid About His Baby While Lance Comforts Him
  • (Lance walks up to the door, and he sees his pregnant husband lying sideways on the bed in the bedroom, although he's not asleep. Desperate to see what's wrong, he walks in and sits on the bed next to him.)
  • Lance: *grabs Keith's shoulder and shakes him a little* Hey, Keith. Are you okay?
  • Keith: *feels Lance shaking him but doesn't turn around to look at him* Mmm, what do you want Lance?
  • Lance: Come on, mi corazon. I know there's something bugging you.
  • Keith: *stubborn tone in his voice* Nothing's bugging me, I'm fine.
  • Lance: Don't you dare lie to me, come on, can't we just talk?
  • Keith: *knowing that his husband is serious, he lets out a sigh* Alright, fine.
  • (Keith turns around and sits up to look up at Lance, he knows Lance will understand on what he's going to tell him.)
  • Lance: *with a charming look in his eyes* Haha, I knew you would turn around and face me.
  • Keith: *gives his husband an angry pouty face*
  • Lance: *rolls his eyes and sighs* Alright, alright enough giving me the pouty face. Now, what seems to be the problem? Is it about the baby?
  • Keith: *puts his hand on his baby belly and a scared and sad look in his eyes* Well, kind of. It's just that I....I'm afraid.
  • Lance: *raises an eyebrow* Afraid of what?
  • Keith: *stuttering* Um... I.....I'm just a-afraid that our baby is g-gonna come out as a Galra.
  • Lance: Huh? What makes you say that?
  • Keith: *trying to hold back tears* I-it's because, I don't want to see our child as a monster, just like how I'm a monster. *crying with tears coming down his eyes* Allura did the same thing to me when you all found out that I was half-Galra, but I don't want the same thing to happen to our baby.
  • Lance: *takes his husband's hands and places them in his* Keith, look at me.
  • Keith: *looks up at Lance with tears still streaming down his face*
  • Lance: Don't say stuff like that, something like this is not gonna change anything. I know that Allura was cold-hearted towards you about finding out that you're half-Galra, but she apologized to you after realizing her mistake, didn't she?
  • Keith: *nods* Yeah, she did.
  • Lance: And when we found out that you were half-Galra, did we leave you?
  • Keith: *shakes his head, meaning no*
  • Lance: Exactly, you're still a part of us. No matter if you're human or Galra, you'll still be one of us. Just like our baby! *places his hand in Keith's baby belly and rubs it, making Keith smile a little* I don't care if the baby is coming out as a Galra or human, our child is still going be a part of our family. That's what you've always wanted, right?
  • Keith: *wipes the tears for his face* Yes, it is. Thanks, Lance!
  • Lance: *hugs Keith* No problem, mi corazon. *rubs his husband's baby belly while Keith hugs him back*

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Could you describe a person who you always tumblr about?

i actually tumblr about a lot of people but i guess i’ll tell you about the one who exists in my everyday

he was named after the summer but he’s more like early spring. when one day the sun’s dripping honey on your legs but you wear a jacket unzipped anyways just in case, and then the next day it’s 40 degrees and ice sludge and you’re sitting on the soccer field letting your shoes soak in a puddle and not even caring that the rain is plastering your curls to your face.
he’s 5'10" and always hungry but the figure under his shirt, all compact muscles and soccer shin splints don’t lie. he tells me things that would never make you doubt how close we are but when he’s high and i’m sitting in my car with my vision blurred clutching a pipe and a can full of vodka i question everything he’s ever said. he’s 5'10-5'11 and convinced he’ll never grow but his eyes are brown to the common eye but if you catch him in sunlight or at a honest moment you can see the shade of green that swims in his iris and it’s so beautiful.
he’s the most complicated person i’ve ever met but he never gives me anxiety. i know id never be able to apply common understanding to him and i wonder if i’ll ever know what he’s thinking about. he trusts me with so many secrets yet keeps so many to himself. i just once would like to unravel him. he never lies but he’s never unglued.
he made me realize what it really means to love a person and i hope he’ll still be buzzing in my inbox in two years.
i love him. i do.

you can find him in almost every poem, if not every poem.

more important klance things to consider:

  • the way lance will come up behind keith and wrap his arms around his middle, rest his head on keiths shoulder and ask if he’s okay
  • keith scooping up a sleeping lance to carry him back to his bunk and tuck him into bed
  • the soft way lance will sometimes mumble keiths name in his sleep and keith glances over at him and smiles all fond
  • their casual cheek kisses before they’re about to run off and do something
  • shiro teasing keith about how deep his little brother feels for lance
  • “you don’t have to lie to me, keith. you loooove him.”
  • shut your facehole
  • klances first ‘i love you’ being after they near enough lose each other on a mission and are reunited again