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psa; miraculous

hello friends.

Tomorrow, on September 22nd in France, there will be another TFOU conference where they will be showing journalists and others the first two episodes of Miraculous Ladybug.

i’m not dumb. i know that things will be recorded and posted.


after all of these spoilers coming out, Thomas and the team have been feeling very discouraged, with some of their surprises ruined for fans.

i can’t force you to do anything. but please be mindful of others tomorrow.


Dead on Arrival Part Two (mobster bucky x reader)

Originally posted by totheendofthelinepal

Summary: Bucky’s the mobster king of Brooklyn. His word is law. You’d be a goddamned fool not to be on his side.

Word Count: 2.5K

Warnings: mentions of parental death, mentions of drinking, maybe a few swears??

A/N: I have this fic up on my other blog. But I will be deleting that entire blog, soon enough. I know a lot of the people on my tag lists have seen this before, and for that i do apologize. Feedback makes me utterly happy.

A/N(s): I’m debating on posting part three because seriously?? it’s really discouraging when you tag people who don’t leave any type of feedback. 

Dead on Arrival Masterlist

It had been two days after her meeting with Barnes’ men. And no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t shake off Nick’s threats from her mind.

“You’re a ruddy fool if you deny him, Y/N,” Nick spoke as the three of them surrounded her on the couch. She sat with Clint on her right side, Steve to her left. Nick stood in front of her, looking as menacing and vile as ever.

“Do you carry drinks in your home?” he asked her, casually flicking his cigar onto the carpet, stepping on the ember ashes, ignoring the burnt markings that now rested in the plush flooring.

“In the kitchen,” she mumbled, pointing with her finger. “Wine is in the fridge, glasses on the rack by the window.”

“Steve,” ordered Nick without so much as a glance at the man.

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Pucker Up

Matt Murdock/ Reader

Originally posted by opalcrystals

Words: 1,447

Summary: You accompany Matt to a gallery opening by none other than Vanessa Marianna, a key pawn in a bigger scheme. With Fisk’s main man, Wesley, on your trail, you never knew your first kiss with Matt would end up like this.

Request: Hello! I was wondering if I could request a matt murdock x reader with the ‘we HAVE to kiss in order to keep our cover and that’s when we realize we actually have feelings for each other welp’ trope? Thank you!

Tagging: @kwaiky

Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s note: au-ish where matt didn’t meet vanessa alone in that gallery. also, why did wesley leave a loaded gun on the table?

The stakes are high in this operation. Matt knows he can trust you as much as his own intuition but the nerves don’t settle down.

You managed to snag two tickets to a highly anticipated gallery showing with none other than Vanessa Marianna. Matt had to find out more information about Fisk to lead him to the bigger operation he runs. With a nice tuxedo for him and a black tie dress for you borrowed from a good friend, you two go over the plan in the cab ride over there.

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Tries to avoid the plain old do a character a day thing but fails, horribly. 

Hello everyone and welcome to mcsm-inktober 2017! 

I've chucked together a couple of prompts to help inspire you during mcsm-inktober! I will also be reblogging the art that has  #mcsm-inktober or #mcsm inkober in the tags. 

If you cant part participate, please show your love and support for the artists by reblogging or liking their art!

It all starts at the beginning of October and I can’t wait to see all of your art! 


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  3. Keep this art SFW/kid-friendly, but if you want to put something like blood in it, tag it. 
  4. Ship art is completely okay!
  5. Have fun!

Any other questions will be in our FAQ page or if you have any questions, please p.m. us or send in an ask, we will be happy to help! 

                                                                             Good luck~ from mcsm-inktober

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Hello all! Kids clothing store worker here again and boy howdy I have had some….interesting customers come into the store. Sorry if this gets long, I’ll put a TLDR at the bottom :)
- Yesterday (9/16) I had a lady come in wanting to do a return. Now, our return process can be semi-long, depending on if the customer is in our system, if they have a receipt, etc. Lady doesn’t have a receipt for two out of seven items, and isn’t in our system so I can’t look in her purchase history. Okay, no big dealio, I just have to look up the numbers and price (the tag was cut off on all of them). I tell her this, and she starts going BALLISTIC! She starts screaming “Can’t you just put it in?!?! You put the other ones in!! I don’t have time for this….blah blah blah old lady screaming blah.” She asks to speak to the manager. PFFFTTT ok go right ahead :]. I get the manager (who is mexican and has a bit of an accent) and when she comes up you could tell right away the lady had a problem with the manager. My manager is sugar sweet and tries to explain everything to her, but the lady just says “I'l work with this one (points to me),” totally dismissing her. So now this old lady hasn’t only established to the entire store that she’s a bitch, but that she’s a racist bitch. So I say “well you did ask for the manager” and she starts screaming that she never asked for me to get a manager and that I just walked away from the register and got her. :))))))))) 🎵why the fuck you lyyyiin🎵 Eventually my poor manager just repeats the same thing I said earlier, and goes into the back again. The lady finally left, and my other coworker and I bought my manager lunch :). You’d think if her time was SO valuable she wouldn’t spend it yelling at retail workers and being a disgusting person….
- Today (9/17) about 20 minutes before closing, three young boys (about 12/13 maybe?) come in, and from the looks on their faces I just knew they’d be little snotrockets. Just those nasty shiteating grins. One of them asks to try on a dress because he has a “sister the same size.” I say okay, which I immediately regretted. While that one was in the dressing room, the other two are cackling about how “lame of an excuse” the sister thing was and running around messing the store up. Just generally being “should’ve-swallowed” brats. I ask the keyholder I’m with if I can ask them to leave. She says no, they “might buy something.” They take pictures of their friend in the dress and eventually leave. Guys, it looked like the Tasmanian devil came through our store. Right. Before. Closing. With two of us it luckily didn’t take long to clean up, but whyyyyyyyy thoooooooooo.
Thanks for letting me rant 💞, won’t be the last time I’m sure

TLDR: Racist lady screams at me and straight up dismisses my manager for being mexican. Three teenage boys decide to be idiots and mess up the store 20min before closing.

I was tagged by @inkinterrupted to give two selfies, one old one, one recent. I don’t usually have selfies, the camera on my phone is broken so these are typically pics taken by others (and therefore never flattering), but here you go.


Recent (in the interest of full disclosure, I fell while doing this):

I’m tagging a bunch of you (if you want to participate) because there are so many of you I don’t hear from much:

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Stranger Twins Final

Inspired by the Doppelganger episode.  Read Part One and Part Two and part three.

This final part almost defeated me. I’ve no doubt it makes zero sense. But don’t judge me - I’m no plotter.  Tagging @today-in-fic and @fictober.

Part Four

The Mulder at the door looked just as bewildered as he did. It figured, he thought, that having a second version of himself wouldn’t necessarily mean the other one would have life all worked out. He stepped forward, gun outstretched. The other Mulder stood in the frame, mouth working but no sound coming out.

           “What’s he saying?” Scully said, standing at his shoulder. “He’s trying to speak. It’s like he’s…a hologram. There’s something strange about…”

           “His colouring, his presence. I see it too, Scully. It’s me but it’s like a bad photocopy.” Mulder reached out his hand and it swiped right through the other version. He swung round to face Scully but she was already moving past him, holding out her own hand to touch the hologram, only to see it evaporate in front of them. In its place stood Arnold Visser.

           Mulder raised his gun again. “Hands up!”

           “What the hell?” Scully cried, slamming her hands to her sides and stepping back beside Mulder.

           Visser complied. “I can explain. Please.”

Visser sat on the couch and Scully stood behind the round table, watching. Mulder wished she were right by his side. But he had to keep remembering that she was missing twenty years of interview experience.

           “What did you do to Scully?”

           “And to Walter Skinner,” she added.

Mulder was surprised to hear that voice. That ‘don’t fuck with me’ interrogation voice.

           “My wife died. In childbirth. I thought I would go mad with grief. Perhaps I did go mad. I started seeing things. Seeing my wife everywhere. One minute I was in the supermarket, trying not to buy for my family that no longer existed, the next I was staring at my wife as she put baby formula into the trolley.” He drew in a long, ragged breath and looked up at Mulder. His eyes were red and puffy. “It sounds like a miracle, doesn’t it? Seeing the one person you love, even though they died. But it was cruel, cutting. And I couldn’t seem to switch if off.”

           Scully sighed. “There’s a form of schizophrenia called syndrome of selective doubles, whereby patients describe seeing someone they know inhabit the body of someone else.”

           “Capgras Delusion?” Mulder offered. “I’ve heard of it. There have been reported cases where time warps or bends to accommodate the delusion further.”

           Visser shook his head. “I’m not delusional. This is real.”

           “Tell me about it,” Mulder muttered. “How long did it take you to work out you could control it?”

           If guilt were a colour, it would be purple. Visser’s face was bruised with it. “Not…very. My neighbour, she had just lost her husband and he was quite wealthy. I…she…it was not something I consciously thought of. But then there were two of her. I could switch it on and off. I also found that by doing that, I didn’t see my wife as often. It felt safer somehow, to see my neighbour, not my beautiful wife. Anyway, I started to talk to her and we…I…”

           “Convinced the doppelganger to sign over her savings, her will, her insurances?” Scully said.

           Visser dragged his fingers down his face. “I felt terrible at first. But then I realised that I’d made her happy. That old lady had someone to talk to, to share her last days.”

           “What about the original old lady? The one you defrauded?” Mulder said. “How did that version feel about your social work?”

           Shrugging, Visser remained silent for a beat. “I’ve been unwell. I haven’t had the control I once had. I…my power…seems to be reducing.”

           “So, how do I get back to being me? Where is the other me?” Scully said.

           There was a crack of doubt in her voice. As though she still wasn’t quite convinced this was happening. Mulder’s stomach bubbled. This was still Scully, no matter how many years there were between them.

           “Do you really want that?” Visser said.

           Mulder switched his attention to the man on the couch. “What do you mean?”

           But Scully placed her hand on his arm. “I really want it, Mulder. I can’t be half a version of me.”

           He looked down at her. Her eyes fixed, her lips pursed, her shoulders straight, her jaw set. So contained, yet so fierce. He couldn’t argue with that.

           Visser stood up. “We need to go to the hospital.”

           Scully grabbed her bag and coat. “You’ll help AD Skinner?”

           Swallowing, Mulder followed, a kernel of fear gnawing at his insides.

The room was at the far end of the passageway. The green walls seemed to close in on him. Nausea welled and bloomed. When the door opened, all he could think about was the impossible choice. Visser let him pass through and the sickly light cast a low glow over the patient lying still under the blue sheet.

           “Scully,” he whispered.

           Visser walked to her bedside. “This is where I found you. Slumped at her bedside. You visited her every day. You seemed so devoted. You…reminded me of me when my wife died. I saw every painful memory in your face and I thought…I wanted to help. I’d done so much wrong by then that I thought maybe you could be my redemption.”

           “So you thought you’d make a doppelganger of her but it didn’t quite work. She’s missing twenty years of her life.” He looked over his shoulder to check on Scully. But she wasn’t there. He swung back round to Visser. “Where is she? Where’s Scully?”

           The seat cover wheezed out as Visser sank into the chair. “You can’t meet your own doppelganger. It doesn’t work that way.”

           Mulder felt the air rush out of him. “She’s gone?”

           Visser nodded. “I’m sorry.”

           “She tried to help everyone. She found the cure to the virus. She saved humanity. But she couldn’t save herself.” Mulder slumped against the wall. “Why didn’t I remember this until now? Why?” Anger drove his voice up a notch and he slammed his open palm against the window frame.

           Visser stood up. “I think if you look back, you’ll find you do. I loved my wife so much, Mr Mulder. I didn’t want to let her go. But things have to end.”  He walked to the door and laid a hand on Mulder’s arm.

“You’re dying?” Mulder asked. “You said you were unwell. You’ve been receiving treatment here?”

The man nodded sadly. “I’ll finally get to meet Christine again.”

Mulder slept in the chair. The familiarity of it a comfort. Scully was still Scully. Still the hero. Still contained. Still fierce. Still in his heart, however old, however young. Wishing someone back to life was just that – a wish. He was no dark wizard. He was just an old man.

           The door opened and a nurse walked in, smiling quietly. Behind her, Reyes stood, a cautious look on her face. He shut the door to the room and waited.

           “Agent Mulder. I’ve got some news for you.”

           He looked back through the small window, to where Scully lay in her perpetual sleep. “What can you possibly tell me that will make any difference?”

           “We’ve found your son. We’ve found William.”

Lucky I’m In Love With My Best Friend

This is the ninth part in my Chris Evans x Reader series that I have named “Song Lyrics For The Win.” I’ve tried to get lyrics from songs that I can then use as the title. Preferably a lyric pair that can be split into 2 one shots.

Pairing: Chris x Reader
Words: 873
Parts Nine, Ten, And Eleven are from “Lucky” by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz; song suggestion given by @bradygabrielle-blog

A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.
A/N: If you think of a set of lyrics, send ‘em in.
A/N: I don’t have any other parts after this….so…you gotta send some ideas in.


          You were tired. You had been filming all day for the sequel to the movie you and Chris had done. The two of you were working nonstop. Sure, you were together all the time, but it seemed like you were just tired all the time.

           “Hey, Baby,” Chris sat down next to you during a break between scenes, “You okay?” he asked.

           “Just tired,” you said, leaning your head on his shoulder.

           “You’ve been working hard,” he said.

           “So have you,” you said.

           “Yeah, but I’m used to filming for hours on in, doing fight scenes, and getting little sleep,” he said, “I’ve become accustomed to not sleeping and being Captain America all day,” he said.

           You sighed, “Wish I could bounce back like you.”

           Chris chuckled and kissed the top of your head, “I’m gonna help you relax and get some rest.”


           “You’ll see.”

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anonymous asked:

how does venom deal with acne? :)

One good thing about vampirism: I think it completely clears out acne. 

Venom probably deals with acne in one of two ways:

1) Because acne is basically inflammation resulting from clogged pores, venom treats it like any other human wound or injury: it erases the symptoms and heals the underlying infection. Because vampires don’t produce oil or have hormones analogous to ours, the immediate causes of acne are removed by transformation as well.

2) Venom certainly does something to skin, making it rock-hard and crystalline. During that process, venom might change the structure of pores so radically that the inflammation and the underlying structures which caused it are completely altered or gone entirely. 

anonymous asked:

Fuck co-workers story. I work as a youth worker (volunteer) and we have two rules that these other two volunteers always fucking break- never leave a room w/o a staff member in it, and never get the kids running around/playing tag or w/e in the games room and PC room. Today, they both left the games room (and the ~10 kids) alone, and the two staff almost knocked over a bunch of other kids playing tag- if we tell the kids off for something, don't do it yourself! How hard is that to understand!

Taking a Break

So I was excited today to see that I actually had stuff in my inbox today.

Look at that! 9 asks! NINE! I barely ever get 1! So of course I open my inbox to check it out…and its all this bullshit. 

I’ve gone ahead and blocked it, and deleted everything. Honestly though this is ridiculous. 

I have every right to post what I want to post on MY blog. Just as you have every right to post what you want on yours. I get it, clowns trigger people and I said I’d start tagging shit to try to avoid the issue as much as possible. 

However, after receiving these messages, which I am 100% are the same person, I’ve decided to take a break for a week or two.

Just because I am predominantly a Seb and Marvel blog, doesn’t mean that I don’t have other interests. I’m Seb and Marvel first, but to bully/give me shit for posting my other interests? Not cool. 

I’ll be spending the day setting up a massive queue that should last at least a week and then I’ll be off. People can still message me through the messenger as I’ll get it through my phone but I wont actively be online outside of my queue and that. 

I’m 100% NOT quitting, I just need to not be here for a bit…

Okay, girls. Help me out.

After a looooong break and a lot of discouragement I intend to get back to write still today (as I promised, @sweetvengeancee @brightlycoloredteacups @chaoswandas). The deal is… I don’t know what to write first. I have two unfinished novels and but I don’t know what to pick. Yes, I’ve been very clumsy about my writtings. 

But who’s better than my followers and other writers to choose?
That’s what I purpose. You pick one and vote somehow (you can send ask, comment on this post…) or, if you don’t like any of this, you can send a request. Shall we?

Wanderlust - first novel, 4 short chapters 

Survival - second novel, 3 chapters

Thank you, loves. I’ll wait for some feedback (please). 

I’ll tag some of you but everybody can vote haha @dangerousvikings @nothingbuthappydays @float-autumn-leave @lupy22 @kitkat1690 @ivars-heathen @ivartheheathen @ivarthefuckboy @rachiieee @lordavanti @that-was-not-supposed-to-happen @kirah34 @charliexowrite @ivartrash

anonymous asked:

Wait skelinktons can be used as OC's? Oh thank god, I've had tons of OC ideas with them, an I was scared to make them because I didn't know if it was allowed! Also I was scared to ask ;w;

Awww gosh don’t be scared to ask!

I am really chill with people having Skelinkton OCs!!! I am probably not going to do a story with them entirely (like - I might give elements of skelinktons to a character or two in the future, but as for a story with them as a main species? Yeah… not gonna happen), so why keep it to myself? I know that others can take the concept of a skelinkton and expand it to horizons that I can never even think of! 

So go and be creative everyone! Oh! And gosh don’t be afraid to tag me either! I love to see other’s OCs!!!
(though if you can’t that’s completely fine! I’ll be checking the skelinkton tag every so often!)

hey @ those straight girls in my class could you not talk about how disgusting you think lesbian sex is when you know that you have two gay girls that are your classmates? literally no one cares that you don’t want to fuck other women. don’t say some shit like “uhh it’s just my preference” when i call you out on it because you’re literally only discussing the topic because i remind you of it. get fucked.

Special Announcement!!!

Hello all of my amazing followers! October is fast approaching and I have some special things in the works. I have been working hard to be prepared to make October the spookiest it can be! So here’s the plan…

I’m doing a Halloween Special!!

  • I will be posting a halloween themed the 100 moodboard for every day of October!
  • In addition to the moodboards I will be sporadically posting other spooky things such as headcanons or maybe even a gifset or two!
  • I will be accepting requests!!!
    • I will be taking any halloween or spooky themed requests for moodboards, headcanons, possibly gifsets, or anything else your little pumpkin heart desires. 
  • Have no fear, I will still be posting normal non-halloween including my daily hiatus posts.
  • I will be tagging everything with #t100halloween as well as a general tag of #halloween so blacklist those if you don’t want to see any of this!

All of the festivities will officially begin on October First so I will see you all then my goblins and ghouls!! 

works in progress

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

I was not specifically tagged by anyone but saw @cabeswaterlovesthem ‘s post and thought it would be a good way to let you know what I’m working on. Hope you don’t mind the self-promotion.

  • Two Parties at Monmouth - a collection of two stories set at Monmouth Manufacturing that take place 5-ish years apart and have some interesting (I hope) parallels. Pynch-centric, but features the entire Gangsey and others, from Ronan’s POV. This is almost finished. I’m hoping to post it this weekend.
  • A longer, multi-POV fic tentatively titled Time Zones set 10 years in the future. Basic concept is that the Gangsey has been through some shit in the past 10 years and are no longer functioning as the cohesive group they once were. But then something happens to bring them all together again. I’ll admit this is ambitious for me and taking a long time to put together, but I think it’ll be worth it in the end.
  • Also thinking a lot about a Pynch one shot featuring Adam’s valedictorian speech and Ronan not going to graduation and feelings. This is basically just notes on my phone at this point, but will probably be my next short story.

I’d love to see what everyone else is working on so if you have some WIPs you’d like to share, consider yourself tagged.

multimusicnet’s first event: get to know our members (and what kind of music they’re into)!

hey everyone! our net’s been active for a few days, so we’re announcing our first event, which is open to our members only! they’ll be creating playlists of their favorite music! this is event will last two weeks, meaning it will end on october 26th. in the future, there will be other events where nonmembers can totally participate, don’t worry!

for the members:

  • rb this post!
  • make sure you tag your playlist with #* and #*[name], and queue it to the net!
  • you should also tag it with #event1! 
  • (edit, haha whoops) also tag it with #multimusicnet! so we can track it, and stuff

hope you guys have fun with this!!

Get to Know Me!

Hey, lovelies!! (Still trying to come up with a fandom name oops) I’ve been tagged by these lovelyyy people right here for this tag:

            ✩ @jinniessoftbutterfly
            ✩ @underthekookiejar (my bb quinie ilyyyy)
            ✩ @exe-kai

Thanks, for tagging me! I hope this is a way for allllll of my followers to get to know me better (bc y’all don’t really know me *cries*) So have this random info about me!!! (Also I combined two different tags into one so there are more questionsss)

  1. Nicknames: Aly, Lyss, Lyssa (that’s rare), Stitch (bc ohana means fam obvi), and there are a lot other ones, too, but those are of my last name heheh
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Star sign: Sagittarius (so is Jin!!)
  4. Height: 5'2" and a half  (159 cm?)
  5. Time: 4:27 pm
  6. Birthday: November 28th
  7. Favorite bands: Hmm let’s see; BTS, GOT7, SVT, BLACKPINK, KARD, EXO (although I don’t know half their names oops), recently Stray Kids bc asdfgh yes pls they’re amazing, and that’s all for now!
  8. Favorite solo artists: I don’t listen to many kpop solo artists…and I don’t really have a favorite???
  9. Song stuck in my head: Change Up by SVT Leaders (*sings while typing* CHANGE UP CHANGE UP CHANGE UP)
  10. Last movie I watched: Big Hero 6…I needed a good cry, okay?
  11. Last show I watched: Supernatural
  12. When did I create my blog: This specific one? The end of July.
  13. What do I post: Fake texts and Fics!
  14. Last thing I googled: Kermit the frog meme
  15. Do you have other blogs: *sweats* yeah, I have a personal blog (that i’ll link in my bio just in case y’all want it heh), a GOT7 blog (it’s literally for the same purpose as this one except I haven’t posted anything yet), a reaaaaally old disney blog that I never post on, and a riverdale blog.
  16. Do you get asks: Yes I do! And I’m so grateful for them!!!
  17. Why did you choose your URL: Hmmm, Yoongi is my bias and I feel like blogs have a cute adjective before them and the one that best fit for him was ‘lovely’ but ‘lovelyoongi’ and ‘lovelyyoongi’ were taken so BOOM, three y’s it is.
  18. Following: 447
  19. Followers: 2,034 (asdfgh i still can’t believe it!)
  20. Favorite colors: White, black, and purple!
  21. Average hours of sleep: 5-9
  22. Lucky number: 28
  23. Instruments: I can play the flute but stopped when I was like 12…I’m a boss at guitar hero tho NOPE that’s a lie
  24. What am I wearing: My pajamas…ITS FRIDAY OKAY? THIS IS HOW I SPEND MY FRIDAYS.
  25. Dream trip: Bruh, around the world…But for right now, a roadtrip with friends would be siiiick
  26. Favorite food: Churros/Pizza
  27. Nationality: American(this doesn’t include ethnicity, right lol?)
  28. Favorite song right now: Well, kpop: Change Up (ironically, this changed so many times in the past week ngl) non kpop: Boys by Charli XCX
  29. Sexuality: Straight afffff (my friends call me the gayest straight person ever)
  30. Hogwarts House: HUFFLEPUFF!!
  31. Favorite animal: Cheetah or Dolphin
  32. Dogs or Cats: PUPPERSSSSS
  33. Amount of blankets I sleep with: 3 omg
  34. Dream Job: Hm, I really like photography and travel so something with that would be nice…

Those of you who read the whole thing: WOW! Hope you know more about me! (unless you learned too much…in that case I’m sorry heehee)

Those of you who didn’t: That’s fine, too! It was a lot to read, I get it!!

anonymous asked:

Wait how many friends do you have?

Uhhhhh idk there’s @sushi-alien @crystalstardragon @earths-echo65 and @aiheartart who I’ve known for about 2 years? @transthomasjefferson (one of my close friends) @four-corsets-two-horses @dawnovaan and @nixilton who I love n adore and also newer friends who I hope don’t mind me calling them friends @scullysrandomstuff (who like the same things as me and is super cool) @fuckerson @squidpop @styxetal!!!!

anonymous asked:

Hi. Do you know any slavery or BDSM fics with bottom!Draco. I have read a lot of them, so if you know some not-so-well-known fics as well, it would be great. ❤❤

The only fic that really comes to mind is this one:

I’m a Slave For You:  After being sold into Ministry enforced slavery to one Mr. Harry Potter, Draco is simply trying to find his lot in life. Full warnings inside. Will contain male slash.

And I also have a tag for bottom!Draco that you’re more than welcome to look through. Not sure how much BDSM you’ll find there.

Here is a rec that contains drarry bdsm, but is a mixture of top/bottom Harry and Draco, not just on bottom!Draco, so be careful. And here’s another that’s more specific.

For other recs on bottom!Draco there are quite a few: one, two, three, four, five, six. I don’t know if any of these contain BDSM themes but it’s worth checking out.

And slave!Draco I found two recs: one, two.

I hope you can find some you haven’t read yet!