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Writing Prompt #206

“I really, really don’t think that breaking into the zoo and hoping that one of the animal bites will give you superpowers is a good idea.”
“Don’t be so lame! This is exactly why you’re the sidekick, and I’m the hero.”

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If you have time, of course, and if you don't consider this lame, maybe a third part of that ficlet about John being kidnap and Hercules saving him: 1) Alex and Laf punish him (sexually) for going outside for his own Or 2) Or Laf and Alex confort him and lecture him kindly about going outside all alone. (Because, after all, the two vampires touched him) It's just a idea from a fan that loves you.

When Alex pulled him into their house, still fuming, he was shoved forward and caught himself on the stairwell railing. “Laf!” Alex yelled, scowling.

Lafayette appeared at the top of the stairs, then nearly ran down to John, grabbing him by the arms. “What happened to you?” he demanded, voice dripping with concern. “Where did you go, why did you leave-”

“Hercules found him,” Alex said. He crossed his arms, giving John a hard look. “Where did you go?”

John swallowed. “I don’t wanna…”

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🖍 pleaseeee <3

jfc for some reason this drawing took me so long тт_тт 

anyway, at first i wanted to draw some pastel yoongi, but then somehow it transformed into this :D but i hope u like it!!╰(▔∀▔)╯

(don’t even ask about this lame lame background) 

A player who just wants pussy, you can see a mile away. Ladies you are worth more than a fuck and a midnight text. Don’t be easy for these lame ass dudes. Stay your ground. If they act cold to you after you reject them, you know they was only in it for your pussy and nothing else. Stay beautiful for yourself and for the man who earns and works for it. 

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dedicate one song to each of your favourite blogs 😂

I will try anon but please don’t hate me at the end of this because I kinda suck at this 🙈  Also sorry to my favourite bloggers/blogs 😂

1, @Jikooksama

K.A.R.D - Oh NaNa
(I found out about the group the same day I found her blog. So I found an amazing group and an amazing blog, she shares the most amazing jikook fics/au’s.)

2, @phanadox

(Please don’t hate my lame ass, but her social media au’s are dope! again please don’t hate me for that 😅)

3, @kookmint

Jk&Jm - We don’t talk anymore
(Kookmin…that’s legit all I have to say)

4, @mimibtsghost

Monsta X - Beautiful acoustic version
(She’s my favourite blog and beautiful is my favourite song at the moment, it’s been on replay and I can’t get enough of it. Also Mimi is the most amazing person I’ve ever come across

OOC rant

Like I know in rl they’re not gonna confirm that all the characters in Overwatch are LGBT+

Like I’m not a fuckin idiot I know what it’s like in the “”“real world”“” for fucks sake it’s why I can’t get a fucking job and it’s why I’m probably not gonna make it past 30 I am intimately aware of the realities of the world we live in.

Like shut the fuck up and let us have these hcs, like if they bother you so much then fucking leave no one is making you stay here.

Also the cishets would treat us like shit either way so don’t even use the lame “this is why they don’t take us seriously” argument, like nah they don’t take us seriously because they’re homophobic and transphobic.

Y'all wanna talk about real life. Y'all wanna talk about reality. Here’s my fucking real life experience-

Cishets will always find a reason to hate us.
Cishets will always use whatever excuse they can to mistreat us.
Cishets will always be greedy and complain about even the slightest positive or otherwise LGBT+ rep.
Cishets will always be like this. Cishets will never fully accepts us. Sure, there will be cishets who are decent, whatever, but like if they’re gonna bitch and moan about a full cast of LGBT+ characters, or the mere thought of such, then I don’t rlly have any respect for them nor do I expect them to be any different than all the cishets who have hurt me in my life. Let us have fun. Let us have this. Cishets get literally every fucking thing in the god damn world. Don’t need y'all trying to be edgy little fucks thinking that we aren’t aware of what the world is like, because trust me. no one is more intimately aware of it than us.


I don’t care if it sounds lame, I’m still pretty proud of myself.

Easily one of my favorite games of all time. I’d beaten it twice already, but only just now finally got that platinum completion trophy. Took a lot of blood sweat & tears, but all in all, a very satisfying ride.

Thank God for co-op, that’s all I’ll say.

i wonder did some people who write comments on henrik’s ig have ever achieved something in their own life? like they think it’s okay to say things like ‘you are always on vacations, go to auditions, don’t be lame!’ because if you say stuff like that you should achieve something too. but we all know that they didn’t. and i even more curious about why these people even follow him. he makes them mad, they write ugly comments on his ig which he most likely reads, like nobody wins. so hva faen?  

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I wasn't trying to make you feel lame omg, you just seem really laid back in streams as if you have a lot of friends and ur confident so I was really just curious!! You are far from lame tho, if I was better with alpha and didn't mind the amount of build cc I would really want to collaborate a mini story or something with you. I always have a lot of ideas and muse to create sims but not enough to do anything with them, you know? You're just a big inspiration for me (: pls don't ever feel lame

Oh no when I say lame I mean it in an endearing way towards my self, haha!

Oh I do, I had know idea I gave off that vibe. That’s pretty cool! (Thanks for coming to my stream by the way!)  In person it is pretty easy for me to make friends and my friend group is really great but I have a hard time online reaching out to people. I have had a hard time here especially but I am working on translating more of my confidence online. Honestly I would love to have that close simmer bud(s) since people in person do not understand my creative the same way people here do. If that makes any sense, I’m really bad with words.

I completely understand, I want to get confident enough at sims posting thingys where I am not as nervous when reaching out to people about doing little things together. c:

Thank you for your kind words! <3

Hello I’m Marcus, I’m from the USA, and I’m looking to meet new people. Also I’m 16.

I enjoy things such as sports, writing, YouTube and Playing video games. 

I’m just looking for someone who’s really chill and cool in that I can get to know really well maybe we can start FaceTiming or Skyping.

So I guess if you don’t think I’m completely lame you can holla at me on one of the social media things. Yeah?

Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Email: MarcusNeuski (

iMessage Group chat open

There’s a iMessage only group chat open for anyone who wants to join.
-must be active
- can’t be sensitive because we joke a lot
-must have iMessage
-don’t be lame
Don’t lie because we will find out 🤷🏽‍♀️

Message me if you want to join!

5 Facts About Me

Thanks @chewykookie-scribbles for the tag! :) (And hey! We’re both altos! ;) haha)

Side note, peeps: If you tag me in memes, tag games, etc I will always do it lol these are fun!

Here goes! (These are gonna be super random)

1) I’m allergic to watermelon! D:

2) Fastest mile time is 5:34! (Cross Country and Track back in high school! Ayyyyy)

3) I’ve lived in Texas for a year and I miss it!!!

4) Used to be pretty damn extroverted… but after these last few years, I’ve shifted into more of an introvert. Reasons vary, but I like having a small circle of friends and I don’t think it’s lame to just chill with my family on a Friday night rather than go out bar-hopping.

5) I’m a history buff! I love learning about history and how the past shapes the future. My family history is so whack (on both sides lol) so ever since I was a kid, I’ve just found the entire subject immensely fascinating. 

Tagging no one cuz I’m lazy lmao but thanks for tagging me, chewy! :D