Sometimes it lasts in love but 99.999% of the time it hurts instead: Will/Mac

"Let me just say, I think you should. I think you should say yes. But no matter what you say, there’s no chance I am ever gonna hurt you again. And no matter what you say, I am gonna be in love with you for the rest of my life. There’s no way out of that. That’s just a physical law of the universe. You own me. No matter what you say, I will never stop."


The Newsroom | To Build A Home

so apparently the total lack of either new footage or even a general airdate has driven me to picking apart to the tiniest detail the most important scenes in 209

like everyone’s faces when will announces the engagement

don wants to know who’s fucking with him now and why

elliot has not located the cha

okay, now charlie is definitely resigning

this very random, never-ever-seen-before employee is very chuffed. thanks, inconsequential acn employee!

reese is only mildly interested

neal’s 1,000 page fanfiction just came true

rebecca is definitely still high

third generation rockette was thinking about choreography the whole time. wait. what just happened.

do not even get me started on these two

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Gone Gone Gone // Don + Sloan, Will + Mac & Jim + Maggie

So if you’ve been following my crazy posts lately then you know I have literally fallen head over heels for this amazing show that I once watched in my hotel room and just recently picked back up. It is such a gem of a thing and all of the dynamics are so wonderful and bright, but there are three shining stars that I love with all of my heart: Will + Mac, Don + Sloan & Jim + Maggie.

I was really nervous about vidding this song because I’ve always wanted to vid this song, but moreover using it with a show I’ve never worked with before was nice. This is dedicated to the amazing Emma ~ this is a very, very late Christmas gift (or early birthday gift or both).

I hope you enjoy it!

Prompt:  AU wherein Mac and Don are dating and when Will and Sloan find out, they scheme to try and break them up.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three


New Year’s Day, 2011:  6:56AM

Mackenzie had moved from the bathroom to the edge of the bed.  She was still wearing Don’s shirt that swallowed her and a spare blanket across her lap.  They hadn’t figured out where she left her clothes between the front door (she hoped) and the bedroom. 

Don was sitting with distance between them so he did not crowd her.  He couldn’t help but feel a little guilty that she felt so terrible and was horrified with the idea they had spent the last several hours together. 

“I’m sorry,” he offered and she shook her head, waving her hand.

“No, no, it’s…” she trailed off and rubbed her eyes again.  She inhaled a sharp breath and leaned back, afraid she would lose her insides again.  “I mean, it’s not your fault.  I was upset and you had just broken up with Maggie for the third time this week—”

“And the last time,” he interrupted and slid a few inches closer.  Mackenzie didn’t seem fazed by it.

“That’s what you say.  It shouldn’t have happened.”

“But it did.  Why is that so wrong?”


“Because why?  We were each other’s rebound?  So?  If not us, then who?” he retorted and his brows lifted in question.  Mackenzie didn’t have an answer.  She parted her lips to speak but Don didn’t let her.  “Look.  I had fun last night.  At the bar, on the way back, here, but that doesn’t mean this has to be weird.  I like you Mackenzie.  I had a crush on you when I met you and you gave me my first position.  Then… you left there and I just forgot about it.  Since you’ve been back I haven’t been able to think about anything else.”

Mackenzie looked at him sideways, trying to register each word carefully.

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