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Actually there is actually a reason that rad lightning works, see it's full name is Raikô: Red Lightning, aikô is the Japanese name for Mercury Fulminate (properly known as Mercury(II) fulminate), which is a lesser explosive that was originally used to ignite gunpowder in older firearms. So in chemistry terms, the lightning wouldn't have hurt Wahl, however an ignition caused by laxus's punch would have created an explosion big enough to destroy wahl. Now I don't know why wahl couldn't scan it.

I actually didn’t know this! Cool B)

Over at the Paris Review Online, one of my favorite writers – John Jeremiah Sullivan – has a short essay about the tension between religious belief and religious music. It is also an essay about a new collection of old country music –Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard – collected by Kentuckian Don Wahle, who kept the records in boxes until the day he died. Says Sullivan about the track “Beyond the Starry Plane”:

From the abyss of the static come “dear Mother” and “no matter what I do” and “we shall meet again” and “Jesus is my God.” I listen to this song and imagine Don Wahle listening to it, leaning forward to hear it better. An infinitesimal point of communion, a shared pause before the obliteration.

Sullivan also wrote the liner notes for the collection, which Milo Miles reviewed for Fresh Air a few weeks back.


Image by Tennessee Home and Farm via Flickr Commons