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What would nishinoya, oikawa and Tsukishima do if they discover that their s/o don't live in a happy home and their parents are very mean? (Headcanons or scenarios it doesn't matter)

Here you go I hope you like it !!

Nishinoya: He wouldn’t really understand fully what his s/o was going through but he’d still make sure to always be there for his s/o. He’d try extra hard to make his s/o smile and be happy. He’d continue to be a giant goofball and would always check up on his s/o when they have to be home for awhile.

Oikawa: He’d be upset. He doesn’t want his s/o in a situation that hurts them. He’d talk to them and let them vent about their problems. And he’d be sure that the s/o always felt loved. He’d hug them after any of their vent sessions. Also he’d be sure to keep a close eye on them and if he noticed anything off, he’d be sure to let them know his house was always available too.

Tsukishima: He’d be sad to learn his s/o had a bad home life. Then he’d be angry at himself. How could he not have picked up on it before? And how stupid had he been complaining about petty stuff? He’d try to be a bit more kind than he usually is. Overall he’d just be angry that his amazing s/o had to go through such a hard life at home, he doesn’t think they deserve it and can’t understand why it happens.


Had some galette des rois (king cake) the other day so I came up with this stupid shit. If you’re not familiar with the galette des rois thingy well it’s basically a v yummy cake you traditionally eat on January and like there’s a smol charm (fêve) hidden on one of the slices and the one who finds it get to be crowned king (or queen). Ofc I HAD to draw those 2 dorks o(`ω´ )o
pls don’t mind the messy state of the sketches haha

some supa good slam poems(-:

here’s a list of some of my favorite slam poems because slam poetry is beautiful and wonderful and incredible and lovely and everything

sienna burnett- “U Fine?”

“my mother has a texting language all her own and when she asks, “U Fine?” this means somewhere, very recently, there was another bullet-stop ending. there was another trigger parade.”

karina stow- trigger warning

“i don’t believe in lying to children, but when she asks me what’s wrong i still tell her the storybook version; i tell her that once, a bad man broke into my home. i wish i’d also told her that bad men look like respectable young men–trigger. that bad men will compliment your nana on her lemon squares. bad men write love poems- trigger. bad men smile so wide they will swallow you and you, you will convince yourself you asked him to.”

don luben- 14 lines from love letters or suicide notes

“i came home on thursday and found all of the chairs in the house stacked in a pile in the center of my kitchen; i don’t know how long they have been like that, but it must have been me that did it. it is the kind of thing a ghost might do, to prove to the living he is still there. i am haunting my own apartment.”

tucker bryant- facts about myself

“but being built like a short story is a lesson in finding other ways to be the tallest tale in the room.”

sarah kay- love letter from a toothbrush to a bicycle

“i know about your rough edges and i have seen your perfect curves, and i will fit into any spaces you let me. if loving you means getting dirty, bring on the grime, i will leave this porcelain home behind.”

savannah brown- i wish i was (a flaw examination)

“i wish i was more interesting but that might be one of those things where
everyone else thinks i’m interesting, but i don’t because i’m me and i know i spend most of my days wearing pajamas in my room, which isn’t that interesting.”

phile kaye- beginning, middle, and end

“like the night you thought you were invincible, ran out into the lightning storm with a million keys tied to a million kites, and a clench in your jaw that said, “take me with you, goddammit, i dare you.” and the week you finally reached out to feel your father’s cheeks and just found paper cuts.”

dia davina- emergency room

“dont touch my heart when it’s thundering. you wouldn’t swim in a lightning storm, would you?”

melissa newman-evans- 9 things i would like to tell every teenage girl

“you remember that metaphor about killing you being stealing your voice? sometimes…the world will actually try to kill you. you’ll never deserve it.”

desiree dallagiacomo- sink 

“is that not living? being so close to death that you paint it on your skin?”


SO @reb-chan drew THIS and i screamed. like. legit screamed. so i asked her if I could draw her design because i love and she graciously agreed -flops on the floor- SO HERE IT IS -throws confetti- i love her Poe. i love Poe. i just.. -lies on the floor- just Poe Dameron guys.. just that..

guys i’m so whipped with this guy right now it’s not funny /__\ ya’ll are probably like “here we go again. another flood of another fandom” but like.. i’ve been an avid star wars fan since i was a child. i just hide it. to avoid being judged HAHAHA


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Poe Dameron©Star Wars
-on the floor-©me

Don Afonso the Conqueror.

The 1st Portuguese and also the 1st Portuguese King.

Portugal’s first flag was a blue cross on a white background, which was emblematically used on Don Afonso’s shields and garments.

His most famous victory was in 1139 at the battle of Ourique, where he defeated the armies of 5 Muslim Kings, during the Reconquista in Iberia.

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What are your fave 1d fanfics ?

As a fic writer, although I am a mere novice compared to some of you out there, I would like to point out that all fics are awesome. But as I need to narrow these lovely works of art down, I only point out those that made me feel like I still lived in that world after I finished reading them. So, top 15 in more or less random order: