How to design doors to be less confusing

You’ve encountered a door like this. One that looks like you should pull on it, but really you’re supposed to push. Those doors you hate have a name: “Norman doors.”

They’re named after Don Norman, a UC San Diego cognitive scientist, who identified this phenomena in his book “The Design of Everyday Things.”

According to Norman, pushing on a door that says “pull” isn’t necessarily your fault. It is just poorly designed. 

So what’s the solution to this mess?

Norman explains two principles of design that make objects, including doors, more intuitive to use.

One is discoverability — that is, just by looking at the door, you should be able to detect what you could do with it. So a door with only a flap would be more intuitively interpreted as something you push on rather than pull.

A well-designed object should also provide you feedback while using it.

Feedback involves any visible, tactile, auditory or sensible reactions that help signal whether your attempted use of the object was successful. In the case of doors, the twistable knobs would signal to you whether the door is locked or not.

And perhaps the true test of a well-designed door may be whether your family cat can open it with ease.

Watch the full @vox video on Norman doors (and human-centered design) 

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alex doesn’t want to live without norma and stayed alive solely to get revenge on norman which makes me think he’s going to die in the finale. or if he does end up killing norman (which I don’t think he will bc everyone’s expecting it) what happens then?? will he shoot himself?? a murder suicide?????

I feel like he’s going to be like three seconds away from killing him and then someone will shoot him and norman will get away or something

if they do that I’ll be so disappointed bc it’s so cliche

and also I don’t want norman to die but i also want alex to get closure

fuck me

shanhammer  asked:

Hey! I saw it mentioned in a post that there are 5 exectutive functions and adhd effects all of them - what are those? I keep reading abt it and it's like looking in a mirror, I can't tell if its my anxiety or maybe adhd causing executive dysfunction

I’m not sure which post it was you saw, but this is a difficult question to answer because there is no agreement on any particular executive functions. There are a lot of models describing executive functions; some of them say there are three domains of EF, some say there are 8, and some say there are 5. Basically, it varies a lot. Generally though, executive functions are defined as “a set of cognitive processes – including attentional control, inhibitory control, working memory, and cognitive flexibility, as well as reasoning, problem solving, and planning – that are necessary for the cognitive control of behavior” (taken from Wikipedia).

Check out our executive dysfunction tag for more on that.


I got curious and looked up some stuff (hi @shanhammer​, you know I’m like this!) and here’s the links and a quick summary.

Wikipedia on Executive Functions:

The executive system is thought to be heavily involved in handling novel situations outside the domain of some of our ‘automatic’ psychological processes that could be explained by the reproduction of learned schemas or set behaviors. Psychologists Don Norman and Tim Shallice have outlined five types of situations in which routine activation of behavior would not be sufficient for optimal performance:[13][page needed]

  1. Those that involve planning or decision making
  2. Those that involve error correction or troubleshooting
  3. Situations where responses are not well-rehearsed or contain novel sequences of actions
  4. Dangerous or technically difficult situations
  5. Situations that require the overcoming of a strong habitual response or resisting temptation.

Wikipedia on Executive Dysfunction:

The main focus of current research has been on working memory, planning, set shifting, inhibition, and fluency.

WebMD on Executive Function:

Types of Executive Function

Executive function can be divided into two groups:

  • Organization: Gathering information and structuring it for evaluation
  • Regulation: Taking stock of your surroundings and changing behavior in response to it

Warning signs that a child may be having problems with executive function include trouble in:

  • Planning projects
  • Estimating how much time a project will take to complete
  • Telling stories (verbally or in writing)
  • Memorizing
  • Starting activities or tasks
  • Remembering

I’m not sure exactly what the five executive functions are (and I wondered that when I read the post too) but this is what I learned. I expect it’s either that first list of five situations or the list of research focus areas.

There, now I can close those tabs. ;)


Message to the trolls

We don’t ship Norman and Diane we support them! If it were to turn out she wasn’t good to him and for him and it ends we will still support Norman. We are first and foremost NORMAN FANS. We want him to be happy and if it’s with Diane so be it! We may not all like or care for her but we aren’t the ones dating her are we? We’ve all seen couples that we wondered how the hell did one stand the other but somehow they worked. Everyone deserves a chance no matter how we feel about them. And the last I checked Norman nor Diane have any bearing on my personal life so what they do doesn’t effect me. Why does it effect any of you trolls?

Mod- preach on sister!!! ❤❤❤❤This!! 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 @smurph69

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Omg! I'm so happy that I found people who think just like me😂😂 I am INCREDIBLY attracted by Daryl Dixon (really, he is perfect) but I don't find Norman Reedus that attractive, like, he's cute and everything but, I can only imagine myself being his friend hahahaha. Isn't that strange? 😅😂

Yay we’re together! No it’s not that weird as I said i’m like that too :3

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"Listen, Norman, don't you have a tight 'fawning over mummy' schedule to stick to? Aren't you betraying your true love by messing around with my daughter?"

Aryan was fairly certain Klaus had officially lost one too many marbles now. He’d always insulted him and such but…

“My name’s Aryan,” he muttered pointedly. “And I don’t fawn over mummy! I just respect her! What crack have you been smoking?!”


Cover and extras from Vol 2 of Yakusoku no Neverland. 

Krone - No. 18684
? years old, 1.75m
(She says she is 26 years old in Chapter 21 when they question her.)

Anna - No. 48194
9 years old, 1.35m

Nat - No. 30294
9 years old, 1.33m

Touma - No. 55294
7 years old, 1.23m

Lanyon - No. 54294
7 years old, 1.25m

Skipping the other kids, especially since I’m not too sure how to romanize their names. (I’m not too sure about the ones on top already.) Also skipping the offscene page. Feel free to translate if anyone’s interested.

Source: Public raws

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Honest question and you don't need to answer but if the cheating rumor is or was true would you still ship DK and Norman? I do but if it's true then idk

I don’t ship them period. I don’t care who Norman is with as long as he is happy. I honestly couldn’t not answer that questions without knowing the details. If Diane was not in a open relationship with Josh. Josh did not know about them I would be disappointed. But guys all we have are assumptions and no facts. I don’t see how anyone can judge a situation with zero facts. You can’t help who you fall for. Its how the situation is handled that matters. And we don’t know how this was handled. I have not seen Josh the supposed “victim” seem upset. He has moved on and is seeing someone new. I have a question for you. If Josh seems to have moved on why can’t Norman fans? The only ones still making this an issue is Norman’s “fans”. I don’t see Josh fans still upset. I don’t see Diane fans throwing shade. So why are Norman fans so butt hurt? If you claim to be his fan you would want him to be happy. He clearly seems happy with whatever he has with Diane. So why can’t people just give up the rumors and the petty insults and be happy for him?

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I came here to say thanks for introducing a Yakusoku no Neverland. I know that from one of your post and now I already read to chapter 35 for 3 times. Its realy mind blowing, twist and cliffhanger every chapter. This is my manga for 2017 😆😆😆 Ps: what do you think about Norman? I believe he still alive, either they recruit him became a scientist like MW or they want him to be "Papa". After all there is no way child will born without adult male, isn't it?

ASDFGHJKL I KNOW ANON THIS MANGA IS SO INTENSE, I LOVE IT!!! I’m glad you’re enjoying it too :D

Ch. 35 was super exciting!!!!! I can’t wait to find out what happens and it’s killing me >.<


About Norman: I don’t think he’s dead either! I found the way they ended his story, without showing his death, very suspicious, and have also toyed with the theory of him being made a “Papa.”

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In a supernatural verse, any of your muse have a knot? Or like being knotted?

NSFW Asks.

ooc! lovely question: yes, knotting is very well encouraged. werewolves and stuff like that can always bring a knot thing to the thread. some of the suggestions I’d make for threads like that:

knotting! James, Guido, Scottie, Ron, Thomas, Johnny, Tony, Butch, Addison

knotted! Don, Jim, Joe, Paul, Norman, Johnny, Gittes, Felix, Querelle, Joseph, Butch