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Hi! Okay so this is about the rosewater ask I saw earlier! I know rose water can get hella expensive, trust me. But if you (if you have one near you) go to Marshalls and they sell rosewater face mists for about $4. It's 8-ounces and I use it as a toner. It's lasted me for a good 5months and I share with my sisters. Definitely worth it! If you can't find it there, or don't have a Marshalls near you, the brand name is Pearlessence. Much love and good luck! 💖


Pretty little liars  #10 years from now

Actual representation of 7-year-old Toby and Spencer’s kid presenting his family for a school project:
“This is my family. This is my dad, Toby Cavanaugh. This is my grandfather, Daniel Cavanaugh and my grandmother, Marion Cavanaugh. My little sister is name after her. After she past away, my grandpa remarried and that’s how my dad has a half-sister name Jenna Marshall. We don’t see her much though because Mom doesn’t like her that much. This is mom, Spencer Cavanaugh, formally Hastings. Her parents are Peter Hastings and Veronica. But, my mom was actually adopted and her biological mother is Mary Drake. Mary is the twin sister of Jessica Dilaurentis who was murdered and buried in mom’s backyard before I was born. Jessica is Jason Dilaurentis’s mother and his dad is also my mom’s dad. They are half-siblings but genetically they are full brother and sister. Oncle Jason is also Auntie Alison’s half-brother throught their mom. Mom and Auntie Alison are first cousins and genetically half-sisters. My mom has another half-sister, Aunt Melissa. Then, there’s Aunt Charlotte, formally Cece, formally Charles, also my mom’s half-sister. She was murdered too. Then, there’s Auntie Emily who is married to Auntie Alison. Aunt Aria and Hanna are not actually my aunties, but I call them that anyways. That’s my family. Thank you.”


Don Marshall, who played Lt. Boma on “The Galileo Seven” has died at 80 years old.

Marshall is perhaps best known for his role as Dan Erickson on  Land of the Giants. While a great gig for any actor, especially one of color, this made him unavailable to the producers of Star Trek, who intended to make the combative science officer a recurring character after his strong performance as what the script had only described as “a strong negro.”
Don Marshall, Actor on ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Land of the Giants,’ Dies at 80
Don Marshall, who appeared on TV shows including “Star Trek,” “Land of the Giants” and “Julia,” died Sunday in Los Angeles. He was 80. Fellow “Star Trek&#8…
By Pat Saperstein

I had quite the crush on him in Land of the Giants, loved him in Star Trek too.  

RIP Don Marshall and thank you for your great work and for the great memories.

MGM 25th Anniversary Photo - April 1949

FRONT ROW: Lionel Barrymore, June Allyson, Leon Ames, Fred Astaire, Edward Arnold, Lassie, Mary Astor, Ethel Barrymore, Spring Byington, James Craig, Arlene Dahl

SECOND ROW: Gloria DeHaven, Tom Drake, Jimmy Durante, Vera-Ellen, Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, Judy Garland, Betty Garrett, Edmund Gwenn, Kathryn Grayson, Van Heflin

THIRD ROW: Katharine Hepburn, John Hodiak, Claude Jarman Jr., Van Johnson, Jennifer Jones, Louis Jourdan, Howard Keel, Gene Kelly Christian Kent (Alf Kjellin), Angela Lansbury, Mario Lanza, Janet Leigh

FOURTH ROW: Peter Lawford, Jeanette MacDonald, Ann Miller, Ricardo Montalban, Jules Munshin, George Murphy, Reginald Owen, Walter Pidgeon, Jane Powell, Ginger Rogers, Frank Sinatra, Red Skelton

FIFTH ROW: Alexis Smith, Ann Sothern, J. Carrol Naish, Dean Stockwell, Lewis Stone, Clinton Sundberg, Robert Taylor, Audrey Totter, Spencer Tracy, Esther Williams, Kennan Wynn.

ABSENT:  Louis Calhern, Cyd Charisse, Gladys Cooper, Nancy Davis, Greer Garson, Jean Hagen, Lena Horne, Jose Iturbi, Deborah Kerr, Marjorie Main, Frank Morgan, Margaret O’Brien, William Powell, Paula Raymond, James Stewart, Barry Sullivan, Don Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Marshall Thompson, Lana Turner, Robert Walker, James Whitmore.