Alessandro Cortini (35) + Don Buchla (74) performing Everything Ends Here at San Francisco Electronic Music Festival 2010.

Deep Bass…


Don Buchla Modular Synthesizer inventor and pioneer RIP Thank you for the incredible instruments you developed.


Don Buchla (1937–2016)

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straights and a promised curve

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External image

straights and a promised curve at a difficult corner, awaiting new sidewalk.
Cambridge, 17 September 2016

Asked engineer for a curve rather than a couple of crude 35º angles; he agreed, and marked the general idea.

Mention it here because of the curves and straights, especially in upper portion. Was thinking of Don Buchla (1937-2016 *), his sound, the sounds of two masses or elements or lines coming close — one thick maybe, one thin, or different colors — and asymptotically closer never quite aligning; indeed, their closing in on each other causing interference that asserts itself and ultimately subsumes its progenitors, becomes its own sound, until its own undercurrents begin to surface, fret, destabilize, disintegrate. (So much for my technical vocabulary.)

Prompted by Alessandro Cortini and Don Buchla performing Everything Ends Here in 2010, at conclusion of this appreciation.


Alessandro Cortini + Don Buchla, performing the piece “everything ends here”



RIP Don Buchla!

Don (Buchla)was a very special instrument designer and he had a vision that he is still expressing today. His idea was to make electronic instruments that could be used for live performances because they were compact enough for transporting between venues. And he has always designed appropriate interfaces for them. He showed me that the idea of playing a black and white keyboard with one of these instruments was completely ridiculous. It was inappropriate and had nothing to do with the way you would use an electronic instrument. So he made keyboards that are threaded, that have flat plates and the surface of the key can be made to respond to pressure or the amount of it that is covered. There was a new form of communication happening via his electronic instruments. He never used the word synthesizer.

        -Suzanne Ciani 

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David Rosenboom & Donald Buchla - Collaboration in Performance - 1 - And Out Come the Night Ears (1978)

Don Buchla Doc [Kickstarter]

This promo video surfaced a while back, giving a short glimpse into the life of legendary synth pioneer Don Buchla: Now that the film is finally in the crowdsourcing phase, I think it’s high time to get the word out. Don is the inventor of the Buchla Modular Electronic Music System,…

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