Destruction Unit - Los Globos - August 15, 2014

Night one of Berserktown Fest included the first L.A. appearance by hardcore mutants, Dawn of Humans. But during the penultimate set by Arizona’s Destruction Unit, three drummers, three guitar players [correction, Don Bolles was the fourth sitting on the floor], and one psychedelic wall of sound rattled Los Globos like sadomasochistic sex during full-scale war. In the process, a few journalist’s went deaf and nobody seemed to give a shit about Chrome, who were almost boring following Destruction Unit’s utter mayhem. — Art Tavana


new video :: Little Dragon - “Underbart” [via theguardian]


Also. Everyone who lives in L.A should go to the Echoplex on the 19th! Bill Bartell of White Flag memorial featuring Redd Kross, The Germs (Pat Smear and Don Bolles) featuring my mom Charlotte (of the Go-Go’s on bass), and Os Mutantes!! I’m singing a song with Redd Kross, don’t miss it! Seriously, it will be cool.