“ Don’t go home baby~ I have a present here for you
Don’t go home today baby ye~ To be honest I’m not used to it either
Sweetheart – ^^ ”


I am so so so obsessed. I get so high whenever i get to hear jiyeon sing live. She may not have those power chords, but her voice is so soulful and filled with emotions that you get overwhelmed whenever you hear her sing. Oh jiyeon….

Oh, and did i mention that i love all of them in this white power suits! <3


I ..need you in my life..

I ..want you in my life.


i need you, please don’t leave now. don’t back out, i beg you. please don’t. you’re the reason i’m here. if it wasn’t for you i honestly don’t even know if i would even be alive. you are the closest thing to a parent to me. i love you with all my heart, please don’t go.

i’ve been crying all week, please don’t.