so just watched fernando torres’ screen time from chelsea tv and it’s so sad to hear that nando also feel like all his good achievements go unnoticed yet the bad stuff is talked about all over the media. Every torres fan out there without a doubt, must feel the same way and it’s so frustrating. During the interview when he was asked about his brilliant goals he always mentioned how the cross was good which proves how humble and modest he is. I love watching these types of interviews on him because it’s so reassuring to see how genuine he is still and the reason he’ll always be my role model. 

it’s a really nice, warm, fuzzy in the tummy feeling when you realize that some of your really good friends from high school are still your really good friends now…. in your third year of college. :) and the boy you loved in high school is still the same boy you love now

Why change things?!

I just get a Tumblr and they change the top icon bar….Why?! I'm barley working what was there out and now it’s different. Tumblr don’t be like Facebook. Resist pier-pressure and don’t change to anything more confusing.