If I see one more shitty video of some kid talking about doing dangerous stunts with horses and how it’s bad and dangerous and then recording their horse stepping on a piece of fruit I’m gonna scream.

  • Your awfully recorded videos are not going to stop anybody from doing something that they already had the idea to do.
  • Everybody knows horses are heavy. 
  • You are not the pony police. It is not your place to call people out on the dumb things they choose to do.
  • You are some kid on the internet whining because somebody did something with their horse that you don’t think they should be doing. Grow up.

#don'tbeafruit #beafruit 

So the picture above shows a girl laying down with a horse’s hoof on her. Anyone who has ever been around horses, knows that they can spook at anything, at any time. Even if you have been around the its whole life, this can still happen. They are animals of prey, so they have fight or flight reflexes, usually flight. There is nothing keeping this horse from putting of its weight on its front hoof and crushing this girl. A picture is not worth risking your life for. This isn’t a trust excerise. Getting on the back of your horse, each time you ride is a trust excerise. Riding bareback, bitless or completely tackless is a trust excerise. This is not. Would you lay underneath a 1200 lb weight that is held up by a string that could break at any time? No? Then don’t do this. I’m saying all of this because I am concerned and worried about people who do this. I don’t want anyone getting hurt. Nor do I want people getting hurt then the horse getting blamed for it. So please remember, horses are animals, and though we trust them, they can and will still spook. And they can hurt you, not on purpose, but they still can hurt you and even kill you.

So, I don’t know how relevant #don'tbeafruit is right now, but I just heard a very nice story that really counteracts the mindset that you have to put yourself in a dangerous situation to prove that your horse really cares about and trusts you.

My dressage trainer used to go on regular foxhunts with her now deceased horse, may he be at peace, and during one she fell off and hit the fence and got the breath knocked out of her.

Now, fox hunters are kind of crazy, and most horses anyway would probably ignore her or keep going or what have you, but this horse actually helped her up and made sure she was okay. He waited for her to catch her breath, and he ran his nose along her body, just to see if his person was alright.

I don’t know how much this proves, but she and this gelding were fantastic friends, and she didn’t once stick herself under him to prove it.

Stay safe, guys.

So I just heard that #beafruit exists and that is really idiotic.
Listen up.

Anyone can pick up their horse’s hoof and place it on themselves, or sit under their horse. That proves NOTHING, YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE A BOND TO DO THAT.

Horses are unpredictable. I love my horses, and they would never purposefully hurt me. They follow me around the yard and field, and I think this proves a bond far better than being stupid and putting yourself in dangerous positions. If your horse gets a fly, they will instinctively swing around to bite at it. You will get hurt.

Please don’t be a fruit. There are ways to prove you have a bond that have no danger and ACTUALLY PROVE YOU HAVE A BOND.

Don't Be A Fruit

I was telling a coach of mine about the don’t be a fruit campaign and about why it came to be and this is what he had to say about it

“Wow that is really dumb and dangerous for those kids to be doing. If they were in my barn I would ban them from seeing their horses until lessons are learned or maybe even kick them out. That is the stupidest thing they can do. And this is coming from a guy who does not always remember to wear a helmet. And if we were to compare placing your horses hooves over your chest to not wearing a helmet his opinion is that not wearing a helmet would be safer than putting eternal organs at risk of a horses hoof”

Note: he often wears hats and toques so it’s easy to think your wearing a helmet when really your not. And also he is working on fixing the bad bad habit and also this is one persons opinion and each to their own